Investigation Log of Bodmin Jail 26th October 2013

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  raining on an off. Storms on their way

Before the guests arrived, I went into the children's room with a pendulum just to say hello to the children in the room and let them know why we were there. I made contact with a little boy called Thomas who informed me that the year is 1791 and he is 9 years old. He is at the prison for a year. He made friends there but they made him do hard work. They didn't treat him cruelly though. He went home to his mum and dad who he had missed. He is one of 5 boys in the family. He's a Cornish boy from the west side of Cornwall. He likes talking to me and wants to draw pictures. He wasn't interested in the teddies in the room but wanted to play with the ball.

 Once the guests arrived, the first vigil was conducted down in the naval prison in the guard's room. Jane in the group felt pain in her arm and near her hand as well as another pain in her left eye. Myself and a guest could hear footsteps coming from outside the room walking all the way down the centre of the prison. My phone which had been turned off before we started the night, turned on which I only found out when someone tried to ring me during the vigil (Mark confirmed that this past week, lots of people were experiencing the same with their mobiles having them turn on and off in bags and pockets so he wasn't surprised when I told him. The names Robert / Richard who Darran believes is a sergeant and a George were picked up. On trying the thermal camera, Darran picked up on a heat source on the wall behind one of the guests. No one was leant against the wall and although we tried to get a guest to put their hand on the wall which left an imprint, the handprint faced within around 30 secs. However this other heat source didn't. After a few minutes it moved over across the wall behind Wayne. He stated that he had been trying to create an energy ball around him for protection. We believe that he may have been able to create the heat with this ball which is interesting and something the team were going to experiment with later on. One of the guests picked up on a male wearing a peaked cap

We then went back into the main building as it started to rain and took everyone down to the basement. Jayne went into the isolation cell for 5 minutes or so to see if she picked anything up. She had her head touched and saw two green energy lights above the table. She then rejoined us. Whilst we were all down there, we heard various moans as well as voices in the distance and footsteps coming from the cell to the right, opposite the tread wheel. Jayne felt a pressure to the left side of the head. We then heard a cough and some of us could smell the smell of damp dog. Guests were getting the feeling of someone stood by them in the doorway and felt someone breathing on them. There were temperature changes as well as the smell of carbolic soap. Others were having breaths in their faces and Rachel could see pinpricks of energy lights in the stair doorway. She was seeing so many at one point, she described it as starting to form into a human shape which was a bit taller than Michelle (5ft 5?)

The guests all then went off to conduct their own vigils.

In the children's room, Dave picked up on a little girl called victoria who was lighting up the K2 teddies lights on request. Other guests who then went in there picked up on there being 3 children in the room being two boys and a girl. One of the little boys didn't want to talk to Jane, but wanted to only talk to me. On taking photos in the room, orbs were showing up just above the knocking block which was in the corner. On attempting to use the planchette, it moved only very slightly

In the long room, a guest saw a figure in the first cell down the far end and when she asked if that was them she had seen; the dowsing rods she was holding started to swing madly.

We then all reconvened and started the next vigils up on the 5th floor. As soon as we got up there, the k2s started to flash. Paul felt a pain in the left shoulder. When one of the guests started to speak French to spirit, the touch torch turned on by itself. There were also low noises and something shot past Paul which he couldn't explain. Noises were coming from the other end of the floor and a high pitched whine was heard.

We then all went down a floor onto the 4th floor where a Joan was picked up. She gave guests and Paul the impression of having a bad tooth as they felt pain in the right side of the face near the cheekbone. The k2s were flashing up to red. Suzanne then jumped as she thought someone had their head poking out of the door hatch to the side of her. Guests legs began to feel tingly and when we asked spirit to take if off one person and give it to the next person in the circle, they did. Going round the circle. Dave then saw a shadow moving down the stairwell and Darran picked up on a Francis. On me mentioning that I had that he was a prison doctor, the k2s started to flash, as they did when I also stated that he had cut babies from the womb. I also mentioned David the owner of the jail living in what was the hospital wing and on doing so, again the K2 went up to red and stayed there a while. Paul had the feeling of someone being very badly burnt in a fire and the surname of brown. He was a prisoner. I then started to see bright blue small pinpricks of light coming up the stairwell whilst Dave and a couple of the guests could see a white mist / shadow coming from the small room to the left side near the mirror end of the floor.  Dave and Paul were feeling very dizzy almost like vertigo. On asking mark later on if there had ever been a fire at the prison, he confirmed that there had been a fire in the 1820s.  

The guests then again all went off to conduct their own investigations once again.

In the children's room, again victoria came through changing the lights on the teddy bear. We then did a planchette and got her to do some drawing where she attempted to draw a flower and a star. I wrote down and asked her to write down my little boy's name which she did, even starting it with a capital E whereby I had written it in lower case. I then recon acted Thomas who stated that he didn't know victoria. He didn't get lonely in the prison though as there's plenty of children there. He likes mark and talking to him. At this time, he had two children with him, one being a girl called charlotte

In the room near the toilets, the dowsing rods were working as well as the k2s. They felt it was an adult spirit rather than a child and was playing cat and mouse between here and the children's room.

In the room opposite the base room, (where the stocks are) they sensed a child hiding under the hanging stage.

Up on level 3, a tune was heard being hummed by a guest as he got to the top of the stairs. Another felt sick and had a bad back

Paul and Jayne did the board and picked up on energy straight away. They felt as thought they wanted to actually move the board themselves rather than allow spirit to do it. When they asked for a tap, they got one. They then both heard a whistle and when Jayne asked spirit if it was them whistling, a female very lightly is heard to do say "mmm". This is picked up on evp. Jayne picked up on a prison guard who enjoyed his job but was a bit of a bully and looked after the female prisoners. Funnily enough, we had the same picked up last time we were at the prison but on one of the upper floors. Paul picked up on Derek the tramp and both began to feel dizzy at that point to the point that Jayne nearly went over backwards. Derek through the board stated that he was in his late 50s when he passed. Paul then picked up on Morris but isn't sure if that's Derek's surname or another male by that name.

For the last two vigils, we firstly took everyone onto floor 3. There were a couple of K2 hits. There were footsteps, taps and bangs and voices but they always seemed to be coming from other floors like a cat and mouse games. Guests were also seeing bright energy flashes. Whenever they asked for a knock or a tap, within a few seconds, they were getting it. The 360 batteries drained despite them being brand new and Dave was touched. He also picked up on the spirit of a child

We then went down to the main long room where we tried some table tipping. An energy drew close to the table and started to make it rock fr0om side to side. It would then stop abruptly and then restart. One of the guests had her foot touched. Jane was sent into the second cell where, she had someone touching her neck and throat. She was unsteady on her feet and got the impression that the males in this cell would be given special privileges such as females being brought to them. She felt herself being turned around so that she was facing the wall but had the feeling that the male would be behind her.  One guest felt sick and another had her foot touched. The K2 also lit up a couple of times.


EVPs picked up were

A few taps down in the basement.

On floor 3, there's a few taps and a low whisper is heard when Dave asks if there's a child present but can't work out what's being said

On floor 5 - a woman's voice says 2 words quite loudly ( need to enhance it to see what she says) I'm the only female at the prison at this point as its before anyone else arrives and you can hear my voice echoing from downstairs so it's definitely not me. It happens again later on when we are all down in the naval prison and no ones in the main building.

On floor 4, there's nothing but a couple of taps

In the long room, the evp of a woman going "mmm" after Jayne asks a question during the lone vigils is picked up. Earlier on in the night there's the sound of a very quiet males voice which almost sounds as if he's chuckling as it's like a "hehehe". Later on there's also a male coughing even though no one is anywhere in this part of the prison and are up on floor 5 at this point.

In the children's room when Dave is speaking and asking questions, he's in there on his own and there's another males voice which almost either coughs or growls. Later on when I ask how many brothers Thomas has, there's a Childs voice which sounds like it says two.

Video footage:

In the long room nothing is picked up

In the basement, a few energy flashes

On floor 5, there are a couple of orbs and also some light play. When we are conducting the vigil up there and the guests are around the planchette table, an orb floats down the corridor and stops just behind them

On floor 3, there are a couple of light rods

In the children's room, an orb comes from the middle of the room and floats out of the room and past the camera.

When the guests left, we stayed with mark a bit longer as we wanted to try an experiment with the thermal camera and his crystal ball.

We put the crystal ball onto the table. At this point it measured at 12 degrees and was showing up as blue on the thermal. Myself, Paul Dave and Mark then concentrated our efforts, put our hands out in front of us and imagined pushing heat out of our hands towards the ball which was in the middle of the table, approx 6ft away. Within a few seconds, the temperature of the ball began to rise and it began to turn from blue to yellow. Within around a minute / minute and a half, we had managed to heat the crystal ball 9 degrees making it 21.4 degrees and by this time it was glowing white. We then all at the same times, put our hands down. Instantly, the ball turned blue and the temperature dropped down to 12 again. It didn't cool down, or do anything slowly, it was instant. It was a great experiment and mark was very pleased with it. (Mind you so was I)

Again a fantastic night with the lovely Mr. Rablin and his many spirits. Can't wait to see you all again in April