Torquay Museum Saturday 1st September 2018

Torquay Museum Saturday 1st September 2018
01 september 2018
9pm to 01.30am
Torquay Museum


Apparitions, footsteps and ghostly fingerprints are just an example of the ghostly goings on in this fantastic museum

This purpose-built museum from 1874 has a fascinating history, with around 350,000 amazing objects and artefacts within. It was the result of eighteen local men who got together due to the fact that they liked history.Torold


However, they kept accumulating more and more artefacts between them which resulted in them needing to build the museum to keep them all in. The building took two years to build and has been seen in the national media in 2016 whereby footage from the gift shop can be viewed of items being thrown from a shelf. Previous photos have also been taken of apparitions within the building. It's an atmospheric building which is quite creepy once the lights go out. It holds Devon's only human mummy, other human remains as well as Britain's only Agatha Christie gallery (she was born in Torquay). The building is like a tardis and is a lot bigger inside than it looks from the outside including 6 galleries, a large library store rooms and auditorium for you to wander.


 Ghostly goings on include fingerprints spontaneously appearing on the inside of the Museum's mummy case (which hasn't been opened for 9 years), sightings of an apparition walking through a bookcase in the Museum's Library, footsteps and banging in unoccupied store rooms, and some interesting contacts via Spirit Board. One photo taken in 2015 in the Old Devon farmhouse gallery which holds furniture which is up to 300 yrs. old shows a female coming up out of the floor, another photo taken in 2016 in the Egyptian gallery shows another apparition of female. Is it the same female?


A lot of the artefacts have had a lot of previous human interaction and therefore what energies, do they still hold? Are you up for finding out? 

What will you encounter ? are you brave enough to find out?

Never been on a ghost hunt / paranormal investigation?

Don't know what to expect?

A typical investigation with beyond the Grave will generally include the following,

Experienced Investigators on hand to guide you through the night.

A equipment talk and chance to use our equipment within your vigil group.

At least 3 team lead séance / investigation.

2 chances for a lone vigil

Free time to explore and carry out your own experiments

Hot drinks / snacks during breaks

The only thing Beyond the Grave cannot guarantee on the evening is Spirit activity, but we do guarantee whatever happens will be 100% real.

On a typical investigation it is common to have a mixture of unexplained events as well as personal experiences from our guests, sometimes evidence does not come to light until everything has been reviewed after the investigation.

We can guarantee you will have a great night, with some great people, in a great locations. So why not come and join us…..

We always check the evidence and compile reports, EVP clips, video clips and photos which you will be able to check in our gallery on the website and  Facebook page.