Miskin Manor, Cardiff 17th Feb 2018

Miskin Manor, Cardiff 17th Feb 2018
17 february 2018
10pm to 3am
Miskin Manor

A lady who likes to show herself on a nightly basis, moving pictures and a little girl who likes to play are among a few of the spirits who remain in this beautiful country hotel.

The earliest records of Miskin Manor date back to the 10thcentury. In 1100 Nest the daughter of the Prince of Glamorgan, lived in a manor on the site of what is now the current Miskin Manor.


 In 1857 the estate was sold to Mr David Williams who played a key part in the origins of the National Eisteddfod and in 1864 the Manor was constructed.

An important judge Gwilym Williams also resided at the manor. His statue stands outside the law courts in Cardiff to this day. After his death his son Gwilym inherited the house. Gwilym's wife was a descendant of the original Nest herself.

It was then passed on to Sir Rhys Williams, whose wife, Juliet, was the daughter of the scandalous novelist Elinor Glyn, who also lived in the manor. Wales was shocked by Glyn's 20th century 'erotic' fiction.

This century, the Manor, has suffered two major fires. The first, in 1922, destroyed all but the external walls. In 1940, it was taken over by the Red Cross and used as a convalescent home. It was then passed in 1948 to the local health authority for continued hospital use. It was then transformed into post-war flats. In 1985 the Manor was sold, converted and extended to create the current hotel.



There are a few documented hauntings in the building which is understandable given the sites long and varied history. The most well known being a lady who appears on a nightly basis in the bar area which was originally the staircase area. In this same area, every day a picture is moved on the wall. Staff will straighten it only to return to the room a short time later to find it lopsided again. This same picture has also been known to drop to the floor.

The most haunted room is stated to be the Oak room. A little girl has been seen in both this room and one of the bedrooms as well as seen to play in the gardens.

The apparition of a male figure as well as figures sitting around the table have also been seen.

Will you see the many friendly spirits that continue to wander this lovely old building?

A spectral lady is seen on most nights between midnight and 1am, where she glides.

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A typical investigation with beyond the Grave will generally include the following,

Experienced Investigators on hand to guide you through the night.

A equipment talk and chance to use our equipment within your vigil group.

 At least 3 team lead séance / investigation.

2 chances for a lone vigil

Free time to explore and carry out your own experiments

Hot drinks / snacks during breaks

The only thing Beyond the Grave cannot guarantee on the evening is Spirit activity, but we do guarantee whatever happens will be 100% real.

On a typical investigation it is common to have a mixture of unexplained events as well as personal experiences from our guests, sometimes evidence does not come to light until everything has been reviewed after the investigation.

We can guarantee you will have a great night, with some great people, in a great locations. So why not come and join us…..

We always check the evidence and compile reports, EVP clips, video clips and photos which you will be able to check in our gallery on the website and  Facebook page.