cancellation and booking information

It's simple to book an event and can be done either by phone or email. Prices per personare dependant on the numbers of people and venue hire charge. Please have a look at our website for previous locations used for an idea of where you could go. However if there is a location or building that you know of that you would like to do if you inform us of the location, we will contact them to see if it is possible to hire space there. ( please be aware that a lot of places need booking a good time in advance. Especially hotels whereby they book out for wedding parties etc.) 

We then contact them, to get the price and once confirmed by yourself that you wish to go ahead and book, we contact them again to get a date confirmed with them. Once we have that date, we ask for the deposit to be paid within 7 days ( otherwise they cancel the bookings ) As previously stated, the price depends on the venue hire which is divided between the number of guests. Therefore the more guests you have, the less you each pay. We take a maximum of 20 -25  guests.


Once the date and deposit is paid, we will then invoice you nearer the date ( approx.  6-8 ) weeks before the event for the balance to be paid . Please note that venues like it paid a good 4 weeks prior.


That's it . All you need to do is turn up on the night. We provide tea and coffee to keep you awake. We provide all the equipment which you can use throughout the evening.

For all events guests will need to be at the venues half an hour before the due start time.
What happens if an event is cancelled by Beyond the Grave?

On the rare occasion that there is cancellation of an event ( such as 6 ft snow drifts which incidently havn't so far caused us to cancel ) , We will contact you as soon as possible . Dependant on the venue, they usually allow us to change the event date.  (locations permitting - it would be down the venue). Please refer to our terms and conditions.


What happens if my group are no longer able to attend an event ?

1: All deposits are non refundable

2: Total cancellation of an event by yourself made 8 weeks prior to the event, we will issue a full refund less a 10% cancellation charge.

3: Total cancellation of an event  made 6 weeks prior will receive a 50% refund plus cancellation charge.

4: ANY CANCELLATIONS made by yourselves after the final payment has been made to the venue, will have to be discussed personally between yourself and the venue.We will NOT  be responsible for such a cancellation as we do not hold this payment. 

5: Cancellations are to be made by either contacting us directly or via our online enquiry form. If choosing the latter option, cancellations are not deemed to be valid until a confirmation email of receipt of cancellation is received by yourself. (to be received within 5 working days)

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Do you issue tickets?

We do not issue tickets for our Ghost Hunting events. Your Paypal confirmation is confirmation that your payment has been recieved. All we ask is that for health and safety reasons, we have names of all your guests prior to the event. if any need to be changed, ( such as one person not being able to make it and another taking their place) please inform us asap so that we can inform the venue. 

A week prior to your events, we will send you a final email detailing times, and final details of your event. 

if you are booking as a gift for someone else, if you contact us with the details of who the event is for / any message that you want put on it and who its from, we can then email you a copy of our gift sheet so that at least you have something to give them 

Still can't find what you're looking for? then contact us we will be happy to help.