Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild


No Friday the 13th is complete without a visit to somewhere paranormal. Tonight, we were in the jail. Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we took them down to thenaval prison at the bottom end of the site. In here, we did a circle holding hands. One guest picked up on the name of johnathan and then the name of Peter. The on/off torches flickered on. K2 teds head was lighting up as though something had touched him one female guest had her leg touched and just after, the lady next to her was also touched. Just after that, the male next to her was touched so whoever was outside the circle was moving around the circle going from guest to guest. One guest then picked up that peter was a jailer and wore an old uniform made from a heavy material. He took privileges over the female inmates groping them when he fancied. Whilst she was saying this, we were getting responses on the K2. Other guests could smell lily of the valley perfume

We then moved inside the main prison building going into thebasement.In here, kev picked up on the name Connor O Reilly. One guest had a very obscene word come to her and wondered if it was an old word (it is as a matter of fact) Darran believes it's one of the lightfoot brothers who gave her this abusive word to say. They then gave kev another such word to call Darran. Two guests were in one particular cell and saw a shadow of someone in the doorway and then within the room with them. Another guest in the corridor saw a green flashing light move in the corridor. There was nothing green turned on to cause this at the time.

Everyone then went off onto their lone investigations.

Children's room. An older boy was communicating through the K2. He stated that he was suffering and was hurt. He was crouched down in the corner of the cell. He hadn't stolen or owed any money. He's suffering. One of the guests then started to feel really sick. Others on the planchette picked up on a James. I went in with some guests and had to leave. The room became really "funky" and gave me the feeling of feeling really drunk. I honestly thought I was about to land on my backside. Therefore, I came out and got another team member to go in there to see if they picked up on anything. He came out a few minutes later, reporting the same thing.

Another group on the board picked up on a young boy of 12 who stated that his name was Elrig Kaigs and that he had stolen food. The year is 1855 and he is in there with 3 other children all boys. A male called Bill then came through aged 55 who was happy to communicate with them. However he had learning difficulties. Persons in the prison would call him an idiot. He was hung for killing someone however, he had been innocent

Long room, guests on the board, had the letters L and G spelt out. For a split second, one of them saw someone stood next to another guest. There was a knocking heard near the table and were getting a bit of movement on the planchette. Another group picked up on one of the Lightfoot brothers, James. He liked a dirty joke. Another of the guests heard horse's hooves.

Basementone group had their K2s going off and were seeing shadows moving from cell to cell at the top end by the wooden bridge. One of them was then poked in the back.

Once everyone reconvened, we firstly started another group vigil in thechildren's room.In here, the K2 Teddy was being touched constantly. A James was again picked up and a guest picked up on a girl called Alice. We got the guests to sing Ring O roses. As I asked "did you like that? "The knocking block on the window ledge went off. I then asked "do you want to play a game? "Again, the knocking block went off. I asked them to play raising hands and two guests had their hands start to rise. The name of Elizabeth was also picked up. We asked if they liked sweets as guests had sweets and we were getting good K2 responses to any questions posed. We decided to put a toffee in the corner of the room on a piece of paper to use as a trigger object. (We left it there for the rest of the night but it wasn't moved unfortunately) one female guest as she tried to leave the room felt really sick. She states that she remembered singing ring of roses, and that was that, she doesn't remember anything after that. Although she remained standing for a good 10 minutes afterwards, she has no recollection of it at all. A male child was also picked up whose mother was Elizabeth. He had been in the prison for 2 yrs. as his other owed a debt.

We then moved up tofloor 5. Up here 2 guests could feel a presence behind them in the two cell displays and didn't like the impression that they were being given. The K2s were again going off. They also drained the batteries on the spirit box speaker. I tried to speak French (badly) and we were getting some good K2 responses to the French. Kev could hear whispering and a guest could smell rolling tobacco.

Darran tapped out "shaven haircut "twice and both times, it was finished as we heard two taps. The name Jacques was then picked up. A guest felt a presence with her in the window alcove which overlooks the womens prison. The original two guests, who felt someone by the cells, again could feel a presence. This time, it was really close and was just moving in between them and very close to them. It was making one of them feeling really sick and dizzy and another had a sharp pain in her shoulder. Just as we were leaving, Olly had the feeling of energy lift him and put him up against the wall. This knackered his knee up for the rest of the night.

Again, everyone went off to conduct their second lone investigations.

Children's room- guest picked up on a boy aged 15 who was standing between 2 males in the group. He stated that his parents had done "something bad ". He's not the only spirit in there at that time.

5th floor- guests were communicating with a male who had been in the prison between 1750 and 1760. He had been incarcerated within the main building he gave his name as being Charles and he is 8 years old. He was in there for stealing a sheep.

Long room- guests picked up on the board that a spirit stays in this part of the building. They also had a spirit who is in here with his brother and he likes the females. He was making the table move. A female called Elizabeth was also picked up. She killed her baby and isn't happy remaining here at the prison. She states that she's not the only one in this area. There's a James there as well and she doesn't like him as he's not a good man. He raped women. One of the guests in this group felt her bum being groped and picked up that James has no front teeth. Other guests then picked up on a male called Jacob who is at the prison. He had been smuggling goods. He was sent away from the country on a boat. He spelt out that he "loved Annabelle". He never saw her again. He gave the year as being 1878. These guests then heard someone walking behind them

Lastly, we all went into the long room. In here a presence was being felt again outside the circle and was drawing really close to a lot of us. They were right up behind us at times, touching us. Shadows could be seen behind guests in the circle and moving around by the cells. The K2s were all lighting up. There were smells of wet dog / old clothes and general fustiness could be smelt by a few of us. The names of Henry / Morris and George the jailer were picked up. Knocks were being heard by us in reply to us knocking and asking spirit to copy us. One guests felt her face being touched lightly and another had her bum touched. Lisa began to feel sick and had to go and sit down. However, she then started to slur her words and was therefore taken outside. A couple of guests felt as though something was grabbing them around the neck like they were being strangled. Some guests then head a dragging sound behind them Selina wadge also then made an appearance. We hadn't visited her as yet this evening as we usually do on the 3rd floor. She confirmed that her child had been sick and disabled and that she had killed him for the love of a man.

EVPs picked up

Children's room- just as we are about to start the vigil, all the guests are chatting and one of them says Dave. Just after, there's a low male voice near the machine which copies it by saying Dave

Basementmale voice is heard. A guest it and mentions it

Later on, a voice says "Sam" and then a whistle. We are all upstairs doing the last vigil. This voice comes from ear the treadmills so the other end from where we are in the long room

Long room- whilst guests are doing a table, there's a female voice which sounds like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Later on, whilst we were all doing the final vigil, a long two toned whistle. Guests heard it and commented on it

Naval wingtheres the sound of  footsteps on the stone in the room followed by a female sharp exhalation of breath. No ones in there as mark had locked the gate and it was prior to us starting the first vigil so no access to the naval wing at this point. During our first vigil, twice we whistle and ask for one in return and both times, we get one . later on whilst everyone is in the main building there are sounds like someone walking around and then a dragging sound


As for video footage:

There is a strange misty shape in the long room just in front of the camera which comes from the top end cell and out towards the door. Later on, twice there are strange misty shapes down in the basement. The best one lasts for around 3 to 4 minutes. You see it building, and then it seems to come towards the camera. It pulsates and swirls a bit and then seems to dissipate however, it dissipates by coming through the camera. Then after a few seconds, it comes back again through the camera, and in front of it. It then dissipates. Around 30 seconds later it starts up again. Like I say, it hangs around for a good 3 minutes. We don't have it again at all for the whole night

All in all a fantastic night. We had a good group with us which helped with the communications. Can't wait to go back in October.