Investigation log of Bodmin jail Friday 28th October 2016

Investigation times: 10 pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and mild


Once ready, we firstly took everyone down to thenaval wing. In here, there was a heavy smell of sulphur like you get when some strikes a match. The K2s were also all going off. We could hear conversation coming from one of the cells opposite the guard room and then there was a definite very clear whistle. Shadows were seen in the cells and then K2 ted was touched. It was a male spirit being picked up as they were answering via Ted. Guest's bums and legs were being touched particularly in one corner of the room. There was a long groan then heard. Darran picked up a guard with the surname of Richards and that his service number was 59834.

We then went and stood out in the middle of the wing outside the guard room and the knocking block which was put in the doorway of one of the cells went off and then Jennifer doll started to go off. Abby one of the guests was then pushed. Everything seemed to be being drained from Simons batteries on his camera to another guests go pro being turned off and drained every time we then had a response on K2 ted.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the children'sroom. On the glass table, we had a jailer who moved to Cornwall from London. It wasn't for love or for his work. He just decided to move. He wouldn't say how long he worked at the jail for and confirmed that his name was John Eaves he didn't say anything else. Darran then picked up on a Martha in the room.

5th floor - guests were getting their K2s lighting up and spoke to the spirit of a female who didn't want them to go. She liked the light on one of the guest's torch as it lit up as stars. They were turning it on and off.

Long room, a guest saw a shadow come out of the end cell and go into the next one.


For the second vigils, we firstly went into thebasement.

The on/off torches were coming on on request and then the knocking block which id put into one of the cells then went off. Shadows were being seen by guests going back and fore across the doorway of the boiler room as well as little pulsating specks of light seen in there. Mine and other guest's torches were turned on despite us not pressing any buttons for them to turn on and my hand actually being in my pocket and her torch being in her pocket and hands outside her pockets. Again, we were getting the smell of sulphur down there and Darran had the name of Henry


We then moved into thelong room.

We sent a couple of guests to go and stand in the end cell. One said she had started to tingle. The rest all stood in a circle in the main room. Guests said that they started to feel sick in one spot one had to leave the circle as she felt sick and then suddenly burst out crying for no reason. As soon as she left the room, she was fine. Olly then asked for it to be passed onto one of the males in the room. At that, Simon then had to run out as he was going to be sick. Guests then started to smell fish and I had the name of Morris. On mentioning this name, the K2s were going mad. George was also picked up


Everyone then again went off to do their own investigations.

5th Floor - guests were picking up on a Thomas and one was picking up on the smell of horse manure.

Long room- guests picked up on Selina Wadge as well as a homeless guy who died of an illness similar to if not TB


Finally, we started the investigations on the other floors, starting on the 5th floor. Up here, K2 ted and Jennifer doll were going up to red and a couple of guests could see a couple of green lights that seemed to rise above the floor.

We then moved onto the 4th floor. In here, the on off torches were accidently nudged off the cell barrier and one torch fell into the cell. Darran called out to spirit asking them that if they were present in the cell, to turn the torch on. They did. There were a couple of distant noises of mumbling but they couldn't work out where it was coming from and couldn't chase it down.

Finally, we moved onto the 3rd floor whereby the K2s were going off, and little bits happening but not a great deal.


EVPs -

Basement- whilst we were conducting the group vigil, at one point Darran asks a spirit "are you a political prisoner? "There's a reply of a husky "YEAH "

4TH Floor - Roxanne's team are just leaving the floor as everyone is going on their first break. One of her team states that he's going to listen back to his recordings as he says "I'm sure someone was talking" a little child's voice replies "NOT ME ".


Video Footage

Apart from a couple of orbs coming out of the children's room and another couple on the 5th floor we didn't pick up a lot this time