Investigation log of Arnos Manor Hotel 28th January 2017  

Investigation times 10pm - 3am

Weather:  dry


Once we were all ready we firstly took everyone into the orangery for the first investigation .the group got into a circle and we started to pick up on spirits almost immediately and were getting some results. We picked up on a little boy called John who was suffering with issues with his right leg. He was looking for someone. his parents gave him up due to his disability but then he was orphaned .guests were having their legs go cold and had the feeling of numbness and pins and needles. John was lighting up K2 ted and the doll was also going off. The knocking block which was on the stairs at the other end of the room then went off. One guest through that she saw K2 teddy's ear move as the K2 went off. John looks younger than he is as he has stunted growth. He had a lot of problems. He also had a bad chest. The leg was caused by polio. The year 1873 was picked up.  K2 ted was then touched as his head monitor turned on. There were big temperatures fluctuations from 25 degrees down to 17 and then back up to 25. The on off torches were coming on and were going off on request. A female presence was then picked up. All the k2s were then going off and a couple of guests stated that they were being touched. On o her neck and another was tickled on her arm and bum. I picked up on the name of Anna. She is very stressed and agitated. She gave off the feeling of being a matron.

We then moved into the castle room. Kev had the name of Claire. A couple of guests picked up on two female energies. One is a nun called Sister Mary. Shes not at all happy. The other female has a twisted evil mind and isn't a very nice woman.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigation

On the stairs by the jubilee room, kev picked up on a hanging. A guest with him picked up that a female hung herself and when she did it, snapped her neck.

In the orangery, guests picked up on a nasty male character. There was a mist on one side of the room in the castle suite however the other side of the room was clear. Shirley managed to take photos of it. They also picked up that Sister Mary who had been in there earlier actually protected the children


For the 2nd vigil, we started off on the back stairs. The green torch was turning on and off and the knocking block which had been put at the top of the stairs, went off but prior to it going off properly, it was a pulsating sound which I've never heard it make before. People were feeling draughts across their faces and we heard a moan. I picked up on a little girl wearing a blue party dress and carrying a balloon. She was running down the stairs. Possibly a name of Eliza

Guests and I then picked up a stampede of people running down the stairs in a panic. Like you would if there was a fire and you were all trying to get out


We then went up to room 160. In here, all the K2s were going mad and a male energy was picked up. Both torches were going on and off on request and the male didn't seem to like women guests standing up to him. It was his opinion that women are weak. It was an oppressive feeling in the room and a couple of guests picked up on a rape by a nasty male in this room. A pregnant female was also picked up. The male who had raped the female didn't want anyone finding out and so he pushed her down the main stairs. Another murder also occurred within the room but it was during different time periods. One guest sat on the bed was pushed in the back . another left the room as it felt very heavy on her stomach.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations again.


In the cloisters, in the right hand corner, guest had a heavy feeling. The name of Francis was picked up. Darran picked up that he had the demeanour of the joker in the suicide squad film as in he's very sinister but slow moving with it. In the opposite corner is another male energy but he wouldn't give a name. He was making us feel tight chested.

In the orangery guests took some video footage and captured an orb bouncing across the room.


For the last vigils, we firstly took everyone into the chapel. In here, guests picked up that it's not set up as it was originally as though it was used for a different purpose and looked different. They also picked up on a William who was a stable boy. I asked for a whistle and got on back. The trifield went up to 3 and then back down again. The K2s were going off and when Darran put on the spirit box, we had a couple of responses to questions asked however it was quite faint and I can't work out what's being said. People were getting the feeling of judgements being passed in the room.

Finally we took everyone into the cloisters. One of the guests was touched in the corner where Darran had picked up on Francis earlier. A couple of noises were heard and the K2s were going off. Julia picked up on the name of Erin .it then went flat and quiet.


EVPs picked up.

We didn't pick up anything of interest in either the room to the rear of the orangery or the back stairs.