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Old Swan Inn, Llantwit Major 12th August 2011

Old Swan Inn , Llantwit Major 23rd September 2011

Old Swan Inn, Llantwit Major 7th October 2011

Margam Park, Port Talbot 8th October 2011

Pengethley Manor Hotel, Ross on Wye 28th October 2011

Llanthony Secunda Manor, Caldicot 29th October 2011

Ruthin Gaol 19th November 2011

Pengethley Manor 2nd December 2011

Llanthony Secunda 17th December 2011


New Inn Gloucester 7th January 2012

The Station Hotel, Dudley 21st January 2012

White Hart Coach House, Calne 27th January 2012

The Ragged Cot, Minchinhampton 28th January 2012

Arnos Manor Bristol 3rd Feb 2012

The Feathers Ludlow 4th Feb 2012

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 17th Feb 2012

Margam Park Port Talbot 18th Feb 2012

Arnos Manor Bristol 2nd March 2012

Bodmin Jail 16th March 2012

Station Hotel 14th April 2012

Feathers Hotel 28th Apri 2012

The Ostrich 5th May 2012

Pengethley Manor 18th May 2012

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 1st June 2012

Hellfire Caves West Wycombe 9th June 2012

Chambercombe Manor Ilfracombe 23rd June 2012 

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 1st June 2012

Margam Park 1st September 2012

Stanley Palace 15th September 2012

Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital 22nd September 2012

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 29th September 2012

Redcliffe Caves 5th October 2012

Woodlands Castle Taunton 6th October 2012

Chavenage House Tetbury 19th October 2012

Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 26th October 2012

Margam Park Port Talbot, 2nd November 2012

Station Hotel Dudley 10th November 2012

Bodmin Jail 24th November 2012

Redcliffe Caves 7th December 2012


Westbury Pool 19th Jan 2013

Hereford Shire Hall 25th Jan 2013

Miskin Manor 1st Feb 2013

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 15th Feb 2013

Margam Park Port Talbot 23rd Feb 2013

Bodmin Jail Bodmin 2nd March 2013

Ostrich Inn Colnbrook 16th March 2013

St Briavels Castle 12th January 2013

Kingsweston House 6th April 2013

Westbury Pool Westbury 13th April 2013

Hereford Shire Hall 26th April 2013

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 27th April 2013

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 3rd May 2013

Naval Firepower Museum Portsmouth 11th May 2013

Bodmin Gaol Cornwall 25th May 2013

Wolverhampton Civic Hall 7th June 2013

Station Hotel Dudley 22nd June 2013

George and Pilgrims Glastonbury 10th August 2013 

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 23rd August 2013

Chavenage house tetbury 27th Sept 2013

Naval Firepower Museum Portsmouth 14th Sept 2013

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 12th October 2013

Bodmin Jail Bodmin 26th October 2013 

Margam Park Port talbot 2nd November 2013 

Private Building Bristol 9th November 2013 

Arnos Manor Bristol 16th November 2013 

Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 29th November 2013



Arnos Manor Bristol 18th January 2014

 Hereford Shire Hall 7th February 2014

SS Great Britain 13th February 2014

Lion Hotel 28th February 2014 

Miskin Manor Cardiff 14th March 2014 

George & Pilgrims Glastonbury 15th March 2014 

Abergavenny Chronicle Abergavenny 22nd march 2014 

Station Hotel Dudley 29th March 2014 

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 5th April 2014

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 11th April 2014 

Bodmin Jail Cornwall 19th  April 2014 

Westbury Pool Westbury 4th May 2014 

Great Fulford Nr Exeter 17th May 2014 

Dick Whittington Gloucester 7th June 2014 

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 13th June 2014 

Abergavenny Chronicle 6th September 2014 

Dick Whittington 13th September 2014

Margam Park Port Talbot 4th October 2014

Miskin Manor Cardiff 24th October 2014

Bodmin Gaol Cornwall 8th November 2014

Miskin Manor Cardiff 21st November 2014 

Margam Park Port Talbot 6th December 2014


Hereford Shire Hall 17th January 2015

Dick Whittington 31st January 2015

Miskin Manor 13th Feb 2015

Westbury Pool 28th February 2015

Mill Street Barracks Liverpool 13th March 2015

George and Pilgrims Glastonbury 28th March 2015

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 3rd April 2015

Explosion Firepower Museum Portsmouth 25th April 2015

Private Investigation Bristol 8th May 2015

The Feathers Hotel Ludlow 23rd May 2015

Charity Event Abergavenny Chronicle 6th June 2015

Private Event Mill Street Barracks St Helens 13th June 2015

Tettenhall Towers 5th September 2015

St Johns House Warwick 13th September 2015

The Skirrid Inn 26th September 2015

Margam Park 3rd October 2015

Miskin Manor 17th October 2015

Redcliffe Caves 31st October 2015

Bodmin Gaol 13th November 2015

The Skirrid Inn 5th Decemeber 2015



Whitchurch Aerodrome 16th January 2016

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 20th February 2016

Castle Lodge Ludlow 5th March 2016

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 18th March 2016

Miskin Manor Cardiff 2nd April 2016

Westbury Pool Westbury 20th April 2016

Bodmin Gaol Cornwall Friday 13th May 2016

Abergavenny Chronicle 11th June 2016

Theatre in Monmouthshire 13th August 2016 

Private event Redcliffe Caves 3rd September 2016 

St johns House Warwick September 17th 2016 

Margam Park Port Talbot 30th September 2016

Redcliffe Caves Bristol 14th October 2016 

Bodmin Gaol Cornwall 28th October 2016

Condover Hall Shrewsbury 12th November 2016 

Caldicot Castle 26th November 2016

Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 3rd December 2016 



Arnos Manor Hotel Bristol 28th January 2017 

Feathers Hotel Ludlow 11th Feb 2017

Miskin Manor Hotel Cardiff 25th Feb 2017

Victoria House Leamington Spa 18th March 2017 

Jamaica Inn Bodmin 25th March 2017 

Station Hotel Dudley 8th April 2017

Redcliffe Caves 21st April 2017

Westbury Pool 4th May 2017

Oliver Cromwell House Cambridge 20th May 2017 

Bodmin Jail Cornwall 10th June 2017

Savoy Theatre 18th August 2017 

Margam Park 2nd September 2017

jamaica inn 14th October 2017 

Redcliffe Caves 27th October 2017 

Arnos Manor 4th November 2017 

St Johns House Warwick 25th November 2017 

Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 2nd December 2017 


Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 12th January 2018

Arnos Manor 27th January 2018 

Feathers Hotel 10th March 2018 

Westbury Pool 31st March 2018 

Redcliffe Caves Friday 13th April 2018 

Victoria House Leamington Spa 5th May 2018

Nothe Fort Weymouth 26th May 2018 

Margam Park 16th June 2018 

Hereford Shire Hall Hereford 22nd September 2018 

Jamaica Inn Bodmin Cornwall 17th November 2018

Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 8th December 2018