Investigation of Bodmin Gaol Saturday 8th November  


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold but mostly dry  

Before we even started the night, whilst setting up, we had a couple of strange things occur. Colin was down in the basement setting up the camera when he heard Darran behind him say to him "don't put it there, put it over here ". So he did however when he turned around, Darran wasn't there. Darran was actually up in the base room and hadn't been into the basement. Julie-Anne then went up to the 5th floor and heard Colin say something to her but when SHE turned around, he wasn't there. He was actually still down in the basement. Something seemed to be mimicking our voices. Dave was up on the 4th floor setting up a camera when he heard a male groan behind him. Again no one was there. Lorraine went into the 2nd to end cell in the long room and was punched.

Once the guests arrived, we firstly took them down to the naval prison. When we were all in the guard's room, we could hear footsteps outside in the main part of the prison. Darran picked up on a David. Guests then had strange experiences. One had a boiling hot neck whilst another felt very faint and at the same time saw a shadow in front of him. Another male guest on the other side of the room had his bum groped. The K2 went up to red when Darran mentioned David. We then went outside of the room into another circle. Again, we could hear footsteps and thuds. One guest saw a small pinprick of red light on the next level up by a cell door. Others had their noses tickling or faces touched. We then heard a cough come from one of the cells behind the fence.

We then took everyone inside the main building and into the basement area. I picked up on a William or Billy. We heard a low moan and Tyrone felt freezing cold in a side room. Some guests were being touched and one had her ears start to pop and go red hot. One guest saw a shadow against the wall of one of the rooms and thinking it was another guest, turned her torch on, however there was no one there. She states this shadow was around 5ft7 tall.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone vigils

I was walking back up the long room towards the base room when one of the guests asked me if i had called her name. However, i hadn't. As she stated, it was only I and her partner who knew her name but she stated it was my voice. Again, it would appear that voices were being mimicked.

In the children's room, guests were communicating with a little girl called Emily who was setting the lights off on the K2s and the K2 teddy. She was with two other boys called William and Samuel. They then tried a planchette and communicated with Emily who stated that she was 7 yrs old. She was there with her little brother who was only 4. William was a friend she made there who was 9. She was in there with her mother who had been incarcerated for theft of money. She was unable to say how old she was when she left the prison or what year it was. She was drawing a house and a flower

Lorraines group also went in there and picked up on a little boy called William. There was also a man in the room as well. He was in his 20s when he died in the prison. His name was Edward.

In the room next to the children's room, the far end top room, Lorraine Julie Anne and Angie were on the planchette and got a male energy called Edward. He was quite heavy spirit energy wise and liked the women. He got quite leachy and Lorraine ended up being grabbed.

Two guests with a spirit box were heading up towards the 5th floor. Their box hadn't done anything for over 9 minutes however when they started to get near the top of the stairs, it sounds like a door being banged and then a male possibly saying "goodnight," before a woman says it back to him


For the second investigation, we took everyone down to the long room. One guest felt as though she had been being led there all night so far. There was a heavy feeling around the circle and the smell of lavender was smelt by some. One guest then burst into tears for no apparent reason and couldn't explain why. Again guests were being affected. One felt very hot, another had to leave the circle as they felt faint. There was a putrid smell behind the circle near the back door leading to the women's block. A George was picked up by Darran and one of the guests. George gave the feeling of a shortness of breath like he possible passed with TB or something similar. K2s were going off. Under the spirit box, some guests heard a female scream. One guest picked up on a jailor with the name of Jim who liked a drink. Whilst we were all in a circle, Kev looked up the room towards the crew room and saw a female in Victorian clothes stood in the doorway which seemed to move her way into the room ( on speaking to mark later , apparently, kevs not the first person to see her. )


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations. Some doing the scrying had their faces change in the mirror.

In the children's room, the knocking block alarm went off and again, they picked up on Emily who was this time able to give the group a description of herself she was blonde, with blue eyes. She was very girly. Samuel was her brother and was mischievous. He had no freckles and was quite adamant on that. She wore a blue dress and liked speaking to the guests.

In the room next to it, the girls who ended up in  there, were Lorraine, julie Anne and Angela. They started a bit of goading with the male they had picked up on before. Within a couple of minutes, Lorraine was on her back where she was pushed

In the long room a group had a female on the planchette. Believed to be Selina. She could see the children in the prison. She wanted to speak to one of the group in particular. Shes not happy down there and wouldn't answer any questions about a Jim. She was stood behind the guests. They were getting some good communication with her


For the last vigils, we started at the top and worked our way down.

We were all on the 5th floor when the knocking block which i had set up on the 4th floor went off. The K2 went up to red and we could hear little voices coming from the floor below us. However, i went downstairs and there were no voices; not even from the floor below. We couldn't trace where they were coming from. Colin asked out a name and asked if it was her and there was a small female voice who went " uh huh".

We moved down to the 4th floor and again, the knocking block went off; Darran asked for the name of a former prisoner " and Helen heard a "grunt  " coming from the condemned guest then came over very nauseous and had to leave the area.

We didn't get a lot on video. Just a couple of orbs and light anomalies.

As for EVPs,


On the 5th floor, when Darrans got the spirit box on, a male voice says "HELP". There is also a male voice that says something when no one is up there at all. One guest also has "STOP " on his spirit box. This is picked up on evp.

In the childrens room, i state to Emily that we will be back to talk to her later and in the meantime she can play with teddy if she wants to . there is a little childs "YES" or something else but definitely a childs voice

In the basement, theres a faint groan when im asking out and also a male humming . there were a few loud bangs and taps down there when no one was in there

In the long room, again, theres a childs voice