Investigation Log of Arnos Manor Hotel 18th January 2014

Investigation times - 10pm-3am

Weather - wet

Before we started in the Jubilee room Lorraine started picking up on a male called Frank who she described as being late 70s, with a beard and moustache. He had dark straggly hair and wore brown trousers and a tweed jacket.

For the first vigil, we took everyone to the gallery room where some of the guest felt their legs go very heavy. Harmony came up with the name of Sedgwick and I picked up on a male called Tony who gave the impression of either being a barman or waiter as I had the feeling of him going from table to table. Those with pendulums found that they were spinning round and round (the crystals not the guests) others could see shadows moving along the wall along the top end of the room despite no one actually. One guest had their arm touched and Dave picked up on a Thomas.

We then split up into two groups to get everyone to form two circles holding hands. One guest felt so weak after a couple of minutes that she had to leave the circle. Tapping could be heard and others legs were again feeling heavy. Some were beginning to sway back and fore. Harmony felt as if she was being pushed backwards but wasn't then being pushed forwards again. The K2 was going up to the second light. Taps could be heard coming from the bar and rustling like someone rustling a crisp packet. Alan felt something brushing across his face. When asking spirit to raise guest's hands, guest's hands in both circles were starting to rise. Carols legs were freezing and again we were having good K2 hits. People were feeling like they were being touched and Alan had a pain in his right arm and it was tingling. Again a guest felt dizzy and had to leave the circle.

Everyone then left to do their own lone vigils. In the gallery, a few doing a planchette tried to communicate with spirit but they weren't giving much away. Alan picked up on the energy of a young boy and Carole had the name of Will before Alan was sent away from the planchette by both the living and deceased as they no longer wanted him there it would appear (poor Alan) however it was later ascertained when they continued that they had a little girl on the board who was 7 yrs old. She didn't like men as they did nasty things to her.

Later on, two other guests went into the room alone to try a planchette. Nothing seemed to be happening but as they went to leave the room and got to the bottom of the steps, they state that the atmosphere suddenly changed, so much so that they didn't want to stay and got out of there quick.

In the cloisters, Lorraine heard a distinct whistle. Other guests doing pendulums and dowsers picked up on a spirit named Gwen who was born in 1818 and passed in 1864. Her husband was also at the hotel. She worked there as a maid.  He was a chef. Shes a private person She isn't very happy and didn't want to talk about either her husband or her children.

On one of the back staircases leading to the rooms, guests felt the energy of a little girl aged around 8-10 yrs old. Her family worked at the hotel and she's a happy child.

In room 160 others tried some scrying in the mirror and one guest had her face change quite distinctively becoming a lot more masculine.

At the bottom of the backstairs near the "cupboard" a female energy was picked up who wasn't a happy energy. She had died in the cupboard. Something had gone wrong and she was treated badly. She seemed to be pulling on one of the guest's energies and pulling her towards the cupboard. This guest happened to be pregnant (story goes that a nun who had fallen pregnant was bricked up in this cupboard)

At the top of the stairs, some did the board and picked up on a male energy called Edgar. He died in the 1800s when he was 40. He died of natural causes.

For the second investigation, we took everyone to the back stairs. The torch started to turn on and off especially when the name Anna Marie was mentioned. There were some K2 hits and Lorraine started to pick up on a Katherine. She was in the building the same time as the nuns. People thought that she had mental health problems when in fact she was actually grieving for a child she had lost. She was 25 and died from pneumonia.  Paul was picking up on father tom. The K2 went up to red when Julie spoke. There were cold draughts that kept coming up and down the stairs between myself, carol and a guest sat behind me.

We then moved on to the cloisters where a male spirit was picked up. The K2s were going mad going up to red in certain areas. We couldn't work out why. There were no walls there, it wouldn't do it if you put them near the lights and would do it when you placed them near a certain table. However after around 10 minutes, they stopped doing it and wouldn't do it again. One guest was getting sharp pains in her leg.

Everyone then went off to do their own vigils again. However Kathryn and Adam went to the top of the back stairs and could hear little footsteps behind them on the stairs. They picked up on children. As Kathryn was talking to them, she and Adam would hear very gentle footsteps as if they were creeping around and peeking at them. When they asked if they liked to play, they got a positive response. However at that, the mood changed in the area and became oppressive. They also saw a shadow move along the wall. It was if someone else had entered the area and wanted them to leave. When others went to the top of the stairs and used the board, an Edgar came through . he wouldn't give his age but died in the 1800s of natural causes when he was in his 40s.

At the bottom of the stairs by the cupboard, initially the door wouldn't open as if something was stopping it. On trying a fourth time it opened easily but as they walked in, they could hear the rustling of footsteps like someone / thing darting away. They walked out and then did the same again. For the second time, exactly the same thing happened again.

In the gallery room, Adam had a feeling like electric pulses going through his entire body which he said were quite intense to the point where it would make him feel short of breath. If he tried to leave the room, it would stop. It was only when he was in that particular room. The room doesn't have a lot of electrical cables in it or fuse boards etc and so doesn't appear to be anything like a fear cage effect. So can't explain that one.

In room 160, the planchette was moving for guests but not actually spelling out anything. Others in the room picked up on a little girl called Emily.

Others picked up on a male energy, that of a merchant and picked up the fact that there are tunnels leading from the hotel over to the black castle. This male is from the Georgian period and was aged late 60s. He was in a horse riding accident whereby the horse fell on him.

For the last two vigils, we firstly took everyone to the chapel where the torch turned on. One of the guests using a pendulum had it start spinning and picked up on father Lucas on it. He's happy where he is.

Lorraine picked up on a George and Paul felt someone touch his back. Not a lot of activity was in this room and energies from all were draining.

The team then moved onto the bar but again, things were getting quiet and so they decided to call it a night.

EVPs picked up were:

At the top of the back stairs, at one point when no one is around, theres a male voice that goes "mmmm" softly

In the chapel, the whistle that Lorraine heard was also picked up

Also some of the guests have sent us some interesting piccies of some nice orbs in the chapel and on the stairs. One guest had a good light rod at the bottom of the stairs which was there one second and gone the next when she took two consecutive photos.