what happens on our events

Will there be a history talk or guided tour of the location?

No there wont. This is due to us being an investigation company, rather than a tour company. We do not take you around the buildings giving you information on history etc. this is because most of us in the team are sensitives and by constantly reminding ourselves of the building history or stories, we are influencing what we may pick up and trying to "make it fit "therefore, the only time that the history is looked into, is when the history is put onto the website for you to read through in order to assist you in making a decision on which building you want to investigate. 


What will I be involved in on an investigation?

During your event the evening will be split, generally into three parts known as vigils. There will be an energy led vigil and a quiet 'calling out' or EVP session vigil with experienced investigators. You will also be able to spend time on your own or with smaller groups using the 'tools of the trade' to make contact with the spirits of the building. The team members will be on hand to assist you with your own lone vigils.

Whether you have previously attended such an event or not, or are yourself sensitive to spirit, the team is there to assist. You will learn how to use the various "tools of the trade" such as crystals / dowsing rods etc. 

It is really important that each guest understands that this is their experience and they need to be prepared to give their energy and interact from the start. If the guests do not give their energy then it will be very difficult for the spirit energies to connect and nothing is likely to happen. The team will assist with this but these experiences are all about you and what you hope to acheive from them.

However if you wish for your evening to be run any other way , please let us know and we can discuss it prior to the day.


Why may there be others doing their own investigation simultaneously to ours?

No. The evening is yours alone for your group only. Obviously, if you have a group of you who all want to split off, then thats completely up to you. ( please see the question "ive got my own equipment so can i do my own investigation " for full information) . However, ghost hunting is an expensive hobby, due to the high charges of some building owners in order for us to hire a location, ( some upwards of £1000 ) therefore you may decide if you are investigators yourselves to invite other investigators and all do simultaneous investigations throughout the night in order to keep your costs down. Again, we would organise the groups, times, and areas etc in order to ensure a degree of quietness and avoid noise contamination.

Is there an age limit for guests attending an event?

The minimum age limit for an event is 16 provided that they attend with a parent or guardian. Any guest believed to be younger than this may be asked for a form of photographic i.d. and could be removed at the discretion of the team. There is no maximum age limit to an event as long as you are in good health and have made yourself aware of any risks in relation to uneven floors / steep staircases etc. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact us via our enquiry form if you are unsure.

Will there be a medium at the events?

We dont tend to call ourselves mediums however all of our team members are sensitive to spirit in various ways with some being able to see / hear / sense them . Members of the team be present at all of our events. At the majority of events, a staff member from the location being investigated will also be present to assist in any historical questions about the location.

Can I sleep at an event?

No sleeping facilities are provided at our events (unless stated in the events infomation). However, due to some locations being at hotels etc. there may be rooms available for guests to stay should they so wish afterwards. In such a case, these must be booked prior to the event and through the building owners directly. we do not deal with any of the hotel bookings 

What should I bring with me to an event?

A lot of locations used are old buildings with uneven floors, steep stairwells etc. and therefore all guests are to wear sturdy "sensible" footwear. Also warm clothing is a must. Even on the warmest of summer nights, when you are tired and standing still at 3am, you'll be surprised at how cold you feel.

Torches and cameras are a must as you never know what you may capture on still or video cameras that you can't see with the naked eye. Ensure that you also bring plenty of spare batteries. It is believed that when there is paranormal activity in the area, they will draw on energy conducted by batteries  and drain them. We have personally experienced 3hrs worth of batteries on video cameras drain to nothing within minutes.

What happens if I become frightened during an event?

Beyond the Grave will NEVER expect anyone to participate in any activity that they do not feel comfortable with. If at any time you are scared or feel uncomfortable, please inform one of the team who will ensure that you are either removed from that particular activity or any fears spoken about and explained. Please refer to our terms and conditions. We do however  encourage guests to make the most of their event and if need be face their fears. REMEMBER we are all scared of something at some time or another, you are not alone in that. 


Do you use ouija boards?

Yes unless you as a group as us not to. Unfortunately,thanks to Hollywood, Ouija has gotten a bad reputation for itself although it initially started life as a board game like monopoly made by Waddingtons. Unfortunately, people began to start using them wrongly and without using any protection of themselves or their homes. They would start one off and if a negative energy came onto the board, become scared and put the board away without shutting down the board and protecting everything properly ( which is simply done by thanking those spirits who have come through for communicating and then asking them to return to the place they have come ) . This is how negative energies then get attached to a building or a person. So although we will have investigator boards present, we fully explain to our guests that it should only be used if they  either know how to use one properly or with one of the team . 


I've got my own kit and know what im doing, am i able to conduct my own investigation ? 

We do cater for such an option. If the location is viable as in large enough for this to happen we can split you up into groups in order to conduct smaller investigation groups . We request however that you email us first prior to booking so that we know that you wish to do this so that we know who we have doing what. At the beginning of the night, you would be informed of the areas that each of you will be at certain times. We would ask each team to stay in that area until the "tea break ". Each session is around 45 mins. After each break, each group then moves on to the next area until each group has covered all areas. By doing it this way, it decreases the chance of any noise contamination as everyone is kept away from each other so to improve the experience and negate any possibility of having to debunk all the time by going out and finding that someone has strayed and is talking nearby. if you have any further questions regarding this, please email /phone us and we will be happy to assist 

Refreshments and Breaks

There will be light refeshments provided throughout the event by way of tea, coffee, biscuits etc. Please ensure that you have a substanital meal prior to attending an event.

There will be adequate breaks throughout the event in order for guests to refresh and reviltalise.


What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit energy?

The easiest way to explain this is that if you can imagine going to the same pub every friday,sitting on the same bar stool for 40yrs, to you that would be habit. once you pass, you may still want to keep that habit. When you see a ghost, its just a replay of a memory. that person on the barstool is just doing what they used to do week in week out and knows nothing different. They may not even realised that theyve passed. HOWEVER, although you can see them, they are not aware of you. They will not interact with you at all and can be classed as a non intelligent spirit.

A spirit energy is someone who has passed and has either not realised that they have passed and still able to communicate or still have some unfinished business. these are the intelligent spirits who will communicate via planchettes / ouija boards. They are able to give information and basically hold a conversation. They are aware of your presence.

What is an orb?

Spirits are energy. They use ANY energy around them in which to manifest which could be our energy / sucking energy from the air which is how we get cold and hot spots when investigating / draining batteries , the list goes on. They may start as a little flash of light. an orb is exactly the same as this. Its a spirit energy which is trying its best to manifest and show itself to you. They are usually round in shape and no matter how much you zoom in on a photo of one, it shouldnt change shape and should stay round with no distortion. They are sometimes different colours other than white and usually have some type of nucleus to them in middle. HOWEVER, be very careful when taking photos  / video when you think that you may have caught one. 8 out of 10 times its moisture or dust particles caught in the camera's flash. These DO change shape when zoomed in on. Dust usually falls in a downwards or upwards motion and can move quite quickly. if taking photos, we always suggest to people that they take the photo from the doorway before anyone enters the room in order to cut down on any dust movement. If you can, try to invest in a camera with the filters that filter out such particles like a full spectrum camera. A cheap digital camera can easily be converted, there are plenty of how to's on YouTube(we usually use this type on on investigations) and also take care where you are taking photos. If you are outside on a cool evening, these "orbs" will probably more likely to be moisture rather than anything paranormal.

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