Investigation Arnos Manor Bristol 2nd March 2012

Vigil Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Mild but slight drizzle

The team split the guests into two groups. Fran went with Darran and Lorraine and Karen took the other group.

For the first vigil, Lorraine's group went into the Castle room where they did a séance. John came forward telling them that they didn't belong there and to go away. Guests felt tingling, cobwebs on their faces, hot and cold as well as feelings of sickness. Several of the group had to leave the circle as they felt dizzy. A William was present also.

Meanwhile, Darran and Fran took their group up to room 160.William was in the room who was a stable boy as well as another stable boy called Danny. Danny was from Cornwall however William was a local lad. The group started using the dowsing rods which were going haywire People felt cold and there were a lot of K2 hits when speaking with William and Danny. Kathleen the nun came in very strongly making Fran feel ill. She attached herself to one of the group. Kathleen had been murdered by the other nuns who drowned her when they found out that she was pregnant. She was then bricked into the wall but
wasn't actually dead. A lot of K2 hits going up to red lights were occurring. Kathleen put her feelings of her rape and drowning onto Fran who had to leave the room. The group then began using the pendulums getting yes or no answers.

The guests then went off to do their lone vigils. In Room 160, the planchette was working well and a Billy was picked up who was part of "society". He like the females in the group and told them that there were 6 spirits in the room including a prostitute called Bel.

In room 7, John and his son Tom aged 6 were picked up.  Another prostitute with Mar as the first part of her name came through (couldn't pick up the rest) John worked in the stables and is very happy there.

Outside room 160, children could be heard laughing. The K2 lights went up to red.

On the back stairs, Lorraine and Karen picked up on an Annabel who had curly blond hair and was wearing a pink dress. A Sarah, Millie and Freddie were also picked up

For the second vigil, Lorraine and Karen moved onto the orangery where they conducted another séance. Again, John was present but wouldn't communicate. Several people felt sick and dizzy as well as pressure being felt on their head and their feet having pins and needles. There was a hot musty smell as well as the smell of pig swill. Whistling could be heard and then the optics behind the bar fell over causing a loud bang.

Darran took a small group under the stairs into the cupboard rooms and picked up on a Father Jacob who came across as being a bit purvey. Ann also came through. They could hear two male voices murmuring in there as well as growling. The temperature was changing dramatically and Darran felt very cold in his back with the temperature dropping from 85 degrees down to 19, then 15 and then rising back up again. On leaving the room, where he had felt someone touch his back, three dusty finger marks were on his t-shirt. They could also hear breathing in their ears. Darran took a photo in this room and
on the first photo, it was clear, the second looked as though someone had tried to grab the camera as there are what looks to be a couple of fingers coming across and the third is partial of a face of a man, eyes, nose and possibly beard/ moustache. One guest also had a flashing orb zoom across their video screen and then go back again. The room had a rotting smell. Shadows were seen moving and people were being touched. Growling was also heard on more than one occasion.

They then moved on upstairs to room 160 whereby they picked up on two Stanley's who were father and son. The planchette then moved on its own on the table with no one actually touching it. The guests then went onto the planchette themselves again picking up on Stanley who used to work around the kitchens (the son). He liked playing with the house dog's one being an Irish wolfhound named prince. Stanley would steal bread from the kitchen. When Darran brought this up with him, he left.

After the guests had left, Fran, Lorraine and Karen went into the understairs cubby. Darran stayed outside. He would ask spirit to touch the girls and on one instance asked them to affect Karen's legs. She felt instant stabbing pains in her left leg. He then asked for them to pinch Lorraine's bum, however they pinched Karen's instead.

The EVPs picked up various noises and tappings in room 7. A sniff can be heard in room 160 when noones in the room . Also, after one of the guests states that there are a number of spirits in the room, ( under stairs cubby) a male voice whispers "yes" very gently.

There wasn't a great deal on the video. A few orbs in room 160 but apart from that, it was pretty quiet