Investigation Log Bodmin Jail 16th March 2012

Time of investigation: 9pm - 4am            

Weather: Drizzly

Before we even got into the building, Leanne and Lorraine as they walked down the slope towards the side door, could hear a baby crying clearly. They couldn't explain it due to the location where they stood.

As Darran set up his camera equipment he saw a black shadow darting back and fore in the main corridor outside the base room. Mark the resident historian confirmed to him that he has also seen the same shadow for the past 4 weeks. On floor 3 ( Selinas Floor) when speaking out, Leanne and Lorraine were asking Selina one of the female prisoners captured for murdering her baby, about the murder, they heard sobbing and sniffing on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, the EVP machines were yet to be set up on this floor and therefore, was not picked up.

For the first vigil: Paul and Lorraine took their ground to the long room on the ground floor. They felt cold draughts, could see shadows moving around the cells as well as taps. The K2 meters gave off good hits. They picked up on a George and on being asked to, he switched on the torch. Guests felt the sensation of cobwebs on their faces and felt a presence of a female.

Darran and Leanne took their group to the basement where people felt breathing down their necks. They would go hot and cold. A large male could be sensed called Jacob. He was around 6ft 7 and a giant of a man. One guest sensed a male called Rodney behind her. He was the one breathing down their necks. The EVP machine switched itself off twice. A horrible damp and musty smell like wet clothes kept wafting across now and again. Lights could be seen down the far end by the mannequin even though there are no voids anywhere which could cast light from above.

While the lone vigils were going on, Paul decided to take a walk down to the naval prison next door. This building is more dilapidated and open to the elements although the guard's room and ground floor cells are still pretty much intact and still had their ceilings etc. Paul could hear the name Royston being said to him over and over whilst stood in the guard's room. He also felt that a male was behind him and holding him in a bear hug. However, he
then had the sensation of being groped, again by a man. (Mark later confirmed that this isn't an isolated case. Numerous males have had the feelings of being groped in the same area. ). On being asked if Royston was afraid of the light being turned on, he switched Paul's torch on almost in defiance. Paul was then informed by him that he was angry about people coming in and disturbing him.

On their second vigil, Paul and Lorraine initially went up onto the 4th floor but by now all was quiet and the atmosphere different from earlier. They therefore made the decision to go back down to the long room on the ground floor where this time they also again heard a series of taps. They could smell an awful smell of dirty clothes (later we were told by Mark that in the 60s, a tramp was found staying / living in the building. This was the type of smell they smelt. Guests felt sick and dizzy. An Arthur and a Derek were picked up.

Darran and Leanne meanwhile went up onto floor 5. This floor has a very heavy feeling which leaves you feeling sick, light headed or gives you headaches. Darran had the feeling come across that he wanted to slice Leanne's throat from ear to ear. (Nice). Guests felt drunk and sick. One guest felt her left ear start to burn but the right one felt absolutely fine. It was bright red and she stated that it was uncomfortably hot. Earlier in the night,
Lorraine had gotten the same sensation and when we put the temperature gauge next to her there was a 10 degree difference between each of her ears.  Whispers could be heard coming from the staircase between the 5th and 6th floor. The name Richard was also picked up and gave Darran the impression that originally there had been a lot more cells on that floor which went widthways across the building towards the naval building. Good K2 hits were to be had going up to red within seconds of us getting to that floor.  The EVP machine after 3 hrs also stopped recording for some reason we thought that the batteries had drained. However, it wasn't until the Sunday morning around 34 hours later that the same machine was picked up at home from the table and found to still be switched on but at a stop of the 3hrs. Therefore, it had nothing to do with the batteries. We don't know what stopped the machine from recording.

For the third vigil, the team did a group session with everyone again down in the basement. Again, at the far end behind the mannequin, a light like a search light or torch kept shining or glowing. Again,we couldn't explain it. Leanne was in the base room clearing away at the time and Mark was with her. Everyone else was in the basement. There are no gaps or holes anywhere in the floor between the basement and the floor above which was
the long room. In the place where you can see the light, was where the planchette was set up on the floor above and as previously stated, everything is solid and therefore no explanation for any lights to be seen to flash in this area.

Two brothers named William and James Lightfoot were picked up on. They were hung side by side for murder. They took a dislike to Lorraine calling her a b**ch. As she stood on the stairs, she was pushed and stumbled down them. They could hear whines and moaning. A Stanley was also picked up on believed to be one of the prison guards the EMP pump switched itself off for no reason at all. During the evening, the EVP machine in the basement went through 3 sets of batteries in 5 hrs and digital camera batteries also drained as well as those in torches. Swishing of clothes could be heard on the stairs.

When the guests left at 3am. The team did an hour on their own in the "children's room "as Mark calls it deciding to do some table tipping and planchette. The girls sang ring of roses whilst on the tipping table which is on castors. The table started going around in circles.  Leanne then informed them that they were getting giddy and could they possibly go around the other way. At that, the table stopped and began to spin in the opposite direction. As they started to sing Ring o Roses, the table went faster. Mark then asked the children to show us where he had hidden the dollies. They rolled the table across the room towards the corner where he had placed them.

On then moving onto using a glass on the table, they picked up on a little by called William. He stated that he liked playing games and drawing. Leanne asked him that if they went onto the planchette, could he draw some pictures on it for her little boy. The reply was yes. On moving onto the planchette, William informed them that he was 7 years old. He then drew them a heart and a house (a square with a triangle on the top). Leanne asked him if he lived / stayed at the jail. At that, a small shadow was seen to dart across the corridor into the side room. There was no reply on the planchette and all questions afterwards had no reply. He had left the table.

The team left just after 4.

EVPs picked up a few interesting things. On the main ground floor, the sound of young children was picked up. At one point, a male voice can also be heard although it can't be made out what is said.

On floor 5, in the distance, you hear the group downstairs talking on the floor below however near the EVP on floor 5, a male voice is heard to shhhhhhhhhh them. Around a minute later, again, someone on the floor below drops something, (a torch probably) again they were shhhhhhhhhh'd.

On floor 3, a male can be heard to hum.

In the basement, taps as well as the sound of swishing clothes / material can be heard on the stairs but the best of all is the EVP taken in the naval prison.

Going down to the naval prison its gravelly so you hear anyone approaching from quite a way off as you hear their footsteps. Also at times, you can also pick up the echoes of voices coming across from town of the nights revellers on their way home. HOWEVER, this doesn't explain the sound of heavy boot footsteps on solid ground near the evp (which was placed in the ground floor guard's room) i.e. not on gravel. Also a man's voice says something but can't be made out but sounds like a name but then, around 2am when the whole team are within the main prison, a gruff male voice demands as clear as day " who enters my parade???". It's fantastic but quite eerie to hear (hopefully Darran will get it on the website soon for you all to hear as it's not to be missed). As for the video footage, a few good orbs and some flashes of light especially on floor 2 when no one was near that floor and there's no reason for such a light to appear. We also had another flashing orb coming towards the camera on floor 2. A torch switched itself on when Paul left it on the table in the long room. As he was halfway along the room on his way back, you see it switch on and glow behind him. He had to go back and turn it off.

It was an absolutely fantastic night, what an amazing couple of buildings, we all loved it. Mark Rablin the resident historian was really helpful and accommodating. We've now booked to go back again next year and can't wait.