Investigation Log of Westbury Pool 30th April 2016


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Dry / nippy

Once everyone was ready, we took everyone off to the first vigil in theladies changing rooms. In here, the K2s were going off and one of the shower curtains was billowing slightly. We then heard footsteps up above us in the attic space and also on the corridor leading to the upstairs balcony. As I mentioned this, the knocking block in the corner went off. A small voice was heard in another area of the changing room and a guest saw a shadow flit past around by the showers and out towards the poolside.

Another guest felt her face being touched and Lorraine was picking up on a couple of children. I was getting the name of Annabel but before I had chance to say it, Lorraine said Anna. A guest picked up on the name of Ellie. ( ellie picked up upstairs the year before )

Lisa was getting a tune in her head but stated that it was almost like a military marching tune. Could it have been similar to a tune played in the building when it was used as a dance hall in WWII?

We then all heard a door being slammed from elsewhere in the building however everyone was in the changing room with us including the two staff members. The knocking block then went off gain but just before it did, a guest saw a black shadow move towards it another guest felt really cold as she was sat by the lockers to only one side of her body. On checking her on the temperature gauge, the temperature shot up within 3 seconds from 20 to over 24 degrees.

A male groan was then heard by Lorraine and Lisa and just after, Darran picked up on the name of Derek


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

Top office top floor- on the board, guests firstly picked up on a male called Mark who stated that there were 6 spirits around. They then had a female called Anna who stated that she was 22 and had died of polio she gave the year as being 1816. She stated that she came to the area to dance. On these guests leaving the office and walking down the stairs, they picked up on the name of Tom.

More guests then took their place and were using the pendulum. They were getting strong reactions on it. They had the cat ball with them and when they asked spirit if they wanted to play with it, it swung to show a yes to them. As they asked again, just as they were going to leave, one of them heard a low male voice say yes.

Women's changing room- guests could hear taps and shuffling about in the room. When they went to the showers, there was a large wet patch under the shower seat where the floor had been bone dry just before. There was nothing dripping in there and at that point couldn't be attributed to a shower leaking etc.


Whilst others were doing a board in the room, although they weren't getting a great deal, one of the females had her hair stroked.  Dave picked up the energy of a 10yr old boy

Men's changing room- one guest took a photo and there was a strange blue light illuminating the wall side on to where he was but in front of him. It wasn't his camera and wasn't a reflection as any reflection of a torch etc, was bouncing back off the mirror on the same wall and lighting up the whole wall. It also wasn't a torch. He and his partner tried a number of ways to recreate it and shining torches in different directions but it couldn't be recreated.

Balcony side room -guests on a board picked up on a Katherine who stated that it was 1907. She worked at the mill and had two daughters, Gill and Alison however both Katherine and Alison fell to their deaths at the mill in an accident. Alison had been playing on the top floor and shouldn't have been up there and Katherine went up to get her. Katherine feels guilty for what happened. She was pregnant at the time. She was married to Bill who she loved.

Once everyone had reconvened, we started on the second vigil which started in theside room off the balcony.In here, everyone joined hands in a circle. Various K2s in the circles were going off and a guest stood near me, stated that he felt his knee being touched. 3 whistles were then heard outside the room either on the balcony or pool side. The tri-field monitor was also going up. A loud thud was then heard from downstairs. Darran ran down to see if it was a member of staff and was met by them, on their way to ask if it was one of us so therefore, no one knows where it came from. On asking about Tom, we were getting K2 kits. He seemed to be responding to questions asked of him. He stated that he fell onto his head which killed him. Believe that he may be the male who fell off the balcony. He stated that a girl was in the room with him also. A couple of the guests then heard a low groan come from the small toilet corridor which was behind them. Tom stated that he remains in the building. He's in there all the time.

We then moved on tothe poolside. Here, the trifield shot straight up on full before coming back down again. Up on the balcony, we could hear thumps and knocks like footsteps. However not a lot else was picked up


Again, everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Men's changing rooms- guests were getting K2 hits in here. They then tried a planchette and there was a male spirit on there who stated that he lived on the land that the building was built on. His name began with O. a couple of this group then saw a flash of light against the wall. It was the same wall that another guest had taken a photo of earlier of a blue light.

Women's changing room- some guests felt a cold strange energy in here. They then heard someone by the lockers and then heard the sound of a key either being turned or wiggled in the lock of one of the lockers. They made a sharp exit

Top floor office -one guest suddenly had a banging headache and another felt sick. There were a couple of taps in the room. One guest picked up on a brown and white staffie type dog

Balcony side room -guests on the board picked up on a Katherine and the year 1907. Katherine had a daughter called Alison. Both were killed in the Mill during an accident. Alison was only 7 and was at the top of the building playing. She shouldn't have been up there. Katherine went to get her and they fell and died. Katherine was married to Bill and they had a second daughter called Gill. Katherine was pregnant at the time of the accident and feels guilty for what happened.

Mens changing room- some guests using the planchette picked up on a boy with the initial of O. believed his name was Oliver. However he didn't give a lot of information out. It looked later that he had tried to draw a heart on the paper. Other guests using a board picked up on Alison. She stated that she was 4 and came to these grounds that the pool is now on when it was a hall. She stated that this hall was used for storing flour. She also stated that it was 1907 (I've googled this. It would appear that the Angel Mill was based on the junction of Church Street (road that the pool is on) and the one adjoining. In the 18th century, this mill stopped manufacturing cloth and went on to make flour. So what she is giving is quite plausible. Although the Pool itself was built in the late 1800s, there's an area between this building and the old mill building which has been turned into flats. In between this is a large car park. It's not documented to state whether there were any storage facilities in that space which may have been used to store flour) she stated that there were other children around and that she could play with them. She then spelt out Rosie.

For the final vigils we firstly took everyone up to thetop floor office.

Up here, unfortunately, not a lot happened as it has previously. The on/off torches started to turn on when asked to we also heard someone at the bottom of the stairs but again, everyone was upstairs with us so nothing that we could debunk

Lastly, everyone went into themen's changing rooms. In here, the group were hearing murmuring and the on/off torches were going on and off on request. There are the sounds of someone at the bottom of the stairs but no one was out there at the time. Dave and guests heard someone walking around outside the room next to the pool. He went out to have a look but no one was there. Darran at the time thought it was me tidying up on the balcony but Dave confirms that I wasn't there and no one was around ( I was at this time, in the small side room doing the washing up with the door shut and not moving )



EVPs picked up

Ladies changing room shower end- taps are heard when no ones in there. When we are doing the first investigation together, a whistle is heard in the distance. Also a female humming a tune is picked up but no one says anything. There's a sound like a child's voice also, but again, no one comments on it at the time, so obviously didn't hear it.

Again, later one, whilst everyone is doing the final investigation in the men's changing room, there's really loud noises in here again. It sounds like someone is moving around and banging on the lockers. At the same time, in the distance, both Darran and Dave come out of the changing rooms and either SHH or shout hello. I know it's not me as by this point, I was doing the washing up in the small room off the balcony with the door shut and I don't hear them. However just after they call out, there's a low male voice which whispers. It sounds like it says "GET OUT "but I can't be sure. Darran will need to enhance it for me to check.

Also, the loud breath which myself and some of the guests heard during the first lone vigils has been picked up.

Later on in the night, when we are all upstairs in the side room to the balcony, male can be heard whistling a tune for around 20 seconds. This is when Darran shouts down to see if anyone is downstairs whistling before going down to check. No one had been

Attic office- when we are all downstairs, no one is around in the office but there's a very clear two toned whistle.

Small room off the balcony -various taps in this room but no reason for them as no one in there and nothing is plugged in

Tunnel beneath mens toilets- there were a few strange noises again in the tunnel. There were a couple of taps and knocks as well as the sound of someone moving around

Mens changing room- we are up in the side room on the balcony. This is the same whistling I picked up in the female changing room. However it seems that it was closer to the womens than the mens. Whistling goes on for around 20 seconds. You hear Darran shouting over the balcony and hear Lorraine coming out the boiler room to answer him. You can also hear the door of the boiler room being opened where they were shut inside. They had the boys from the pool with them

Later on again, whilst no one is around in the area, there's a loud exhalation of breath 10 seconds later, a loud tap