Investigation log of Bodmin gaol 25th May 2013

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather: Dry and still

Before we started our vigils and the guests were having the history tour of the building with Sonia, I went into the long room where I thought I'd try out the investigator board whereby a male named David came through. He was 50 and had been incarcerated in the jail at age 30 for murdering a male. His surname began with the letter H; I was picking up on Hoare. He died in the prison in the 1930s.

One of the guests picked up on the names Matthew and John as he was on the history tour.

For our first investigation, we took everyone down to the naval prison. Rob picked up on a male being behind him and walking towards the circle. On going into the warden's room, the torch which had been placed onto the window ledge lit up by itself. Darran picked up on a blonde female called Jennifer. She was pretty and her baby had died of cot death. However, they imprisoned her as they believed that she had actually murdered her baby. He then picked up on a Robert Scott who wanted us out of that area. He was there
before it was a naval prison. He is aged in his 40s and gives the year as being around 1730. On looking along the naval prison, there were shadows gong along the walls on the first floor as though someone was walking on now non existence gangways outside the cells. Lorraine and one of the guests then saw a mist coming across the doorway of the warden's room we tried to recreate it to see if you could cause it by breathing out but we couldn't recreate it.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone vigils. In the children's room myself and Darran picked up on a Jonathan and a Charlotte who was known as "Charlie" Jonathan is aged 6 and his mother is Mary. Charlie and Jonathan are brother and sister. Their mother is in prison as she cannot pay her debts owed via fines. By the time she's paid for their beds and food, she couldn't pay it off by being in prison either. They had nowhere else
to go but the prison with their mother as their father was away at sea. The year is given as being 1800 which is when they were released.

Down in the naval prison, guests heard footsteps and in the 3rd cell, they stood at opposite sides of the cell and saw shadows moving around them getting bigger and bigger until one felt something touch him on the head and his hood whilst another had his wrist touched as he had his hands in his pocket.

In the long room, Rob was picking up on the number 5 and could also smell a musty dirty smell,

For the second investigation, we took everyone to the long room where again, people could smell a strong earthy smell. Lorraine picked up on the name John Harris who came close to her making her legs weak in the end she had to leave the circle and sit to the side as she felt ill. He was in prison for stealing a horse in the 1700s. He died of a fever. Darran picked up on a Mary again as well as a French soldier called Roberto. He also had a female who was in the prison for stealing potatoes. The K2 in the 2nd cell kept buzzing.  We then sent one of the guests up to floor 5 where an entity is said to haunt. He went up there on
his own. However at this time, he had nothing to report on returning back to the group.

We then tried a few of the guests on the planchette. Again we picked up on a male called David however it was a different David to the one I had contacted earlier in the evening. He was 50 yrs old and gave the year as being 1788. He too was in prison for killing a man. He hadn't meant to kill him. However he was John's enemy. He stabbed him. He was hung for his crime inside the prison. It wasn't a public execution. He was taken from the condemned cell straight to the gallows. He was buried on the grounds in an unmarked grave. He
had a wife and children who he never saw again after being sent to the prison. His wife's name was Isobel.

On the spirit box, a male voice said the names Dave and Chris. There was also a loud squeak heard. ( could have been a bat possibly )

On the guests again going off on their lone vigils again, some of the guests conducted a planchette session in the children's room. Here they made contact with a female aged 37 named Sarah. She had worked at the prison for a year as a nurse looking after the children. She had worked in other prisons as well as hospitals and always worked with the children. She had a family and had two girls and a boy. She was married to Stephen who also worked in the prison as a warden in the naval wing. He is only 33. She is Cornish living there all her life and lived in Bodmin.

On floor 5, guests were asked by a male   they'd made contact with to leave. He made
their legs feel wobbly. Again they asked for spirit to confirm his request which he did. Again they felt their legs go week as if they wanted to collapse.

For the last two investigations we went to the 5th floor and the basement area.

Firstly on the 5th floor, some guests had the smell of burning wood. We had sent Rob down to the basement whilst we were up there. When talking about him being down there alone, the torch lit up by itself. It had been placed on the side by the cell window. One of the guests felt a spirit walk between him and Paul whilst at the same time, just as he said this; |Paul stated that he could feel a cold draught across him. Loraine was picking up a male energy who was dirty looking with dirty brown hair. He wore a mustard coloured jumper and brown trousers. When Paul mentioned a sailor being on the floor, the K2 lit up for the first time of the night. We then all hear a moan as I said to the male spirit, "you like the ladies ". A tap and a growl were also heard.

We then took everyone down to the basement for the final investigation of the night. Darran was the last to go down there and so everyone else was in front of him and already starting the investigation. As he was standing outside one of the cells and everyone else was in the cell, he heard a moan behind him coming from the treadmill area. The only way he can describe it is as if it was a ghost pretending to be a ghost as in making the
WHOOOAAAOOO noise behind him. As I say, everyone was in front of him in the cell and accounted for so he can't explain it. also whilst down there,  Darran picked up on a male called William in the new cell which has not long been discovered and dug out. There were taps in response to questions being asked. A James was also picked up as well as his
brother William the lightfoot brothers. James Lightfoot tapped in response to being asked if they were in there for murder.  They had murdered a male. They robbed him and then William stabbed him. Paul then asked for 4 taps which he got in reply. Darran then picked up on a male jailer from the 1830s / 40s called Joseph.

EVPS picked up were:

On floor 5 when Andy was up there on his own, there is a jangling sound as though someone has jangled some keys. Andy also hears this as he asks whether spirit has rattled their keys. Not long after that, 2 loud knocks can be heard but everyone was downstairs at this point.

In the Childrens room, there's a strange noise as if you've got a wobbly chair and it rocks back and fore as in its two knocks.  A thump is heard and then the sound of paper rustling before another thump straight after it. No one is anywhere near the area.

In the Long room, there's a small noise like a female doing a quiet cough near the cell where the evp was placed. Later on when we are conducting the investigation and we ask for a name on the spirit box, a male voice says "ROBERTO "in a French accent. Later on, there's a strange clanging noise as if I'd hit the singing bowl with the stick however, again, no one is near there but the bowl had been left on the floor opposite the cell. Later on
Rob and Ange go down there on their lone vigils. You hear Ange say something about the door which is repeated then by Rob, however just after he makes the comment about the door, a female whispers the same comment as if to copy them. It's a different voice pattern to Ange and therefore isn't her. This voice is also closer to the recorder than them.

On floor 3, there's a few taps and knocks but nothing major

In the Naval Prison, there's the sound of a heavy metal door being swung shut. However there are no doors there apart from the gate and that was left open.  There is also the sound of someone inhaling and then exhaling straight afterwards. This is very close
to the recorder so must be in the wardens room where the recorder was placed. No one has come down to this part of the prison as you would hear them approaching on the gravel drive. There are also footsteps heard and at around 2.30 when everyone was in the basement, there's a couple more footsteps in the naval prison and then a male voice straight after it however I can't make out what's being said.


Video footage picked up was interesting.

 Firstly for some reason I can no longer find the first piece of good evidence. Let me explain. Whilst we were waiting for the guests on their history tour, the camera outside
the children's room picked up on a male's face right in front of the camera. However, the camera was only 3 foot off the ground but the face was to the bottom of the screen. It wasn't a child, it was definitely a man. I can describe him as having grey hair, a scrawny looking face with a long straight nose. Quite ugly looking. As I wasn't expecting it, I rewound the footage and looked at it again and yep there he was again.  I then for the 2nd time rewound it so I could note down the time of it so Darran could pull it off whilst I meanwhile, asked Darran if at any time the camera was higher up which it hadn't been. However on this third and even a fourth attempt of seeing the face to show Darran, he's now gone.!! He was definitely there, he was a grey shadow in front of the room and I saw him clearly but now cannot explain his disappearance from the footage. It seems annoyingly that he didn't want to be captured on camera. However, was this floor slightly lower originally explaining why his head height turned out to be waist height on everyone else going past for the rest of the night?

Other footage picked up were a couple of orbs  in and around the children's room and just after 2am, theres a shape that looks like an arm being stuck out around the door frame.

On the 4th floor, there were big flashes or lights as well as a strange shape which comes around the top of the landing, then seems to move down the stairs, getting duller and duller, flashing every couple of seconds but at the same time, changing direction as if it were walking down the stairs and around the bend.

On the 5th floor, something very small or someone on the top stair of the backstairs and leaning round seems as if they peep around the doorway and dart straight back again.

On floor 3, outside the doorway leading out to the steel gantry above the naval wing, it seems that there is a shape of someone outside the door. You can see them moving and then they seem to be turning their head as if guarding the naval wing and keeping a watchful eye over the wing. However at the same time, Dave was in the naval prison looking up from the other end and around the same time, this is captured, he took a photo which again, showed head and shoulders of a person standing in the same doorway. However, after 25 minutes, this figure seems to disappear as quickly as it appeared in the first place.

When we send Andy up to floor 5 on his own, he sits in the alcove at the far end of the floor however; you see a light on the stairs nearest the camera as if someone is flashing a torch up the stairwell. We've had this on this stairwell and the one on the 4th floor before for no reason. Again, no one was in the area as David was on floor 3 and can be seen
on the camera at the same time and the rest of us are all down in the long room which again, I view on the multi screen and you can clearly see that no one else goes up stairs from the main floor.

The best video footage though was down in the naval prison. Darran has put this footage onto our face book page already. Whilst we are standing in the warden's room, you see clearly the torch on the window ledge turn on by itself when Paul asks spirit to turn it on. Also, not long after as Lorraine and a couple of the guests had seen a mist in the room by the door, you see Paul standing in front of the window with Sue to his right side. He
asks out for spirit to try and show themselves again to us as they had
previously. At this, you see a strange swirly shape form and float up past Sue
and in between her and Paul. It's very quick but Darran has slowed it down on
there also to make it easier to view.

all in all a good night. it seemed to be at the time a slow night but looking back at the evidence and reading the write up it seems we did manage to get quite a bit after all. maybe the spirits just wanted to make themselves known when we werent near them. they probably feel more comfortable when Mark is around !! Bye for now spirits, see you in October. Mark will be there this time, so feel free to communicate more !!