Investigation Log of Abergavenny Chronicle Saturday 11th June 2016


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  Mild and dry

Once everyone was settled, we firstly took the guestsdownstairs to the main office. In here we did a circle whereby K2 Ted was going off. We could hear muffled voices coming from what sounded like upstairs as well as thuds. One guest picked up on an argument in the building over a female and that a former editor / owner of the paper Mr Straker, was a very regimented man who had to have everything happen on time and the offices kept tidy  One other guest had a breath felt on her arm. Knocks and bangs were being held at various intervals and when Darran picked up on and mentioned the basement to the building and that there were secrets down there about it, K2s went up to red. Then three times, we heard what sounded like a chair being dragged across the floor above us. We asked twice for it to happen after the first occasion and it did it on both occasions. Kev and Olly picked up on a male in the corridor between the two downstairs offices who wore a cap and glasses. He had a moustache.

We then took everyone into thedownstairs back office. Again K2 bear was going off and a guest picked up on an elegant lady doing embroidery. She has a name beginning with M possibly Mary Ann. She liked to be in there on her own and didn't like anyone else being in the room. Kev picked up on a male called Albert (possibly an old caretaker of the building) and both he and Olly saw through the window, a shadow walk across the width of the garden outside (no one out there and no access to the rear garden apart from via the building.) another guest felt something brush past him just before, Darran who was stood behind him felt it go past him as though the spirit who had been in the room, left. At this point, the room seemed to go flat.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone vigils.

In thedownstairs back office, guests using first the board and then the planchette picked up on a spirit who had been there in 1877. They picked up on a little boy called Elliott who was 6 yrs. old. He was holding Olli's hand. He stated that he had two friends who are with him. One of them is called Peter. He likes to play games. Elliott drew a flower on the board.

In theback attic, some guests used a spirit box and on asking " can you give us your name? " had a faint "YES " in reply which sounded like a child. When asking them if there was more than one spirit in the room, again they had a faint "YES "in reply. They were getting the name Timothy and on the mention of this name, the planchette was moving for them. Some of the guests had a tingling feeling. The door handle then rattled and one guest felt something brush against his arm. They felt that a little boy was hiding from the head master in this room.

Front upstairs officesome guess picked up on a male as well as a strange smell which they described as being like the old rubber spools that you would get on an old type writer

Editor's officesome guests picked up on a spirit called ben on the board. They then set up their own evp machine to record and on them asking if someone's playing with their torch which was going on and off, on asking if it was someone other than ben, there's a low and quiet "YES" in response. Spirit also confirmed that it was them that were scraping furniture around when we had been downstairs in the first investigation and heard furniture. They state that they were tidying up. That's what they do. This spirit likes to help Liz when she's at work


For the 2nd investigation, we firstly stayed in thebase room which is the board room. We could hear a lot of knocks and bangs along the corridor leading towards the editor's office and Darran picked up on the name of Malcolm. ( he didn't know at the time until he was told after he had picked up the name that one of the guests who has written for the paper, had placed a doll in the editors office that she has named Malcolm ) . We were also hearing mumbling voices again and a groan from outside the room. As we were talking there were two very loud bangs from near the editor's office / top of the main stairs. Shadows could also be seen on the wall down that end which seemed to be moving around near the wall and casting shadows. Darran then turned on the spirit box and although a male voice came through twice, it was quite faint and at this point, I can't say what he said. Darran will have to down load and enhance it to see what was said.

We then all moved down the corridor to theeditor's office. In here, the K2s were all going off. Darran again then tried the spirit box where we got the following answers.

"What's your name? "  "WILLIAM "or "MARIANNE"

On asking a couple of more questions and asking for them to speak up as we couldn't hear them, we had "IM TRYING "

Darran then picked up on the name of Ben.  A voice then asked "CAN YOU TURN IT OFF? "

Darran then asked, "ben, can you say how you died? "    "THEY KILLED ME "   not long after it either stated "IT WAS A MISTAKE" or (sounds more like it,) "TACTICAL ESCAPE " 

A guest then had her foot touched.

Darran then asked "if there's someone you're drawn to, can you go to them? "The reply was "WELL THAT'S A TRICKY ONE". 

We then heard a low whistle.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In theback downstairs office, Elliott again was present along with his friends. He named a little girl called Lilly. However she is living (she is the child of one of the staff who brings her into work at times) and is around the same age as him. He stated that she sees him. He stated that there is another little girl there the same age as him but wouldn't tell us her name

In theback attic, one group of guests had the K2s going off. When they left, there's a huge bang just after I hear them go downstairs. I'll have to check to see what it was on video as I don't think it was the door closing. Another group then came up and were hearing footsteps in the corner of the room and picked up on someone being in the corner. They tried the board and it was moving slightly. One of the guests felt her legs tingling.

Front upstairs officeone group had a torch turning on and off on request for them. They also had the planchette moving for them. They picked up on a child being in the room.

Editor's officeLiz and Terri were on the board and spirit told them that they had spoken to them before. Other guests then tried to communicate and picked up that the headmaster couldn't control the kids and that they would run rings around him that's why he would try to control them by using a stick

Finally, for the last investigations, we took everyone upstairs starting in thefront office

I put the knocking block on a little shelf near the top of the stairs outside the room. We could see a shadow on the top of the stairs from inside the room. We picked up that it was a male presence and not a nice presence. He didn't want us there at that point. He was moving back and fore and the area of the landing outside the room was going pitch black and then lighter again. The knocking block then went off. This shadow then came towards the room towards us who were all stood or at in a circle around the table. The shadow stayed in the doorway, almost blocking the whole doorway. We could hear footsteps and noises from the middle attic. It was picked up that the caretaker had done things to the children when it was a school. Francis, a school master was also picked up. He used to beat the children with a stick. Darran picked up that the caretaker didn't like women and smelt of sweat.

We then moved to theback attic room. Kev picked up on the name of Violet. We could again hear muffled voices and whispers outside the room. The on/off torches started to glow for the first time of the night. There were taps heard by the door.

Darran turned on the spirit box and asked if two little boys called Peter and Jamie who we have had in the room on numerous occasions previously could say their names. We had put K2 bear under the table and his head sensor went off as it would if he had been touched.  We had "PETER "Said to us on the spirit box. He then asked "how old are you? "    "7".  There was the sound of the door handle being flicked up and down.  As we all sat quiet, the boiler in the kitchen fired up and the water could be heard filling the radiator in the room. The current editor in the room stated that the boiler wasn't turned on and that the clock had actually been turned off and therefore there was no reason for it to fire up. Darran and Kev went downstairs and it had actually fired up but the clock wasn't turned on.

All in all an interesting night


EVPs picked up.

Base room.When we were conducting the group vigil, there are a couple of times where there's a male voice on the spirit box. I'll have to get Darran to enhance it as I can't make out what's being said

Front downstairs office. When we are all upstairs in the board room, there's a strange very faint noise. Sounds like a voice

Front upstairs office   when we are all downstairs there's the sound of a very faint child's voice

Back attic / library.  When we are all in the group vigil in the editor's office, something either drops or bounces OR it's the door slowly closing despite me putting the wedge under it. The video footage would need to be checked to see if there's anything captured

When we are all in there doing the last vigil, I ask question and as I talk, there's a voice heard under mine as I finish

Not long after, there's a sound after I asked about them liking the bear which sounds like a faint voice


Video footage  - it didn't record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant believe it . it was a new system and although Darran set it to record it didn't. gutted !!!!!!!!!!!!