Investigation log of barrow Gurney hospital Bristol

Weather: dry and clear

Investigation times: 8pm - 330am

Before I start, I'd just like to thanks the South Bristol Paranormal team for inviting us to join them on this investigation. Barrow Gurney has been derelict since 2006 and in a bad state. It's remaining buildings just awaiting the bats to leave before demolition.  Before it got dark Michelle agreed to show us around the site so that we knew where the holes in floors were etc. whilst going round, Darran began snapping away. On looking on one of the photos of the main corridor in the main building, you can see a shadow standing in the doorway further down the corridor. This person seems to be facing us and is leaning one hand on the door frame / wall to the side. (I'll get Darran to put it on the website).

We couldn't wait to start and initially started our investigation in the day room. Paul saw a shadow of a short stocky person walking around the corner in one of the corridors. He could only describe it as being a dwarf male. He states that it was child height but more stocky build. Darran picked up on a black male named Robert who was an orderly. Annie (a resident) and Martha were picked up. Martha came across as being a caring soul. Taps / a whistle and whispering could be heard. The K2 was going off and Darran picked up on a Henry. The camera can be seen going from side to side and Darran picked up on a Jennifer Morris. The EVP also picked up a male voice asking for help saying "Please help me ".

On going into the mother and baby unit, Darran picked up on a female who told him "I shouldn't be here". The brand new batteries in the camera kept draining. There were a couple of grunts heard. Later on in the night, James from SBP heard a baby cry. This was also picked up on the EVP. Elizabeth and Stephanie were picked up. Elizabeth had a child out of wedlock. A doctor with either a polish or Czech name also came through.

On going downstairs to the office area of the mother and baby unit, Paul saw a face in the office window. Shadows could also be seen going to and fro inside the office. There was a loud bang from upstairs when we were all downstairs below and noises coming from the doorway next to the office. Paul also picked up on a Johnny. His mother had committed suicide and in his words "left him on his own." He therefore became depressed and ended up in the hospital. Johnny also showed himself as being older wearing a black leather jacket and had a quiff. He was in his 20s and a bit of a rockabilly. A Maggie came through but was residual energy only. A Bob was picked up who was hit in the head. This gave him head injuries and paranoia and nervousness. He therefore also ended up in the hospital. When one of us asks out "let's hear your voice" An evp of a female voice saying "MMMM" quietly was picked up as well as a loud bang from upstairs. Downstairs, the sound of something quite heavy being thrown onto the floor can be heard along with a whistle.  

On going back to the base room and to the room behind it, a Jason was picked up. Taps and noises in the corridor could be heard as well as footsteps on broken glass although there was only the 4 of us in the building all stood still in the room. No one was out in the corridors on us checking. We had this happen a few times in this particular building where you would hear footsteps either on clean concrete (most of the floors were covered in smashed glass and you couldn't walk across them without the noise of the cracking glass) or on the glass itself. The K2 went up to red on a few occasions and flashes of light could be seen.

We then went to investigate the neuro unit. On the upper floor, a Marcus / Tom and Peter were picked up. Peter was gay and in the hospital due to his sexuality. He was there during the time when it wasn't widely acceptable and they were trying to "fix him". An Elizabeth was also picked up as well the smell of old perfume. Good K2 hits were had. Paul was given the feeling of stomach pains. Faint talking can also be heard on EVP although we were the only 4 in the building at the time.

On going downstairs into the corridor, a male came through who liked speaking to Lorraine. He confirmed answers to questions via the K2 including stating that he could hear what Lorraine was saying to him. There was a strong smell of old tobacco and old cigarettes such as Park Lane. An Anne or Annie was again picked up. She was an arsonist and started that there was in her words a "fierce fire" which had spread.

A military man was also picked up a sergeant.

On going back to the base room to do the final vigil, Paul went into the corridor and thought Darran was behind him as he heard and felt a male breathe deeply down his neck. However he spun round to find that he was the only one in the corridor. Darran was nowhere near him. The K2s were constantly going to red. Again a Marcus was picked up who has a deep voice. Paul picked up on a male with black hair in a centre parting and moustache he is believed to have been involved in the rape of some of the female patients.
There was the sound of constant murmuring coming from the corridors and rooms off it. Also Paul heard the sound of keys being jangled. This was confirmed with the EVP picking up the distant sound of a set of keys jangling.

Throughout the night, we tried to go to different buildings to the rest of the investigators so that we wouldn't cause them any noise contamination and vice versa. Therefore, any noises we heard or other noises in the various buildings, we know we're not caused by any other investigators.

On this write-up, I've only really written about what the BTG team experienced as I haven't been conferring with the other South Bristol Paranormal as to their results. However, if any of you found anything different, let me know and I can add it on. Thanks all for a fab night and being so welcoming. We had a great time and would love to go back again!!