Investigation log of Bodmin gaol 2nd March 2013

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather: Dry and still

Before we started and were setting up our gear, in the children's room, a knocking block toy which had been set up on a vibration sensor went off twice. No one was near it and when I tried to jump up and down in front of it, I couldn't make it go off again ( on solid flagstones) Lorraine also felt the presence of a little girl and felt a little hand going into her pocket. She also picked up on a little boy. On going outside, the team and resident
historian Mark all heard whistling coming from near the naval prison. No one was down there. They were whistling a tune. Also Lorraine heard the sound of a baby crying coming from the open windows above the main door (which is exactly what we heard the first time we ever went there) Lorraine then went up onto the 5th floor to set up the planchette and heard a male voice say in an almost French accent "allo, allo". Meanwhile, Paul was setting up the camera on floor 3 (selinas floor) when he was asked by a female voice "who are you Paul?? "

On the guests arriving, the first area we decided to take them to for the first vigil was down to the naval prison. We had a lot of good K2 hits. One guest felt her chest tighten. Lights could be seen in the open windows at the other end pulsating before fading out. There were no reason for these and those parts of the prison aren't used. No one was in there. Whistles
could again be heard. One of the female guests then went into the first room on right as you enter the prison. She picked up on a male energy who stated that he didn't like being told what to do.  He was mischievous and was a bit of a jack the lad. He was 22yrs old and the name Edward was given. He thought Paul was funny and mentioned Mark but didn't say
anything about him. We could also hear footsteps above us in the old empty inaccessible cells as well as flashing lights. We were also hearing a series of bangs going along the prison which sounded like doors being slammed. Another guests hand was touched whilst another felt very sick.

They then all went off on their own to conduct their own lone vigils. In the children's room we had some good conversation on the planchette. A little girl called Charlotte came onto the planchette who stated that she was 9 yrs old. She was sent to the prison in 1870 when she was 7 for theft. Her mother was also in prison for murder. She had drowned charlottes
baby brother as there was "something wrong with him" and buried him in their garden. Charlotte didn't die in prison; she was released when she was 10 yrs old. She died in 1899. She likes to draw and drew us a flower, star and heart. There was also a little boy in the room with her called Vincent. They play together and stated that they wanted to play with the knocking block. She confirmed that it was her that had set the alarm off earlier. Vincent was 6 yrs old and was in there for theft of a chicken which he was going to eat as he was
hungry.  I then left the room leaving Dave with the guests to carry on. One of the guests asked charlotte if she wanted to play with the giggle ball to which she replied yes. Amanda then rolled the ball along the floor (nowhere near the knocking block) and when it stopped, the alarm then went off on the block and at the same time, the ball actually started to jump up and down on the floor (which it hadn't done earlier when the alarms went off) at this point, there was a loud scream as they all came bounding out of the room!!. On going back in, they continued to speak to charlotte on the planchette who stated that she thought their reaction was hilarious as did Vincent.  Their reaction had initially scared her before she found it funny. She didn't want them to leave the room but to carry on talking to her. Vincent stated that in all, there were 14 children in the jail at that time with him. They were altogether.

On the 5th floor, on the glass table, a male energy was picked up who liked Lucy one of the guests and touched her leg. He was a military man

In the long room, the planchette was moving for guests and the K2s lighting up. The guests on the planchette also had the feeling of their bodies tingling as if something was standing next to them.

Outside, a couple of couples were outside having a cigarette when one of the women heard what she thought to be her husband say "it's hot, it's hot". She turned to him and asked " what's hot?? " he looked at her bewildered and stated that he hadn't said anything to her and didn't know what she was on about.

For the 2nd vigil, we took everyone to the long room where various taps could be heard. Lorraine asked out "do you want water? "There was a reply of "mmm". We sent a couple of the girls into the 2nd cell where they could hear rustling and one of them had her glove being tugged off her hand. Lorraine picked up on a male called john in the cell who was
20yrs old and stole a sheep. He didn't think that he deserved to die thirsty and hungry.  They came out and another two went in, one of them came out quick when she had her leg grabbed. There were flashes of light in there and a feeling of sadness in there. One guest in
the cell had one arm go very hot. The torch turned on by itself on the table. We then went around in the circle asking out if the spirits wanted anyone to go up to the children's room on their own and to flash the K2 when they heard the name of the person they wanted. As a result, 4 guests ended up going up to that end. Paul picked up on Derek the tramp and the smelly dirty musty smell that he gives off. Derek gave off feelings of disgust about the way he had to live. He is disgusted with what became of him. He had a problem with his right arm and gave the impression to Paul that his arm was swollen. He would go out and kill rabbits to eat. There were good K2 responses in reply to questions asked. 

In the children's room meanwhile, the four "chosen ones " picked up on a little boy called Phillip and he was holding onto one of their hands. He was sent to prison along with his mother. This guest had to leave the room as it was making her arm hurt.

On the guests going off again on their lone vigils, on the 5th floor, some guests had good K2 hits up to red. A female came through to them who had murdered her child. She regretted her actions. Other guests using the glass table, had a male guard come through. Another male who was a local boy who knew the area well and didn't mean any harm also came through. Later on, guests had another male energy come through who was aged between 40 and 50. He was called Samuel. He was married with 3 children, the eldest son also called Samuel. He was a military man and misses his children. He considers himself to
be a good man.

Some guests went down to the basement and on asking for spirit to copy their whistle, although they don't seem to have picked up on it as nothing is mentioned, an exactly the same whistle tune, can be heard in reply which was a lot quieter and sounded further away from the group who seemed to be stood quite near the evp machine. Also a female voice was also picked up but it's unknown what she said. I hope that Darran can enhance it.

For the last vigils of the night, we initially took every one up to the 5th floor and then down to the basement. On the 5th floor, we got some strong K2 hits. When asked about grabbing female guests previously and being asked "do you like blondes? " Lorraine heard a whisper
behind her of "yes "in reply. (There was no one stood behind her.) Guests started to feel very sick, swaying and almost the feelings of seasickness.

On going down to the basement, blue flashes of light could be seen near the floor and again, there were feelings of sickness.

EVPS picked up:

Naval Prison:    before the night started, some of the team including Mark could hear whistling coming from the naval prison whilst they stood outside it. No one was in there and some whistling was picked up on evp. Later on, a longer louder whistle has been
picked up which we heard whilst doing the first vigil. Also later on, two loud knocks which sounded like 2 loud footsteps can be heard in the first room when no one was down there.

Floor 5: a humming can be heard.

Floor 3: nothing was picked up on Selinas floor

Basement:   a faint whistle in reply to one of the guests whistling and saying "copy me "he had whistled around 4 notes. This whistle was the same. A female voice was also picked up but we will have to enhance it to find out what she says.

Long room:  there's a strange noise which I can't quite work out and later on, someone says "mmmmm"

Childrens room:  as well as the alarm going off on the toys and the ball bouncing, later on, guests hear shuffling around. This has been picked up. Also later when no ones in the
room, we have picked up some heavy breathing three breaths in all.

Video footage:

There were a few orbs on floor 3 (Selinas floor) as well as a misty formation trying to form as it comes towards the camera.

On floor 5, we have caught a light shining up the glass table (not torches as no one near that floor at the time) as well as a light rod.

From the children's room, when the whole group are down in the long room and we are all asking spirit in turn if they would like one of us to go up to the children's room on our own, at the same time, the camera pointing in the direction of the children's room, shows a light glowing from within the room which shines out towards the corridor. This is only for around
a second but then it all goes dark again.

 All in all, a really good night.  This is exactly why this is definitely in our top three fave locations. The reaction to our new toy couldn't have been better. Cheers Markie boy, you're a star. See you in May. !!