Investigation of Bodmin Jail 10th June 2017

Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  Dry and mild

Before we even started the night we were experiencing some strange things. Darran was setting up the cameras and saw a black shadow coming down the stairwell from floor 2 to floor 1. He thought that it was Mark who runs the jail. However, no one came down the stairs. The shadow just disappeared.

As I was watching the cctv footage checking the angles of them etc. for darran, on floor 2, one of the cables which was hung above a picture / piece of text and quite secure suddenly moved from hanging quite happily to being swung out and then swinging back and fore the wall as though someone had grabbed it, pulled it away from the wall and then let go.

Once everyone was gathered and ready, we started the night down in thenaval wing. In here the K2s were going off and as we were in a circle, myself and the guest next to me both had the name of Francis given to us. Another guest had a "whoosh" noise (it's the only way she can describe it,) going through one ear and out the other. Footsteps and whispering could be heard coming from outside the guardroom where we were all stood and we could also hear footsteps above us which is empty cells with no access to them. I picked up the name of Joss or Josie and darran picked up that she may have been a matron.  We then all moved out into the courtyard in the naval wing. Leaving the on off torches in the guards room, they suddenly began to glow. I asked for them to be turned off and they were. They then relit again on being asked. We could still hear whispers and conversation from nearby. Darran was picking up on a Richard. One guest using dowsers asked Francis who we had picked up on earlier, where he was and to guide her there. He guided her to the side of me. At the same time, I was feeling pins and needles all over.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

On floor 2,guests with dowsing rods and crystals had them going mad, moving side to side and swinging.

In thechildren's room, some guests on the board had the initials N K given to them. Possibly a Nicholas Kendall which they were informed was a prison Chaplin

In the tower, guests had again, the initials N K and picked up on an Andrew.


For the next vigil, we started off inthe long room. I kept on picking up the name of Morris. However I can't say whether it's a first or second name. Again, the on off torches were coming on and off on request. One of the guests was picking up on the name of Nigel and another had an Arthur. There was some tapping coming from the cell next to us but apart from that, we weren't picking up much

We then moved onto thechildren's room. In here, the K2s were going off as were the torches. There was a little girl in the room who liked the doll and the bear and kept touching them and setting their lights off.


Everyone then again went off to conduct their own investigations.

In thechildren's room, guests on the pancetta picked up on a little boy who was moving the planchette for them but not giving a lot of information

Inthe tower, guests were getting the board pointer to move and the K2 was going up to red.


For the final vigils, we firstly went down into thebasement. In here I picked up a male with a club foot. It was quite quiet in here.

Everyone then moved onto the 5th floor. Darran picked up on a French male Pierre. There was then a loud bang heard from somewhere in the building. No one was anywhere in the building at this time other than the group on floor 5 and myself in the base room. I didn't make the bang; I heard it but didn't make it. Same for the group on floor 5, they heard it, but don't make it. Guests could also hear conversations from elsewhere. Again, it wasn't me. There were a few taps coming from one of the cells next to them as well as again, the sound of someone coming up the stairs again, it's not me.

Finally, everyone finished onfloor 2. Everyone could hear footsteps on the stairwell. This is also picked up on EVP. A couple of minutes later, its heard again to the point where darran shouts down the stairs for me. I can't hear him and don't respond as at that point I was in the base room tidying and nowhere near.



 Floor 1- guests are talking among themselves and whilst doing so there is a child's voice which seems to say something. It sounds a bit like "Mam" or similar

Floor 5- on a guest saying "you've got older ladies here, "there's a whistle picked up.

Naval wing- when no one's down there we have picked up sounds like creaking leather boots. When we are doing the group investigation, there is a strange response when I ask spirit to put an impression on someone. I can't work out what is said.  Later on in the night there are sounds like something being dragged along the floor. Sounds like a large sack or similar

The tower- there's a loud bang from inside the room. No reason for it. Later on, there's the sound of a wooden door being opened / closed as you hear the latch go. This would be fine, if there were any doors anywhere near. There are no doors in the tower, none on the floor below or the one below that that can actually be opened by us. It's all open plans and yet this noise is coming from within the room as such. As if it's the main door to the tower.

The long room- something is being tapped twice in the cell whilst I'm talking during the vigil there's whistling under my voice


Video Footage -

Apart from a couple of orbs through the night upstairs and I the childrens room, nothing else apart from bats and the occasional insect was captured