beyond the grave

For the ULTIMATE  ghost hunting experience!!


We are a team of regular guys with regular jobs who at the weekends, spend their time as paranormal investigators who are interested in all things paranormal / seeking the truth and finding evidence of the paranormal to present to the public. 

So far  our work has seen us be on Made TVs "Beyond the Grave" series 1 in 2014, NO2 in the Podcast Charts in 2015 with BBC Wales "The Unexplainers" and BBC "Rhod Gilberts work experience" in 2016.

The Beyond the Grave team are Darran, Leanne and Kevin. Beyond the Grave was created by Leanne and Darran a few years ago.Darran is a retired police officer and Leanne is still a serving police officer, we bring our knowledge of investigating from that field into the investigations. Kevin works in the I.T sector.

All have been investigating for a number of years. We investigate with a large amount of equipment but the best tools are our senses. We try to explain or debunk any activity on the night so guests are  not left with any false impressions. We then check all our recorded evidence a number of times until we can not come up with any reasonable answer to the  evidence captured. It is only then that we put this evidence on to the website for others to have their view on it.

We have all had previous experiences with the paranormal, we do not like to call ourselves mediums but are sensitive to spirit at different levels, each with different abilities which we will use throughout our investigations.

During our investigations,we use various tools of the trade both to assist us in this communication as well as to capture any evidence we can by means of numerous night vision cameras, full spectrum cameras, EVP machines, KII EMF meters, thermal imaging camera, temperature gauges etc.

We've investigated a number of different locatons both where activity was non stop as well as others where things have been quieter. Unfortunately, Ghost Hunting isn't always as easy as it appears on T.V.

However we would like to invite you to join us on this exciting adventure into the unknown. Whether or not you are yourself sensitive to spirit, we would like you to share in the experience. You never know, you may capture more than you expected on your own camera.

An example of previous investigation logs and photos can be found on our gallery as well as a few EVPs picked up previously. Feel free to take a look and if your'e brave enough to book, you too could find one of your photos on our gallery too!!!