Investigation log of Caldicot Castle 26th November 2016

Investigation times: 10 pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and mild


Once ready, we firstly took everyone to thebasement of the keep. In here I put the knocking block upstairs in the room above us with the door shut. It went off. We could hear taps and footsteps above. Shirley felt someone push her in the back when coming down the stairs. In the next room, rob picked up on a little girl called Jessica. I picked up on the name john and Lorraine saw a shadow out on the stairs.

We then decided to go upstairs to the room above. Here, everyone was in a circle holding hands when there was a loud knock on a side table near the door. One guest had her leg poked and on Darran using the spirit box, heard someone say Peter. Some guests were feeling cold on one side of their body but hot on the other. Emma had to leave the room as she suddenly felt as though her mouth and throat were full of smoke and she couldn't breathe as it was burning her throat.

Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

In thetower on the ground floor(children's tower) guests picked up on a little girl aged 6 who said that her name was Emily. There were no responses with the dowsers. K2 ted was initially working but then was turned off.

Outside, guests were getting strong responses on their dowsing rods near the cannon.

Inthe keep bedroom, rob and Ange felt that it wasn't a bedroom initially and that it had something to do with priests they also heard a deep sigh. Ange and Emma felt really panicked I there, sadness and were getting the feeling of palpitations.


We then started the second investigation in thechildren's tower. In here, we asked for Emily to come forward and the red torch turned on. We could then hear conversation. We could also hear walking about upstairs and then most of the K2s went up to red at the same time when we made a joke about something and everyone laughed. Kev picked up on the name of Michael. The room then went really misty and I could smell steam. Darran tried the spirit box and there were a couple of voices on it but we couldn't work out what was said. The torch then went on again.

We then moved intothe guard roomin the main building. In here, the red on off torch which was in the doorway went off twice. We could hear various taps around the room and then heard a long whine. One guest picked up on a Donald. I asked for them to turn the on off torch if Donald was there when the castle was used as council apartments and the red torch went on. We then heard a loud "MMMM". Rob who was sat up on the window steps felt as though someone was sat next to him.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations again.

In theguard room, one group had an Emily on the board. She's happy, clever and says that the year is 1900. A Thomas then came through who said that he was 32 when he did of the plague in the 1500s. He wasn't married. He knows an Emily too as they are related. She's his niece. Emily gets scared of loud noises and so he looks after her. 5 of his family members died from the plague. They lived locally in the village and died before him. He states that his name is Thomas Woodstock but he's not the one who married into the du bohun family. That Thomas Woodstock was an ancestor. He died in the spring and had 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They also picked up on Donald who was in his 60s


The last investigations took place firstly it thesolar room. In here Michael was picked up and K2 Ted who was sat on top of the dresser was touched twice. Darran picked up on a murder and the names of Edward and Richard. One was stabbed he picked up that Richard possibly had someone commit the murder for him rather than kill Edward himself.

Finally we moved into thebanqueting hall. In here it was very quiet and apart from the on off torch coming on once, it was very quiet in here.


EVPS picked up

Guard room- in here a two toned voice is picked up

Solar room- 2 guests are in the room doing a lone vigil. He asks spirit to make a noise if they are in the room. In response, there's a loud sigh

Kid's tower- there was loads going on in here but later in the night at around 2am onwards. We were in the solar room and banqueting hall by this time. By half past when a lot of the noises were still going on, I was downstairs tidying up when everyone was in the banqueting hall. Security and the other 3 with him were all sat in front of the fire so I know for a fact that no one went across to the tower. Anyway this is what we got.

Dragging along the floor and then the sound of fingers being clicked.

The sound of someone blowing into a child's kazoo or toy trumpet

Someone moving around

The sounds of keys being turned in a l lock

Voices upstairs talking and holding a conversation

Someone walking down the stairs from the top of the tower. It was on the wooden stairs rather than the stone ones. You can hear them come down around 5 or 6 steps.

Someone generally banging around downstairs in the children's room, banging, walking around and moving things around