Investigation log of Abergavenny Chronicle 6th September 2014


Before the night even started, as we were setting up, we were picking up on things going on. Fiona was in the front office (Liz's office) when she felt tickling and was touched. Julie in the front attic room picked up on a little girl, very well dressed who reminded her of Nelly Olsen from Little house on the prairie. She also picked up on a tall man who was wearing a cravat and a top hat. Rob Ange and Emma went into the editor's office and picked up on a female who moves things around in the room.

Paul was setting up the camera in Liz's office when he saw a man by the door. He wasn't very tall, only around 5ft 2.

Once everyone arrived, we started the first investigation in the rear attic room. Within a couple of minutes the knocking block alarm went off. Once everyone was seated on the floor in a circle, as soon as we all joined hands, two stacks of newspapers which were on a shelf above, suddenly fell on Liz's head who was sat underneath. The rest of them stayed on the shelf, it was just the two that fell off and they were not unstable beforehand. She hadn't touched the unit and so we can't work out how it happened. At the same time, the K2 went off. The rem pod alarm then started sounding.

On using the spirit box, it said the name "HENRY" then "ROB". We had the following conversation we asked if Rob was in the room and it said "YES".

We asked spirit to make it clearer and again it said "ROB "then "SHURRUP ".

 Some of the guests stated that my end of the room then went misty and foggy just as the K2 went off.

We then asked them for their second name and got the response "BLACK" and on asking them if they wanted us to leave, "GO AWAY".

 We then asked "have you got a message for us? "And received "GET OUT ".

The name "ELLIOTT "Was then given

When we asked if they were still with us, got the reply "YEH".

We were then given the names of "MARJORIE" And "PETER".

 Kev and Darran could hear a female talking on the stairs outside. Darran picked up on the name of Margaret. Paul was then touched on the face and his evp turned off. Kev camera then switched off and Marcus's K2 drained. Darran tried his spirit box but kept getting music despite it being in a faraday cage. He then disconnected the speaker which was separate. Although it wasn't plugged into anything and the wires dangling down in front of him, music continued out of the speaker. It's just a normal little speaker and no reason for it. He had turned the radio off. He took the speaker out of the room and the music stopped. As soon as he brought it back into the room it started playing again. He turned it off. 5 minutes later, we tried it again but this time, got nothing out of it until he plugged it into the spirit box and got white noise. Rob could see a shadow of someone stood between Kev and Darran. He stated whoever it was, wasn't very tall. Julie picked up on 4 children within the room called Margaret / Eva / Jack and Jamie. When we left the room, rob took a photo and in the space where he had seen someone stood between Kev and Darran and captured a huge orb

Everyone then went off to conduct their own vigils.

In the middle attic, a child was picked up and then a black mass was seen by guests gathering at the far end of the room and seemed to move towards them.

In Liz's office (editors) a male child came through and a picture on the desk fell over.  On the planchette a group picked up on Marjorie again (she came through last time). She would dim the torch in answer to questions. In the end, she went quiet. Liz informed Marjorie that she had a short attention span (Marjorie not Liz) and the torch went off completely and the battery drained. Another female came through who liked Henrietta asking the questions as she liked her accent. Liz asked a few questions and it was ascertained that she as Madame Ardanne (she was a Belgian refugee who had lived in the building in 1916). On continuing with their questioning, they picked up on a little boy who stated that it was he who had knocked over the photo on the desk. He's only 8 yrs old. A female energy then came through who was a nice person. She states that Liz still swears but isn't quite as untidy as she used to be. Ago

Emma and Ange took a photo in the advertising office and picked up a large orb.

In the advertising office downstairs. Women from two different groups had the feeling of uneasiness in there. One actually stating as though she felt she wasn't supposed to be in there and there was a heavy feeling about the room

In the back attic, guests picked up on a Mary on the planchette. Another guest believed that she heard a voice in the room as she worked in. We haven't picked this up on evp though.

In the front downstairs office, Paul picked up on and Andrew and Julie picked up on a little girl who liked her necklace. Paul was getting pains in his face. Rob was getting the name of Henry and a male who was stuck in the face. All three of them in the room felt their eyes hurt and couldn't see out of them properly. This male is short with dark brown hair and stocky build. He found what the group was doing amusing and made me want to laugh. The K2 lit up when i mentioned this. Me and Paul were cold but only down one side where he was stood in between us. The others opposite us were boiling hot. Therefore, we turned the circle around and this time, they were cold. Julie felt him draw so close, she felt as though she was going to be sick.

For the second investigation, we went into the board room. Darran straight away picked up on a Mr Grainger. The K2 went off and we all heard an "oooooh ". The knocking block went off in the back attic. This had been placed on the window sill. The only person in the room was Marcus and when i went out to check, he was at the top of the stairs. I asked him if he had set it off and he stated no and that it went off by itself as he left the room. The window sill is not near the door, is stable and so isn't affected by any floorboard movement etc. The K2 started going off under the table which was strange and rob had the sensation that someone was actually under the table maybe hiding. (Last time we visited, we had the same feeling and we were having knocks and bangs coming from underneath as if someone was tapping it). One guest felt her thighs go cold and there was a 3 degree temperature difference between under and over the table with it being colder under it. Footsteps were heard outside the room and a shadow seen under the door. Kev and Fiona went out there to have a look but everyone was accounted for in the boardroom. They could also hear footsteps out in the corridor when they were out there. We could hear faint voices and the on/off torch on the side desk went on twice and turned off. One guests chair moved under her and Julie had the feeling of her palms being caned (building was also used as a school historically). It was ascertained that Mr Grainger who Darran had picked up on was the school master. Darrans watch alarm went off but the time said ten to eight even though it was at the proper time earlier on in the evening. This was just after Mr Grainger's info was picked up. Was this the start time of school??

We turned on the spirit box and it immediately said "BEN HAS HAD "but didn't finish off the sentence. We could then hear banging from above us and had the date of 1812 come to him as he was still sat outside on the stairs.

We then asked the spirit box "ben are you 8? ".... "WRONG NUMBER "

"Are you 7? ..... "NEARLY ".

It then said "YOU KNOW ME LEANNE "(my name)

 And then said "HAZEL" (hazel works there)

I then said "who are you? "..............."WHOS THAT?"  ........

" I'm Leanne you are you? ".........."ME"..............

 "Who's me? " reply.

Paul then said, "It's an easy way to communicate. If you don't, ill turn it off.

"All the K2s went off.

I then asked "can you say my name again? ................. "NO WOMAN". "IM VERY REAL ".

 I then said "we'll give it 5 more minutes and we're leaving you to it to which i got the reply "WHATS THE TIME? ".

Amazing interaction if you ask me.

Again everyone went off to do their own vigils.

In the front attic room, some of our team did a planchette and had various family members come through to them. Darran also picked up on a little girl sat on the floor playing. She was around 7 with dark hair tied back in a ponytail wearing a cream dress. She was playing with a dolly

In Liz's office (editor's office) rob Ange and Emma on the pendulums communicated with a male spirit who had died in the building of natural causes. They also then had a female come through who worked in the building when it was a school as a teacher but also as the school nurse as the children were brought to her when they were sick. She didn't agree with caning the children

Later on, in the editors office (Liz's office) some of the team picked up on a gent came through on the planchette and reacted to Paul's voice... he was the one who had shown himself earlier on and was tickling Fiona. The k2s shot up to red twice. Fiona communicated with a male energy who was the headmaster of the school. The time period was between 1830-1840. There were less than 15 boys under his tutorage. The boys in the school were under the age of 12. Confirmed that a boy called James and jack was at the school. James was injured whilst at the school. . James had threatened to tell people the truth about bad things that this male had done to him. This male beat him. The beating killed him after being struck to the face.

He hurt his eye and lost sight in his right eye. The injury cost James his life. He was only 12 yrs old. This male was scared of being found out and had to keep him quiet. He had to silence him somehow. James had been a beggar boy when this male took him from the streets and had to sleep in this male's room with him. James was blonde haired and was short for his age. He was small. He was a quiet and shy boy (this was the James that was picked up by our son when we did a reccie on the building in the attic) James was an orphan. He was disobedient. He was afraid to cross over as he thought he would go to hell. He didn't regret what he did. He buried him out the back by the far wall in the corner, to the rear of the building. This male is stuck in the building as he is still tormented that James will tell and is therefore afraid to move on.

In the back attic, one guest felt so uncomfortable, she didn't want to stay in the room. Marcus went in and tried out the spirit box. The name "JUDE "was said after he asked spirit their name. Just after, it sounds like this male voice says "HOMOPHOBE" and then says something else when Marcus questions it. However i can't work out what he says. Just as Marcus asks if there are children in the building, a female voice says "CHILDREN". He asks if she is a teacher and she says "YES". Later on, another group tried the planchette and felt a presence in the room. One of them was touched on the head and had family members come through to him

In the front downstairs office, Liz was touched on the knee, they communicated with Mr Straker on the planchette. He confirmed that he was gay and that he had been part of the big scandal in the 30s in Abergavenny in relation to homosexual activities. He stated that he's a nice person and he's happy. He's not in the building alone. There are others however all the names mentioned to him (those picked up by us during the night) he didn't know. This could be because they are of a different time period to him. He himself came from Abergavenny and still has family living there.

For the last investigation we did the front and back offices downstairs where we had great interaction last time. However this wasn't to be repeated and things went a bit flat. Nothing to report apart from a couple of K2 flickers in the advertising office. In the main office, the knocking block went off as soon as we started and we heard a whistle and footsteps outside the office door. I saw and then others saw a shadow through the glass window outside the office at the bottom of the stairs. The planchette confirmed that there was one spirit in the room with us but apart from that, not a lot occurred.


Even when we were locking up, the building wasn't going to give up. As Liz went to make sure that the door was closed to the boardroom, as she came back past the kitchen towards the stairs, she heard the sound of piano playing. She wasn't too keen 9on going back and double checking it. Also another member of staff on standing just past the kitchen as we were locking up saw a figure on the top stairs by the attic rooms. She thought it was one of the team and asked me who was up there. When i told her no one was up there and they were already downstairs, again, she wasn't too keen on going up there to see who she saw. I guess they have to work there, it was late. Just goes to show that just because we want to sleep, doesn't mean that they want to.



In the back attic, we have various knocks and taps when no ones in the room. On the spirit box, Marcus doesn't comment on it, I'm unsure if he heard it but a child is heard to sneeze, you hear them say "achoo" and then they say something straight after. It sounds like a little girl. I'll have to ask Darran to enhance it to see if we can pick up what she says.

In Liz's office there are various taps and knocks in the room when no one is in there. This seems to be the pattern of the night. People go in and build the energy up and then when they leave, we have various knocks, bangs and taps and other noises occur in various rooms in the building. This was also occurring in the board room and the downstairs front office.

In the downstairs front office, something is moved, it sounds like something being rocked on the desk when no one is in the room.


Videos picked up

In the back attic there are a few orbs moving around. When we do the first vigil, although the camera wasn't quite at the right angle to catch the paperwork coming off the shelf, it does show that rather than it falling straight down, it flies outwards giving the impression that they were pushed from behind. Also later on when no ones in the room, the lights on the mel meter start to flash

There are other light anomalies around in the downstairs office  / mid attic and lizs, office.

All in all another good night