Investigation Log of Abergavenny Chronicle Saturday 22nd March   2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

Before the guests arrived and the team were setting up, myself and Lorraine were hearing females murmuring just out in the corridor between the board room and the kitchen. We heard it at least 3 times. Dave could also smell tobacco in the same corridor just outside the editor's office. He named it as being called "three Castles "which was an old tobacco from around the 20s-30s)

When everyone arrived, we started off by going up to the back attic room where we had picked up on a little boy when we visited the building doing our reccie. Doing a circle séance, guests were feeling very hot, one to the point where she thought she was going to faint. Others were shaky, feeling pins and needles and Goosebumps. One guest had the feeling of cobwebs on her face. We could hear footsteps just outside the room also.

Little James the little boy who we ascertained didn't like being called Jimmy or Jamie was also picked up .one guest heard him crying which Liz the paper editor stated that she has also heard previously. He's looking for his mum. His mums name was picked up as either being Hannah or Anna. Everyone then decided to sing "Ring o Roses" to build the energy and to see if we would get a reaction to it from James. Just after we all finished, a lot of us heard someone sigh. Then some in the group started to feel sick and were getting cold draughts around them. Darran then picked up on a male energy called Henry. Scott felt he was being touched. A few of the guests then could see pin pricks of light just above the table in the centre of the room. They were small flashes of light which quite of lot of us could see.

Just then the torch placed on a side table turned on by itself and there were large temperature fluctuations going around the room despite there being no draughty windows or doors. The K2s started to react and a heavy breathing could be heard. Dave could then hear an elderly gent's voice coming from downstairs as if a conversation was going on as well as footsteps.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the Editors office (Liz's office) a group including Liz did a planchette session whereby they made contact with a female energy. Lorraine picked up that her name was Marjorie. This was confirmed on the board and Liz had the surname of Jackson. They ascertained that she was around in the 1920s, and had been a journalist. She was happy being in the office and moves things around in the office in an attempt to tidy it up. However, she confirmed that she isn't the spirit who has moved furniture around. Others could smell sweet tobacco smoke and Marjorie confirmed that she was a smoker, smoking "three castles".  Liz then googled Marjorie Jackson to find that she was from Abergavenny, worked as a telephonist in 1925. The entry was in one of the London papers.  She doesn't like the women swearing and she looks out for Liz when she's there on her own in the office. One of Marjorie's relatives was a councillor in Abergavenny. They also had K2 hits.


In the boardroom, 2 whistles were heard and then a male energy was turning the torch placed on the table on and off in reply to questions. Others were getting a good response with the rods.

In the front attic room, a little girl called Annie was picked up who was aged 5-6yrs old .she has blonde hair in ringlets and wears a blue dress.  Spirit also confirmed from that room that the male called Henry who was picked up on in the back attic, was Henry M who had been a school master who liked his rugby. His wife also lived in the building but didn't have anything to do with the school as such. She just lived there with him.

In the back attic, the planchette was moving slightly for a couple of guests. When others tried the planchette, they picked up on a Henry. He was able to draw a flower on the paper. One of them felt someone come into the room behind them. Henry told the group that there had been too many people in the room before and that he was a bit scared by it. He was happy to answer their questions. 

In the downstairs back office, a male energy was picked up and guests picked up that the male Henry from upstairs, was injured trying to protect the children. Others picked up on a child which was moving the planchette. One of them then saw a black figure then walk through the doorway from the main hall towards them. 

Other guests went to go into the back room downstairs and ran out sharpish when as they went in, saw a females face aged in her 40s looking back at them.

In the back attic, guests picked up that James was 6 yrs old and in the building from the time that it was a school house.


For the second investigation, we moved downstairs to the boardroom where an Elizabeth was picked up and guests had heard whistling again just prior to us going in there. Again, everyone sat in a circle holding hands and singing "ring o roses " and just as we finished, Dave could hear little footsteps over in the corner of the room. On singing it again, on finishing, children's giggling was heard by one of the guests. Cold breezes could be felt and some started to feel hot. Lorraine picked up on a Jack and the K2 lit up. Guests could see a shadow floating across the board table in front of them and then an orb floated past Nathan. He could then feel someone blowing in his ear. Kath suddenly felt completely drained as though she needed to sleep but within a minute or so, perked up again and was fine... again we started to see energy flashes in the room above the table. Jack is 9-10 yrs old and was setting the K2s off. One guest could feel pressure on both her shoulders as though pushing them down. We then asked Jack to bang on the table and we got a big bang from under the table. Everyone's hands were on top of the table, Darran had his camera pointing under the table to make sure no one kicked it but you would have to do it with some force to make that noise as it's a very heavy table. The banging was coming from the centre, far from where anyone's legs would be due to it being a large table. He managed to bang this table another 3 times for us. Just after that, we heard a voice give out a long "ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".  We also then heard something being dragged across the floor upstairs.noone was upstairs, the room was empty and it was coming from the back attic. It sounded like a chair being pulled along the floor. The touch sensor on the top of "Teddies" head also started to light up ( our K2 teddy bear ) Darran then picked up on a male who had died at his desk in his office of a heart attack. He picked up that it may've been at the desk at the side of board room.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own lone vigils. A couple of guests had set up a trigger object in the front attic office. No one knew they had done it or where it had been placed. However when they returned to it, it had moved a good inch.

In the editor's office, Liz and Co again went in onto the planchette and had the initial V given to them and that it was a female who was in her 30s and didn't have any children. When they left the room, another guest ventured in there on her own and when she walked behind the desk, felt someone run their finger across the top of her back. All I saw when I walked down the corridor was her running out of the room, into another room out of the way. She had scared herself. Others trying a planchette in there afterwards had an energy giving the initials L and V. They also had Marjorie come through on the planchette however on asking her her age, she wouldn't give it, stating that it was rude to ask a lady her age. She then began to tire and wanted to stop communicating.

In the downstairs back kitchen, Sian and Kath were on their own and picked up on a 15yr old girl called Francesca. She had been murdered in the 16th century. It had happened elsewhere, not in the building.

In the downstairs front office, again, guests on the planchette picked up on the initials L and V. a male come through who informed them that he was well known in Abergavenny in the 20s and that he was intelligent. Another male then came through stating that he owned / started the chronicle and worked as an editor. He has a wicked sense of humour and said that the women around the table were thick as they couldn't work out his name. He loves Liz being the editor. He knew and loved Marjorie and he missed out being with her as she went off to live in London. He loved her but never actually had the bravery to tell her. He went on to marry Val. He believes that Val knew he was in love with Marjorie. He used to tease the women in the office and flirt with them. Hazel who works there now makes him feel sad as she reminds him of Marjorie and looks like her. Marjorie was the love of his life. He's now happy as he's with Marjorie and Val. Marjorie then joined the table and finally he gave his name as being Edgar Straker who had died at his desk. He states that life is about love and stated that there's a lot of love in the office now. He then gave messages to a member of staff from their relative


Meanwhile again in the downstairs back office, guests picked up on a male energy who wasn't a particularly nice man who had worked there when it was a school. He had been abusing the children. Henry didn't agree with what he was doing and on trying to protect them, had gotten himself injured


The last investigation of the night, we split up taking the men in the group into the back office downstairs, and leaving all the women in the front downstairs office. Liz and Co were on the planchette where they picked up on a Mr Straker (a previous editor of the paper). He didn't like so many women in the room as he thought he was spoilt for choice as there were so many. He was a ladies' man. The knocking block alarm then went off. In total, it went off 6 times in succession as we asked for it to be set off by him. He would wind himself up first on the planchette by spinning it faster and faster around the table and then set off the alarm as a finale. He wouldn't do it though when the men came into the room. He didn't want them in there as he sees them as competition. He said that all the spirits in the building were nice. The one we thought wasn't, was nice enough, just misunderstood. Another male in the room he states was his rival. They were both after Marjorie Jackson however, the other male won in the end as she went off with him instead of Mr. Straker. He didn't like to be called anything other than Mr Straker. He saw us calling him by anything else as being a lack of respect.  A B was also drawn on the planchette. The blind pull then moved at the window despite no one touching it. Mr Straker stated that he had done it. The K2s were going up to red on the teddy. However he stated it was someone else who was lighting up the teddy. It was Ben Hale. Mr Straker had written about this poor unfortunate soul who had been wrongly hung for a murder he hadn't committed. Mr Straker stated that there are more spelling mistakes in the newspaper now that when in his time. He blames the computers and states that he doesn't like them. He confirmed that it had been Marjorie's face that the guests had seen in the back room earlier on in the night. She accepted their apology for screaming at her. They had scared her too. He began to tire though and stated that he had enjoyed talking to us all and that he would like to do it again if he got the chance

Meanwhile in the downstairs back office, the boys were picking up on a male energy that was oppressive, was around 5ft 8, gaunt looking and had greasy long hair. He was the school caretaker. He is called Robert.


EVPS / Digital recordings:


In both the front and middle attic rooms, we were getting a lot of knocks and thuds in the rooms when no one was upstairs and all downstairs. There's no reason for it from what I could remember. Doors were open, no draughts etc.

In the back attic, when I ask spirit if they are building up their energy near the lights, a "yeh" is heard. Also when no ones in the room a small child is heard to murmur a "mmm".

In the board room, whilst guests were conducting their lone vigils, Lorraine hears and its picked up on recorder a murmur. Later when we are all in the room doing the investigation, a lot of us hear and again it's been recorded, a long " ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" which sounded childlike

Darrans also picked up on some replies to questions on his H4 recorder which he will enhance so that we can make out what's being said

As for video footage, we had a couple of orbs mostly in the attic rooms and a couple in the board room. In the back attic, the most interesting thing caught was the fact that when two separate groups sat at the table to do a planchette session throughout the night. On two occasions, an orb appears behind them in exactly the same spot. The first group being Cath and Gavin and the second group being Scotts. It's as if whoever's in the room stands behind them to see what they are doing. I found it unusual to have an orb just appear in the same spot before disappearing again

All in all, a really surprising and fantastic night. We weren't sure how active the building was going to be so were shocked at the results. We all had a great night and would love to come back should, Liz, her team and Mr. Straker permit!!