Investigation log of Abergavenny Chronicle Saturday 6th June 2015

Investigation times: 10pm- 3am

Weather: dry and mild


Once everyone arrived, we did the first investigation in the back attic room whereby almost as soon as we got there, K2 teddy was going off. Some heard whispers and a male mumble was heard. Some could smell incense and another guest heard a loud exhalation of breath. Footsteps could be heard outside the room. On darran trying the spirit box, we were getting various results. At one point it said PETER when asked their name. He said he was 8 and that he knows Liz. Darran was picking up on a Mr. Williams. It was picked up that peter was scared of this other man in the room.  Olly was sitting with his back to the door and stated that it felt as though someone was pushing it open against him. Colin was picking up a male in the corner by the door and that he is stern and has some type of stick in his hand. He got the expression come through almost of a "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ". Again, olly could hear footsteps behind him outside the room but on wooden floorboards which doesn't make sense as the building is carpeted. Others could feel cobwebs on their faces. At the other end of the room, there was a big difference in temperature whereby guests began feeling really hot. It shot up from 24 to 27.5 degrees. Other results on the spirit box sounded like a female says "GLASS" and a faint "HI".  Another guest was then touched just before we broke from the vigil.


Everyone went off to do their first lones.

In the back downstairs office on the planchette a little girl called Rosie came through. She couldn't spell her name or tell us how old she was. She was there to go to school. She liked speaking with us and managed to draw two flowers and a house for us.  Another guest was getting a tingling on his arm. Another group could feel static energy and a cold spot. They also picked up on a child


Meanwhile in the front attic office, olly felt as though his hand was being pushed off the planchette as though whoever was there, didn't want him to do it. Another group on the board picked up on a male called Sullivan. He visited the family here at the address and wanted to speak to one of the group. Mr Williams, he said was his father he would hurt Sullivan. He had his sister with him who is younger at 3 yrs old and her name begins with N he liked playing with the torch

In the back attic, guests had peter playing with the torch and he tried to draw pictures. One guest felt herself being touched. Peter confirmed that Mr Williams is also in the room and that he had hurt peter. He's nasty. Peter was playing with the teddy and stated that James was there with him who also plays with the bear. James is 6 and lives there and went to school there. James doesn't like Mr. Williams. He hurt James. He's the headmaster. He wasn't nasty to everyone, just the boys. There were around 60 children there who were mixed. They were informed that the place was like a workhouse. James died there. James had gone there as an orphan. Peter has parents. James was like a little brother and peter looked after him. James didn't want to speak as he's afraid and shy.

Another group consisting of Kay olly and Colin then went into the room and again picked up on a peter who was a male and a milliner. He is able to see this other male.peter doesn't want them in the room. Another male was also there who also worked there who isn't a good person. He stated that this person would harm him and them. He told them to leave for their own safety. Teddy was lighting up.


A third group, had teddy going on and off on request.

In the ground floor middle office, Edgar was picked up on the board. He stated that he didn't work in the building but died around 1920. He knew Marjorie. He was gay. Marjorie wanted to tell people. Someone else then came onto the board called Fred. He is aged 29. In the middle attic room, an elderly gent was picked up on the pendulum. He kept it going in circles but wasn't sure if he worked in the building and wasn't giving any information. Another guest picked up the strong smell of antiseptic, like dettol.  Another group picked up on a male called Fred who committed suicide at 29. He was unhappy and worked within the building.

In the board room an ada smith was picked up on the board. She worked there as a milliner in aro9und 1870, she died in 1903

In Lizs office, one guest picked up on a male on the pendulum. He died in the building. He lived there but wouldn't give any other information. Another guest had her grandmother come and communicate to her and she was making the guests torch go on and off.


We then did the second vigil in the board room. Although we weren't getting a great deal in this room itself, we were hearing a lot going on above us. Dave's trouser leg was tugged and teddy went off. We could hear lots of knocks and footsteps up in the back attic directly above us. No one was up there though. I could see movement through the glass at the top of the garden steps. We also heard a couple of growls. olly went to go into the middle office with me to see what was going on upstairs above me and also as we then sent someone up to sit up there on their own, to see whether anything happened whilst they were up there. As we got near the office, olly picked up that there was a male stood outside lizs office and that he turned and went to walk down the stairs. The guest up in the attic, kept looking around him and when he came back down he stated that there were lots of footsteps going on around him in the room and that his left hand side went cold. He also heard the sound of someone coming up the stairs and through the doorway behind him. We then swapped him over and sent someone else up there. Again, he could hear footsteps around the room and heard a small child say "ooooh ". As all this is going on, everyone downstairs can hear it the footsteps from up above despite both guests sitting completely still up there when they were there.


Again everyone went off to do their second lones. Olly decided he was going to go up and confront whoever didn't want him up in the attic earlier and went up there on his own. Again he could hear the footsteps and when he challenged whoever was up there and told them not to go scaring other spirits who are in the room, the room suddenly went flat.

In the front attic office, me and Colin tried for once to do a planchette together as he rarely does them and had an old friend come through to him which was unexpected and surprised him a bit. In a nice way i hope. We also heard the sound of rustling like clothing

Again in the back attic, another group on the planchette were talking to Mr. Williams. He stated that he was the headmaster and wasn't cruel to the children. He was in his 40s. He was getting wound up. He called it a workhouse and it was mostly run by men. The children were mixed. He didn't want to move the ball and confirmed for one of the guests that it had been his pipe smoke that she had smelt in the corridor earlier. He doesn't use snuff, just smokes a pipe.


For the last vigil, we took everyone to the downstairs middle office. However, 5 stayed up in the back attic where no contamination could be heard. They picked up on a little boy and asked him to go downstairs to us in the office.jamie then came onto the planchette and stated that there was a little girl with him as well as a bad man there who doesn't want them in there.  A couple of them then saw that something went past the camera as it blocked out the light on it. Kay then saw a black shadow behind one of the guests sat opposite her. This guest then saw a face peep around the corner into the room. This room then went completely flat. Most of the group stated that they felt heavy pressure and pain in their heads and felt quite sickly

For the first time in the night, the knocking block which was placed up on the side and out of the way of everyone who were sat in a circle in the middle of the room went off. Also the torch came on. A female "ooooh was heard and we could hear footsteps coming from above us from the middle office where the projector was set up. We sent the men into the back office and the girls stayed put. However, it was pretty quiet and the atmosphere went completely flat.

The boys stated the same about the back office. It was time to call it a night


EVPs picked up

Back downstairs office- a couple of knocks and taps as well as the sound of the door latch possibly going. However no one came into the room as we were all upstairs at the time doing another vigil

In lizs office, again taps and knocks when no one was in the room

In the downstairs middle office, during the vigil down there. A little girl's voice is picked up saying "ooooh"


As for video footage.

We have a few interesting orbs in the middle attic room. Also some going across the back attic around the same time that we were hearing footsteps coming from there when we were doing the investigation of the board room.


But for the best bit of all!!!!    Now for the best footage we have EVER had during all our years as it's so clear!!! Ive had to watch it multiple times, watching all the cameras at the same time to make sure.

Ok it is......   the view is from the middle attic, towards the back stairs leading to the back attic. This happened at the beginning of the night when we were going through our intro to everyone .

Once up these stairs, there's nowhere to go bar the back attic or the middle attic rooms. Everyone is accounted for in the boardroom as we are doing the intros. No one goes upstairs at all during this time.    Again, no one walks through the middle attic room towards these stairs.   Again, no one enters the back attic room or leaves the back attic room. At the top of the stairs, all you have is the landing dividing the two rooms. Why then, does a man, walk or seem to float almost down the stairs, from the top just out of view of the doorway so you can't tell where he starts.  Oh yes people, clear as day, a man walking down the stairs. Even darran had to swear!!!!!