Investigation Log of Arnos Manor Bristol 16th November

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  Dry and calm

Before we even started the investigation and the guests arrived, I was talking to Colin and Paul when Paul turned around to face the door and then looked puzzled as he turned back to us... he states that he had seen a male in a checked shirt by the door before leaving again.  Half an hour later, when some of the guests arrived, they stated that they had gone into the restaurant for a meal and a waitress informed them that there IS a male wearing a checked shirt that is seen in the Chapel area and other areas of the hotel. 

We had also set up the knocking block in the room next to the orangery. It was placed on a table well out of the way. As we were all in the other room, the alarm went off.

Once everyone arrived and we started our investigation, we first went into the room next to the orangery. The knocking block again went off twice, once straight after Steve stated that the name he was getting for the male in the checked shirt was David. Paul then had his head touched. We got everyone up onto the top area of the room to do a circle. One guest felt cold draughts down one side of his neck. Karin then heard footsteps outside the double doors and soon after realised that the fire doors had shut tight and we were locked in. whether someone had shut them tight without realising or whether the footsteps had anything to do with it, we don't know. We could hear whispering coming from elsewhere in the room outside of the circle but we couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. Rob was burning hot on his front but his back was cold. There was a definite temperature difference when we measured it. Karin was getting the feeling of someone being behind her and a few of us heard mumbling and grumbling. Karin came up with the name Cyril and the torch turned on. The team then heard a voice when Colin mentions the masons like a shout in the distance.

The guests then went off to conduct their own vigils. In the chapel, some guests picked up on a little boy who wasn't quite of school age.

Colin had gone into the chapel and when he left, he heard someone whisper "later "in his ear

On the backstairs, other guests picked up on two children a boy and a girl. The girls name is Jayne. She was wearing a blue party frock and died during WWII. Some felt their shoulders itching. The children were running up and down the stairs as if they are at a party playing. There was a feeling of sadness at the bottom of the stairs but a completely different feeling at the top.

By the nun's cupboard, others picked up that around 1862 a nun became pregnant by a priest and bricked up. She had been carrying a baby girl. Her family didn't know what happened to her. She wasn't buried afterwards but her body was burnt.

The next investigation we did in the chapel. Rob picked up on a little boy who died in the room. Another guest had someone breathe on their neck. Steve picked up a monk or priest who is knelt down in prayer facing the rear doors and had the name of Father Richmond.

A little boy was felt near Jed who had the name of the boy as being Sam. He was tugging on Jeds trousers. Rob then had the feeling that he wanted to kneel down and pray. It was a feeling of distinct fear that he felt as if the energy had been there when the bombs fell.

When we tried the ovilus, I asked if spirit wanted to communicate and it came up with the words of "OBSERVE, HUMANS "

Meanwhile, Colin, Karin and Dave were in the back stairs and were having the REM DD go off. There were taps and footsteps heard lightly coming down the stairs. Karin felt sick and heard a growl and picked up the name of Sister Ann-Marie.

Again the guests went off to conduct their own investigations

At the top of the backstairs, Steve had been talking to children and felt the back of his legs pulsate before it moved up his body. There was the feeling of happiness. There was a little boy there called Sam and gave the feeling of looking for parents.

Angie was getting flashbacks of boarding school with lots of girls all wearing uniform sitting in rows. (The building had been used as a girl's school previously)

In the room next to the orangery, up on the upper level, as Colin played Masonic Latin chants, there was creaking and tapping coming from the trapdoor in the bar. Every time he played it, it would start but then stop when he stopped the recording. A couple of times, guests and the team could see shadows walking along the top part towards the toilets. When Karin mentioned William reeve and spoke out asking if he was ashamed of his son blowing the family fortune, they were getting positive results.

In the cloisters, Colin Dave and Karin did a quiet evp session and when Karin again put on the templar's chant, Collins hair was pulled. So much so that Dave and Karin could both see it being pulled away at an angle from his head. Various taps and knocks were also heard.

On them then going into the Chapel, Colins camera drained, and he hears a growl when karin talks about playing chants. Light specks in red and white were also seen flashing around the room when they played the mass. Cold draughts were  also felt around the room.

Paul went into room 160 with some guests to do an evp session. One of them could see shadows moving around the room. They were having good K2 hits and the name Peter was picked up. A pungent smell could also be smelt in the room. ( possibly sewerage as that is what it smelt of earlier in the night when we first got there )

The last investigation started in room 160. Jed picked up on Father Thomas. There were good K2 hits. Father Thomas didn't seem to like Jed and was scared of passing over as he doesn't want to be judged by his god. He was the male who had gotten the nun pregnant. Tom began to go boiling hot but Paul was freezing cold. The K2s would all go mad and up to red when he was asked about breaking his vows.  Angie and Paul felt dizzy. Another had a burning neck. The father was scared that he would end up in hell. Father Thomas had hurt Sam. Jed asked "DID YOU LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN FATHER? "The K2s went mad again and didn't like that line of questioning at all. When Jed told him that he should be hung and battered, again, they went mad. There were then taps on the side table, 7 of them in total. The K2 meter would also beep and would do it in amounts of 7 at a time. Again, the priest set off the K2s when Jed asked if he would take his confession.

EVPS picked up were

In the room next to the orangery, before the knocking block alarm went off, you can hear shuffling just prior to it. Later on when we all leave the room when we complete our first investigation, a young males voice (late teens possibly) says "NO" very clearly. It's not any of the guests or the team, the voice is on a different wavelength to the rest of us.

On the back stairs we had some really interesting things. A long exhalation of breath is heard when some guests are there investigating.
One of them hears it but it's not heard by anyone else. Various thumps and knocks are also heard even though no one is in the stairwell. When Colin and Karin are there investigating, when he says he hears scratching, you hear a ladies voice say "MMM". Just after Dave joins them and asks karin to come into the chapel to play some Latin chants, another female voice is heard to say "YEH YEH YEH". This was also picked up on Collins evp. Later on, there's another female voice saying "MMMMMMMMMMMM" this was also heard and picked up by Collins evp. A female sob is later heard when no one is in the area.

Nothing bar various knocks and taps were picked up in the cloisters / room 160 and the chapel

As for video captured, apart from a few orbs here and there nothing much