Investigation log of Bodmin Jail 24th November  2012

Investigation times: 10pm - 4am

Weather:  torrential rain.

And so it's back again to a BTG favourite! As we were setting up the cameras (I say we but mean the men) a black mass was seen to travel past the camera, along the landing and turn to the right on floor 5. This was observed on Mark (resident investigator for the jail) camera by the team. A torch left on the table at the far end of the long room on the ground
floor also then switched on and off and whilst Lorraine was in the autopsy room, she heard the giggle ball go off in the children's room next door. Unfortunately, Darran hadn't yet put out the DVRs and so it's not been recorded which is a shame.

Once the guests arrived, we took them all firstly to the main long room on the ground floor. Lots of taps were heard (over the sound of running water thanks to the weather) and one guest felt a pressure on her shoulders and had her leg touched. Another guests face and head began to tingle. A Bernard   / martin / John and Xavier were picked up. We sent one brave volunteer (LB) to go into a cell on her own and she had someone tap her shoulder when in there.

The K2s reacted well going up to red and a shuffling was also heard as well as a couple of whistles and metallic sound something between keys being rattled and maybe a metal dog collar rattling. The names Kathleen and Catherine were also being picked up. At one point, Paul saw a small shadow approx 3ft run past him. He wasn't sure what / who it was. However both myself and a guest picked up that it was a little person (dwarfism) male and I was given the name Paul. Derek a tramp was also picked up as well as the smell of old damp musty clothes / bodies. LB felt her shoulder being touched and felt sick and whilst in the circle during the séance, Paul had an energy come very close to him on his back almost which wouldn't leave him and made him feel ill.

We then let the guests go off to do their own vigils. In the children's room, some picked up on an Emily and experienced severe back pain as if they were in full labour. Emily had been made pregnant by one of the prison guards. Although she had tried to keep it a secret, they found out and sent for a doctor who cut the baby out of her. She gives very strong feelings on the planchette as well as the feelings of sadness. Other guests saw a flashing
light in the corner of this room.  A male was also picked up on the planchette who was there for stealing livestock.  In the basement, one guest saw a face clearly in front of her and the planchette began to move. She was down there on her own. Whistling again was heard and more than one guest who ventured down there heard the sound of dragging footsteps as though they had a club foot (later confirmed by Mark who informed us of one former prisoner called Matthew Weekes who had a club foot dragging his leg behind him. He was wrongly accused of killing his girlfriend. ) on the 3rd floor, a French sailor was picked up by another guest and good K2 hits were had. One female guest was pushed. Footsteps were heard and the planchette was moving for guests

For the second vigil, we took them all initially onto the 5th floor. Malcolm and Francis were picked up and the K2 was glowing up to orange in answer to our questions Francis was in the prison for theft. He had stolen a sheep however he wasn't a bad person, he had done it as he was hungry. Malcolm gave the feelings to Paul that he had a problem with his left eye. He was a prison guard who liked his job as he had to stamp his authority. Guests were
sweating and feeling extremely hot. Darran picked up on a small child with the name of John Porter. Lorraine was standing in the doorway leading to the main staircase but after a while had the urge to move as she didn't feel happy standing where she was and was uncomfortable. I then began to feel sick and on being asked, Francis stated that he was responsible for these feelings. One of the male guests then felt someone standing by him and his one had went really hot and gave him the feeling that his hand was being touched or held. Lorraine began to feel dizzy and wanted to lash out at someone. A male energy came through who gave the impression of being angry and was a fighter. The 360 DVR batteries then drained. There was a light in between guests seen almost like a torch
light but no one had their torches on. The name Richard was also picked up. LB then had her arm grabbed almost as if someone wanted to take her by the arm and march her off. This energy gave the feeling of being a bully who didn't like women. She then began coughing as she felt she was being choked and was then shoved from where she was standing. Once she stood somewhere else, it still wouldn't stop and she was still being choked as well as getting the feeling that her head was being pushed into her shoulders. She couldn't stop coughing. This energy wanted her to go downstairs. Paul was experiencing pain in his head and felt angry. Lorraine picked up on a William. One male guest was also pushed backwards into the wall. A light not unlike a torch light could be seen to flash from the other end of the area. However everyone was with us and accounted for. (This happened again on this floor later on when only the team remained in the building)

Another energy a Steven came through. He liked one of the female guests and started stroking her face. On us asking him to continue, he did, moving down to her bum and then her thigh. We could then hear banging and talking coming up the stairs from the floor below and so we decided to go on down to floor 4 but leaving the guest being groped up on floor 5 with her friend. She only lasted a couple of minutes before letting out a screech and
coming down the stairs as quick as she could, the groping session getting too close for comfort for her when he grabbed her knee forcefully.

On the fourth floor, a male energy again liked one of the female guests. He was in his 20s and stated he had a girlfriend. Darran had put the static box in an alcove in front of the large mirror at the end of the landing. On this box, is a green light. However, every now and then, within the glow of the light reflected in the mirror, you would then have the light flash brighter or dim. It was as though something was moving in front of it. Although
we tried to debunk it by seeing if it was water droplets splashing back up and causing the change in reflection of the light, it was happening when no drips were occurring and none of us could work out the cause.

Again the guests went off to do their own investigations.  In the children's room, on the planchette, we picked up on a young boy who gave his age as being 6. His name was Benjamin. He was able to draw us a flower, plane, (we asked first if he knew what a plane was and he told us yes) house and a stickman.  A female energy then came onto the table but wouldn't give us any information. On the 3rd floor, guests could hear footsteps and picked up on a female energy. On the K2, they had answers to their questions. This energy didn't want them to blow out the candle that was placed there. The planchette also moved for them.

For the last vigil, everyone initially went up to the 3rd floor, where Lorraine picked up on a female called Grace. She also had killed her child. A male named Paul also came through who was in the naval prison. He likes to touch the male visitors.

They then all went down to the basement where a Geoffrey was picked up. One guest felt a sharp pain like a needle being jabbed into her leg. Batteries began to drain and Lorraine had pains in her back. People's legs and feet were feeling heavy like lead as though they had been on the treadmill for hours and needed to rest. Scratching noises were heard and a red light flashed between guests. Darran picked up on the name Jacob.

Once the guest left, the team had a quiet sit down up on the 5th floor for half an hour. At one point, Mark came up the stairs to collect something from his office and as we were stood by the stairs and Mark went into the room, Dave and Paul both saw a light flash up the stairwell as though someone was coming up the stairs with a torch.  They tried to recreate it by walking up and down the stairs to see if they could get the torch to flash on the wall in the same direction as how they had seen it and the only way they could manage it was by Paul going downstairs and standing just off the stairwell and shining the torch around the corner. By this time, only the 6 of us were in the building and we were all together so that again, cannot be explained.

EVPs picked up were:

In the basement, the sound of something heavy being moved when guests mentioned bread and water. Twice on Darran asking about being a prisoner of war, a moan can be heard afterwards. Loud thumps were also picked up as well as the sound of creaking (there is nothing to creak down there as its all stone floors and walls)

On the ground floor cell block there's knocking heard and a whistle. A strange sound which the group hears as well as the evp picking up is like a bee buzzing. A female moans and straight afterwards, a male is heard to say ca va? (Pronounced sa va which is French for how are you?) . During lone vigils, a guest asks spirit to copy her when she whistles. Straight after, a whistle is picked up. Around 2 ½ hrs in, there is a huge bang which sounds
either like a large wooden crate being dropped (there are no crates around) or a wooden door being slammed. This is near the machine which was placed at the far end of the block near the 2 open cells.

In the children's room the cat ball sounds like it rolls when no one is in that area. Also a whistle can be heard quietly and also a popping sound

On the 3rd floor, there is a male cough followed by footsteps. However, this is near the end of the night when the group are all in the basement conducting a group vigil and myself and Mark are in the base room so no one is on that floor.

On the 5th floor, a sniff, a couple of footsteps and a mans voice is picked up on evp

As for video footage, there were a couple of good orbs as well as flashing lights that we can't explain. Also in the main cell block at one point, you see a figure coming out of the 2nd cell from the end very quickly before darting back in again. This was the cell that we had put LB into on her own and she felt someone in there with her.

All in all another fantastic investigation. The rain didn't put us off even if it WAS noisy at times. Can't wait to go back in the New Year.