Investigation Log of Arnos Manor Bristol Saturday 4th November 2017  


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild


We firstly took everyone to the back stairs as a group. We all sat at various spots on the stairwell, some at the bottom, middle and near the top. These stairs are only used by staff .i put the knocking block at the top of the stairs, on the upper floor. No one was above this floor. The knocking block then went off as though being touched. The K2 doll was also going off and we were hearing taps and bangs from upstairs by the knocking block. I then asked about ladies being shut in the cupboard and whoever was communicating with us, didn't seem to like us mentioning it. The trifield started to go up and the rempod temperature kept changing. The alarm on it also went off to indicate that the aerial had been touched. K2 ted and all the other K2s kept going up to red. The knocking block then went off a second time and deb and a couple of the others could hear clear footsteps up above them. There was then a loud bang behind the group Darran was picking up on the name of Margaret and Kev was picking up a fire and a male being burnt. At him mentioning this, all the K2s and the Rem turned on. A cold draught then came down the stairs and the Rem was touched again. Kev was picking up that the male who had been burnt was possibly called toby. I was getting a male called Albert. One of the guests was picking up on a Kathy (we have previously had a Kathleen on these stairs). The green torch also came on


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Back stairs - some guests felt the atmosphere was a lot different at the top of the stairs than the middle. They actually preferred being nearer the top. Others were hearing taps and footsteps on the very top concrete stairs coming towards them as they sat at the very top

Cloisters restaurant - some guests had the planchette drawing lines and circles for them.

Room 160 - guests on the planchette communicated with a nun who stated that she can't move theK2 ted on the bed or write her name. She stated that that's more than one of them in the room. She stated that there were two of them I the room. The other spirit with her isn't a nun. She states that it's not her that sits on the bed when guests are sleeping. She states that the other female is quite nasty and stands by the bed. The female communicating, wants them to leave for now but to come back some other time. Guests then left the room but two came back and went onto the board. Spirit stated that there were 8 of them then. 7 wanted to harm them. They all keep coming and going and so the numbers of them change. They will follow the group around all night but they also want us to leave the building.


On reconvening, we started the second vigils in the cloisters restaurant. In here, the knocking block which was placed on the side table away from everyone went off. The K2s were going off and there was knocking on one of the tables which couldn't be explained.

We then moved into the chapel. In here, the k2s were going off and guests could smell a musty smell. A few of us then heard a small stifled laugh. Spirit communicated through the K2s, lighting them up to red on a yes response to state that they were there when the bomb hit the chapel area of the building. One of the guests in the circle then began to feel sick and had to sit down outside the circle. Another started to be pushed back and was swaying. Darran put the spirit box on and although a couple of things were being picked up, it wasn't clear enough to hear what they were saying on it

Everyone then again went off to do their own investigations.

In the cloisters- guest using a pendulum communicated with a male in his 50s who was a teacher who lived in the building. They asked him to make a noise and instead, their K2 went off. Others on the planchette also got in contact with a male who wouldn't show them where he was standing. He stated that there were 2 spirits there, both males. They don't want to speak to them don't like us being there. They were setting the k2s off. He stated that he was sat next to them at the table and the guests then heard taping noises before he stated that he's got up and moved from the table but wouldn't say where he was. He drew a circle for them on being asked. However he wouldn't spell out his name. There was then a loud tap and he said that it wasn't him but the other male with him. He stated that we wouldn't see him. Someone will see them but not those guests.

In the chapel, some were seeing shadows going along the wall which was the height of a person. This has been seen before on previous investigations and recently, an apparition has been seen in here by staff.

In room 160, guests were getting taps on request and also captured something in the room on camera.

For the final vigils, we took everyone firstly to the bar. In here, the K2s were again going off and the temperature gauge on the Rem was turning on. We then heard a banging on the bar top and the knocking block which I placed on the bar itself, went off three times. No one was near it; they were all sat down the other end of the bar. We would then hear knocking and tapping coming from behind the bar. The K2 on the coffee table began to flicker almost constantly it wasn't the battery as they were new and when you picked it up, and moved it, it wouldn't do it. I tried putting another one underneath it and under the table but they wouldn't go off, just this one. We then asked for a noise to be made and as a response, we got a loud bang from the chapel next door.

We then moved onto the castle suite. A William was being picked up and all the KK2s were going off at the same time. When I mentioned about bodies being stored, the K2s were going mad. Kev was picking up that the building was left to the nuns in a will. K2 ted was also going off. Darran then turned on the spirit box and a male voice started to come through a few times however the only things we could hear clearly were that his name was "RICH " and that he was "DEAD". Another male "STU" also came through. We asked if his name was actually Stuart and he replied "YES". He hadn't worked in the building.

To finish off the night, everyone went into room 160. In here, Darran turned on the spirit box again and "JOHN "came through. The rem started to go off as did the K2s. he came here when it was a gentleman's club. When Darran asked if this was correct, he stated "YES" on the spirit box. Darran then asked who the owner of the building was. Something again was said on the spirit box however it's indecipherable.

As for video footage:

Back stairs - the camera every now and again moves slightly from side to side. However, its on a concrete floor and everyone was on the stairs and therefore not near it

Orangery  - we are all next door in the castle suite. So whos moving the camera around whilst no one is in the room?