Investigation Log of Arnos Manor Hotel Bristol 27th January 2018   


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: damp  


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off by taking everyone to thebackstairs.Here we picked on a Margaret and Jane. Both touched K2 Ted and he was going up to red. We could hear voices but no one was talking and no one was in the corridor .there was then a low moan and a couple of taps. People's dowsers were going in the direction of the cupboard under the stairs. They were also crossing directly above the cupboard where it was bricked up. Guest heard a voice twice and was getting the name of Lauren.

We then went up toroom 160.Again, ted was going off and being touched. Other K2s were going off and there was a bang from the bathroom. The K2 doll was also going up to red on the bed. We head a couple of moans. We then picked up on a female called Elizabeth. She was confirming her responses via the K2. She stated that she had died in the bathroom. She committed suicide. She had taken tablets and cut herself in the bath. It was over a man who treated her badly. This wasn't that long ago, only the past 30-40yrs. Darran put the spirit box on and I asked for spirit to say hello. There's a female voice that then says "HELLO "back however no one seems to notice it as no one mentions it. One of the guests then stated that her hands felt really cold. However when Darran put the temperature gauge on her hands, they measured at being 108 degrees. One of the guests then picked up on the name of Andrew. It was ascertained that this Andrew was the reason that the female we had picked up on committed suicide. That female Darran had the name of Rebecca. 


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In theorangery,guests on the board picked up on a little boy who said that he was called Thomas and is 7 yrs. old. His mother worked there as a chambermaid. He stated that he had died of cancer. Turns out that this is not a little boy called Thomas but a male called George. He was playing tricks. He's not stuck in the building but has good memories of the place. He comes from the era of when it was used as a gentleman's club. He likes to have a laugh. Confirmed that a female did die in room 160. She was beaten. He was involved. There were others that were also involved with him. She was a prostitute.

Backstairs,guests picked up on an Andrew. He doesn't like women, he prefers men. He was making their dowsers spin around one way and then go back the other way.

Chapel,an Andrew was picked up. He likes young males, he died in his 90s. He preferred boys who were aged between 10 -19. He says that he didn't hurt them though. He wants us to pray for the kids but not him. He states that he's a wealthy man, a banker. He likes being in the hotel, he states that he went there when it was a gentleman's club. Lots of girls were there. He likes it as lots of girls are still going there. However, he doesn't want everyone to know about him or what he does. He's a business man. He states that some of the girls died, he didn't kill them but he influenced it. They would kill themselves. He doesn't feel sorry for it; he wouldn't let any female spirits come forward and states that he's evil. He was feeling threatened by one of the young male guests and wouldn't as any questions as to why. Although he said he liked the women to go there, he says he hates women. Guests were also picking up on a very shy female spirit in the room. It was a small child. She state that she didn't die here however she grew up with her siblings in the building and was brought up by the nuns. She states that she was treated well by them. She is buried around the perimeter of the building as opposed to the local graveyard.

Room 160- guests heard a knock on the bedroom door but when they went to open it, no one was outside the room. The timing between the knocks and them opening the door was only 3 seconds. However there was no one on the stairs or seen going through the door into the other part of the corridor. There was then a loud tap on the bed.


Once we got everyone back together, we started the second vigils inthe chapel. In here was a little boy called William. He was setting the K2s off. Shadows were then going past the main door but no one was there or in the corridor. At the same time, guests near the door would feel draughts. The trifield was going up and when I asked for spirit to whistle for me, they did. The spirit box was saying various things however we couldn't work out what was being said.

We then moved ontothe cloisters.The knocking block went off twice and the green torch started to come on and off on request. A male voice was then heard and the rempod started to go mad, the alarm going off constantly. K2 ted was then touched and going up to red and a groan was heard. Rosie then felt that someone was punching or pushing her in the back. She went to stand in the corridor. I asked spirit to do it to Rosie's mum who had been sat in front of her. Instead, she stated to feel light headed. As we were discussing this, the door in the corridor, started to open slowly. It had been quite happily closed before then and doesn't usually just swing open. When it fully opened, a member of staff was stood further down the corridor the other side, he looked shocked and he asked "did you open that? "We said "No, did you "? He shook his head and shot off. Just as we were getting over that, the knocking block then went off. Once I reset it and we were getting settled, there was a ting. I went over and a tea spoon was now on the floor next to one of the guests tables. There were no teaspoons on any of the tables. When I went to pick it up, it felt warm.


Everyone then went off again to do their own investigations.

Castle room. - A female came through for guests and stated that she was murdered by males.

In theorangery, George came back again he's 67. He stated that he killed prostitutes. He states that they were buried in the grounds however they are no longer there. He had six kids. She states that he's not a good man. However he's not lonely. He didn't want to show himself to the guests. K2 ted was being touched.

In thecloistersguests picked up on Francis who stated that he was 57. He states that it wasn't him who hit Rosie in the back. He's happy for people to speak to him. These guests then had a message from a family member. Other guests then sat in there and asked for a whistle. There was a low faint whistle picked up on the digital recorder just after.

In thechapel, again guests were talking to Andrew. He stated that he was in his 90s when he died. He was enjoying talking to the guests as people tent to ignore him. However he prefers to stay upstairs in the bedrooms rather than downstairs. He's proud of what he did. He acted like a pimp. He knows that children were sometimes hurt by other men but he did nothing to stop it happening. A nun then came forward. She wouldn't say a lot other than she used to look after the children.

Inroom 160, some guests did some scrying in front of the mirror. They were all taking it in turns and all found that their facial features were changing. Some started to look older, others like very young females. One turned from female features to male.

For our last vigil, we first took everyone into theorangery.In here, there was a little groan and there was a tap that came from behind us. The ladies loo light was on although it only comes on on a sensor. One of the guests had a torch in her pocket. We didn't see a light on the ceiling before but after around 10 minutes of the group stood holding hands in a circle, the torch suddenly came on and was glowing on the ceiling. There were then a couple of loud taps from the other side of the room and a flash was seen by the bar. There was a low voice that said something with two syllables. The red torch then came on really brightly and went off again. I asked if the female in the room was called Lizzy. The green torch came on. There was then a low gruff voice from over by the ar. The door creaked and when I asked spirit to turn the torches on, the green one came on, the torches then came on and stayed on.

We then moved finally into thecastle suite. In here, the torches were again coming on and off. Sister Mary was there who looked after the children.k2 ted and the doll started going up to red. Apart from that, there wasn't a lot going on in here.


Cloisters - a low whistle when asked for one by guests. There are lots of taps bangs and shuffling around in this area when no one's actually in the area. No one walks past even. There are also strange popping sounds picked up

Back stairs - again, various taps and knocks and the sound like the doors being opened although no one is heard coming into the stairwell

Bedroom 160 - various knocks and taps in the room


All in all, a good night and one of the best ones here at the hotel so far.