Investigation log of Bodmin jail Friday 13th November 2016

Investigation times : 10pm - 3am

Weather : on  / off rain showers


Before the evening even started and we were setting up, Brunnock and Lorraine were in the basement and could feel things brushing past them.

When mark took all the guests around to do a history tour at the beginning of the evening, one guest went into a side room in the basement and came straight back out. It would appear that someone had touched her in there.

Once everyone arrived and had finished their tour, we firstly took everyone down to the naval prison. Once inside the guard room, the knocking block which was placed on the floor of a cell over the other side, went off. No one was in there or anywhere near. The k2s were going off as well. One guest had her leg tickled and another felt his thigh go numb. Shadows were being seen along the other side of the prison wing between the 1st and 2nd floor as if someone was going along an invisible walkway. Guests then went into various cells and in cells 2 and 3, guests were being touched by unseen hands.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

Long room- spirit wasn't interested in using the board in order to investigate. Therefore they tried just a glass on the table. A male came through who stated that he was a cook and the year is 1811. He was working there for 8yrs. He wouldn't say whether he was employed there or whether he was an inmate and had that job as part of his duties. The cat ball which was on the floor then was heard to be rolling along the floor a few inches although we didn't see it move. None of us had moved and therefore hadn't kicked it at all.

Another group then had the glass moving slightly. This person told them that they weren't a guard or a worker. However wouldn't say anything else

Naval wing- the Darrans went down there together and picked up a male called Albert who is a huge male, well over 6ft and with a scar on his face. He was a bare knuckle fighter and is being dragged into the prison by a number of guards. He is in there for rape and the year is around 1881.

Children's room- one group managed to get the glass to move on the table but no information was gleaned


Everyone then got together again and we firstly took everyone into thelong roomfor another group vigil. A couple of us with a guest were in the end cell and were being touched. Brunnock was having his leg touched and Lorraine was having her hair pulled. One guest around the room was feeling very hot. Darran had the spirit box on and a couple of times a male voice was faintly heard to say something but at this time, we can't work out what's being said. The on/off torches were going on and off and twice when we mentioned a tramp being found in the prison, on both occasions, the torches immediately turned on brightly before slowly turning off again. I had the name of Malcolm come through and again the guest right next to me felt very hot and was picking up the name of Edward. Two others were having their necks and faces feeling very hot.

We then took them all down to thechildren's end. However apart from battery drain, it was pretty quiet in here.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations

Naval prison- a group was getting a male in authority and when asking him questions, the guests were rocking back and fore in reply

On the 5th floor, one guest stated that he was feeling really nervous and shaky up there and off balance. He also felt short of breath. Both he and the female he was with, then heard a male voice which they commented on. This voice has been picked up by the evp. It's not coming from downstairs, and appears to be coming from floor 5. They were the only ones up there

Basement- guests were seeing shadows moving from one side to the other within the side rooms. Also shadows as though they are sticking something out around the corner (possibly an arm?)

Children's room- a group got the glass to move on the table and made contact with a male prisoner. He was over 18 but didn't give them much more information than that


Finally for the final vigils, we firstly took everyone down tothe basement. The knocking block again went off in the far room as soon as darran asks for the lightfoot brothers to make an appearance.  a couple of people in one of the side rooms where the display of a male who had killed his wife with an iron were starting to sway in the room and two felt very sick and had to come out. They were also seeing shadows in there. On asking spirit why he killed his wife, one guest felt spirit was telling her "SHE DESERVED IT ". There were strange noises and nasty feelings felt by the guests in the side rooms. One guest then felt as though she was having pressure around the neck as though being strangled.  

We then took everyone upto floor 5.  The k2s and ted were all going up to orange and red. Again, one guest felt very hot and another had her leg touched. A slight faint whistle was heard by a couple of us and the torches seemed to be replying to questions asked especially when we asked if spirit would like us to leave a couple of females up there on their own. Lorraine heard a growl on the stairs. Lorraine went to sit at the bottom of the stairs leading down to floor 4. She was having movement down there and then could smell something nasty and pungent. On her commenting, within a minute, it seemed to come up the stairs as i could then smell it. A loud noise was then heard from floor 4; a lot of us heard it. We aren't sure what it was.

We then a couple of females up on floor 5 whilst we went down to floor 3. These guests had a couple of experiences whereby they saw a couple of shadows at the other end of the floor and one corner then went very dark on them. A couple of them then stated that they felt that something passed in front of them


Lastly we took everyone tofloor 3, Selina wadges floor. We were getting a lot apart from the torches turning on and off almost constantly. Apart from that, this floor was quite quiet.

When the guests had left for the evening, we decided as a team to join mark down in the basement. Whilst down there, darran picked up on a male with a club foot and learning difficulties. He also picked up on a Kenyan male as well as a dwarf. Mark confirmed all three of them to be spirits that he knows linger in the basement. We were seeing a lot of shadows and movement from side room to side room and shadows coming towards us. Going into the room where the exhibit was where the male hit his wife over the head with an iron, this room was very heavy and a shadow lingered in the doorway. When you went into the doorway, we were getting pushed back out of the door as though they didn't want us in there. When we sat down quiet and calling out, a loud noise again from one of the side rooms was heard. This noise sounded like a horse grunting. That's the only way i can describe it.


EVPS picked up

Long room- we had something said on the spirit box but it's very faint. A female hum was also heard.

In thenaval prison- there's male moan when we are doing the vigil but it doesn't seem to be any of the group and happens outside the guard room when we were all inside it. At the start of the night, when we are doing the vigil, i say something and a low voice outside the room, repeats what i said

On the 5th floor - a male's voice is heard. We need to clean it up to see what is being said. Later on, there's the sound of a female humming a tune

In thebasement- whilst everyone is upstairs in the long room, there appears to be the sound of footsteps in the basement. Later on, there's a loud bang as though something has been dropped on the floor in the basement. Again, everyone was upstairs.

Children's room- when we are all in the long room, before we come up to this end, there's a long exhalation of breath in the room also when darran left the camera up there when we were all else where, there seems to be a childs whimper

Later on, when we are all in the basement, it seems that there's a faint scraping within the room near the table.


As for video footage, nothing of note apart from dust seems to have been picked up unfortunately

We love this place. There's something different every time. Thank you Bodmin jail, see you in May