Investigation log, Arnos Manor 3rd Feb 2012


Weather: Very cold but still

Vigil time: 10pm - 5am

Initially, during a walk about, the team picked up on various energies in the Hotel. Fran picked up a young female sitting on the stairs by the window named Elizabeth but known as Lizzie. On the back stairs, there was a little by and more children could be seen at the top of the stairs. The group felt very tight chested and sensed the smell of smoke and a possible fire. In the understairs cupboard, Fran picked up a screaming nun (staff state that when used as a convent, a pregnant nun was locked in the cupboard and basically bricked her up in there. In the chapel, a Mary who preferred to e called "Marie" who looked after he children. She was head of the chambermaids and doesn't like men. She likes the girls but I very stern. She held hands with Fran and Lorraine. A woman also came forward and hit Lorraine with her cane gently for not paying attention to her. Paul and Fran and pain in their foreheads as well as picking up a young boy injured with an arrow.

First Vigil: In room 171, Sarah, Lorraine and Fran picked up a john Smithers and the date 1874. He wasn't happy with the team being there and was shouting "get out, leave me alone, go away." A tramp was picked up on who appeared very poor. Prostitutes were picked up also, a Mary, Lillian who were very provocative. A farmer also came through who was run over by a coach who injured his right shoulder and right. Nurses were also being picked up and a feeling of lots of sickness on a ward possibly soldiers from World War. The smell of infected wounds and chamberpots could be smelt. A feeling of hanging also. Mary Anne was a key holder and had bad vision. A small boy called Thomas was also picked up and felt their knees wobble as well as feeling very hot.
There were lots of K2 hits and the rope lifted

In the castle room, Paul and Darren picked up 2 gentlemen one of which was a nice energy and the other disinterested. A small boy touched one of the guests leg and a John and Christopher came through. A male named Andrew who was eaten up on the way home from a function at the hotel died. A few people felt pain in their jaws and heads and the spirits would only speak to Paul. Others had the feeling so being beaten up. The toilet lights then came on and there was a 13 degree difference in temperature between the rooms. It was very cold.

Second Vigil: Backstairs. Sarah and Lorraine picked up lots of children playing. A Nelly wearing a pink dress as well as Emily Rose and Lottie also came through and sat on one male guest's feet. Tickles were felt as well as coldness. They gave happy thoughts of snow and Christmas. Lillian was picked up as well as a disabled child and a family who were reunited. The feelings of also a mother who was lost as well as the feeling of being hit over the head with a bottle and blood trickling down the neck.

In room 160 Darran Paul and Fran picked up the Master of the house and picked up a Roberts Grieves who had 13 members of a secret society (virgin blood) abuse took place of children and women. A small boy named William came through the feelings of sickness; emotional feelings, ad smells and coldness were felt. Shane a trance medium had a Kathleen come though as well as a Margaret. Lillian and Lillibeth also were picked up. A very scared male was also picked up. At around 0115hrs, they saw someone go through a door  who they picked up was a cruel man approx 5ft 4/5 who appeared to be a git gammy, "mutton chops" with a ginger beard. The feeling of being hanged could be felt.

During the lone vigils in Room 171, the group used a planchette and picked up a small boy named Thomas. He was very friendly and happy and was 6yrs old. He was afraid of his father John who was grumpy man who entered the room and wanted the team to go away.

In the cupboard under the stairs, Paul, Darran and Fran went in with Trance medium Shane who picked up the smell of flowers from a young girl who likes to play in the field as during life; she was locked away as she was mentally impaired. She just now wanted to play and was happy she had a sister. Whilst in trance, Shane picked up a servant who wouldnt give his name as it bore "no significance to you" as he kept repeating. His master was Grieves. He told the team to leave or they would feel the full force of the energies. He then picked up a female Kathleen who had been bricked up as she was pregnant. She was buried on unconsecrated land however as she says, the lights came from the sky, some of the building was no longer there any more (building was hit during the war) and she was uncovered. Men wearing hats came and reburied her "in haste "as she states again in unconsecrated ground. However, she will be found again. She said that she would protect the team from Reeves energy.

At the top of the backstairs, Paul Darran and Fran picked up a 6 yr old boy called Ben. He was residual energy and gave the feeling of being burnt in a fire. He was screaming and calling for his mother. He was reluctant to come forward as quite shy. He wanted to play jumping jacks though.

In room 160, Paul and Darran did a vigil with the guests and one male guest picked up dog fighting and felt the hair on the back of the neck standing on end. The female with him, felt as if she was being pushed on her arm and chest. Several people felt Reeves had had an accident with his leg. They picked up the energies of prostitutes pulling up their dresses, showing their "fancies". Lillian had a scar on her face as she had been cut with a knife. Paul felt aggressive and Darran felt that Reeves had brought that feeling to him as they know about his secrets.

The camera footage picked up an object / orb going up the stairs whilst the lights were on ( unusual to see as the night vision camera wasn't switched on as the hall was lit) as well as a few in room 160. EVPs were very quiet.