Investigation log of Castle lodge Ludlow . Saturday 5th March 2016

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather : on  / off rain showers


Before the evening even started, Rob was picking up on a male by the fire in the base room. There was something wrong with his stomach. Earlier in the day, he and Angie had visited the building and Ange was picking up on a Jessica upstairs on the top floor. Whilst setting up, Kev picked up on a Jayne up on the top floor.

We split up into three groups, taking a floor each

First investigation.

Ground floor.

We decided to do a board session whereby we had a William come through who was 51. The year is 1682. He had a wife victoria. He had no children. Both victoria and their firstborn died during the birth. She's also still in the building. Darran and Kev had picked up on a female energy in the main bedroom upstairs whilst setting up. Kev thought it may be her. They lived in the building for 30yrs. he bought the place rather than it being passed down through the family. However, it was taken from him by the crown. Needless to say, he doesn't like the monarchy. He stated that Edward was on the throne at the time. (Incorrect as it was Charles until 1685 followed by James) 

We then moved into the back room. Darran was picking up a surname of Tanner and Kev doing live evp, he heard the name Jarrod or Jarrett. Darran had the name of Francis and the year 1753. Kev could smell a dog. Darran believed that it was an Irish wolfhound.

Darran then picked up that there were cellars in the building whereby it was used to beat and birch people / prisoners (correct) and give out other punishments. He then picked up that people would be strapped to cannons outside the castle, with their arms and legs weighed down (Correct) He also picked up on a female called Margaret who was held there for witchcraft.


On the middle floor. Caroline's group in the second bedroom were having results on theK2s to questions asked. Spirit wanted to communicate with them and they were happy. This wasn't a child . sarahs group had the on/off torch give some good reactions. They were going on and off on command a couple of times. They gave a positive response when asked if they lived in the house. There were some big temperature drops in a very short space of time ( couple of minutes) and a couple of the group, saw a small blue light.


On the top floor,in the nursery older children were being picked up. Angie believed that they were older girls (correct, was a girls school for elder girls in 1800s) on doing a circle, they asked and had spirit raising the groups hands for them. A male energy was picked up between Mo and Rob. Mo had her leg touched and rob was feeling a heavy pressure. Dave picked up on a little boy called john as well as a little girl Kate picked up someone stood between Dave and angie who angie believes was a female aged between 11 and 13 yrs. old Kate then saw a male in the passageway with very blue eyes. Energy of someone was picked up along this top corridor. Angie could see someone ducking in and out of a side room on this floor she was as picking up on a negative energy in the hallway of a male who was an overseer of the house. He worked the female servants from morning to night they would be exhausted. She could feel a warm breath on her and that he had a negative attitude. On-going to the other end and the main room on this floor, Rob saw elderly female wearing Victorian clothes in a rocking chair (a female has been seen previously in a rocking chair in the nursery) . they also sensed a male who would only come as far as the door but wouldn't enter the room.

We then had a break whereby everyone could do whatever, wherever.

After the break, we all swapped floors

On the ground floor, again, a dog was picked up in front of the fire, and again it was an Irish wolfhound, grey in colour. Rob had a man standing in the doorway between the back room and the base room. He was gentry and wore a top hat. The names of Jonathan and Isaac were picked up and the room suddenly went very dark. Rob picked up that Jonathan remains in the building because of a woman who scorned him. He wouldn't tell the group why as its " none of their business " the group then tried the board and spoke to Agnes who was born in 1522. She lived in the house and had a father called William. She was happy living here. Her mother is also in the house, however her father isn't. She had a sister who moved abroad. She was finding it hard to spell words on the board as she used different types and shapes of letters. (Haven't got old English on the board but thinking of doing one with it) She gave a personal message to Maureen in the group. Every time rob tried to take a photo, it would appear that spirit didn't want their photo taken as it wouldn't work. Dave felt someone pressing into his back .


On the middle floor,   in the main bedroom, we tried the spirit box and asked spirit to say hello to us.  when we were using the spirit box, theres a female voice whereby I cant workout what she says. Theres then a childs voice which either says "HI " or "ANNIE ". Later on, a female voice says either "LIVE " or "LIB ". And finally, a male voice says "PARLIAMENT Darran had the names of Henry and either Richard or Richards. He picked up that someone's wife took a lover in this room. There was a male energy in the doorway between this room and the back room. However he wouldn't come into the main room. He was quite nervous about doing so. Darran believes that this male is the husband of the wife who took the lover and that the lover was possibly his brother

We then went into the second bedroom where again, we tried the spirit box. After a little while the box despite being completely sealed in a faraday cage, went haywire. We had to take it out and reset it. The trifield then shot right up and straight away there was a very clear "WILLIAM "on the spirit box when we again asked for their name. Darran was also getting the name of joseph


On the top floor,sarah felt someone twice touch her bum.


Again, everyone had a break and did their own thing.


After this break,


On the middle floor, the group could see a light in the corner by the right hand side of the bed and could see a black shadow standing by the main door to the main bedroom. Rob and dad, both at separate times, went to stand with their backs to the bedroom door, therefore keeping it closed, however both felt that someone was trying to enter the room and push the door open onto them. Again john or johnathan was picked up. . Angie was getting a really negative feeling suddenly in the room and so it was decided to go into the other bedroom. In this room, they had the feeling of sadness. Dave picked up on a young girl aged around 19 who was in bed. She was blonde. Kate picked up that she had a ligature around her neck and had been strangled. Possibly by this Isaac and johnathan who had been picked up. (Correct. Believe that Jen from Wulfrunian stated that her name had been Maria or Marie). They again did a circle and could hear footsteps coming into the middle of the circle.


On the top floor,our group initially went into the large end room where we were interacting with a female called Jayne. She was the female that kev had picked up on earlier. She was answering our questions via the torch. She was here teaching the young females when it was a school. She was enjoying and happy to be interacting with us and quite happy to have us there. She was a spinster.  We then moved onto the nursery. Again we were having a couple of responses on the torch. Darran picked up on the names of George and Elizabeth. We then heard a child giggling. I asked for spirit to knock for me down the other end of the corridor. They did. However, on listening back to the evps from the pole room,  it wasn't a knock at all, it was a loud thud on the floor.


On clearing up, on the top floor, kev was helping Darran take out the cameras. As he was on the corridor, he glanced quickly into the room next to the nursery. As he did, he saw a male up against the adjoining wall between this room and the nursery. He was wearing a hood which almost came to a point, like a cowl



In bedroom 2 on the middle floor, there's a voice heard. Can't tell if it's male or female

Later, there's a low moan

In the main bedroom on the middle floor, when we were using the spirit box, theres a female voice whereby I cant workout what she says. Theres then a childs voice which either says "HI " or "ANNIE ". Later on, a female voice says either "LIVE " or "LIB ". And finally, a male voice says "PARLIAMENT"


Camera footage

main bedroom

orb or shape comes into the bottom right corner of the room . later on an orb comes from above the bed right across the room. Finally  on the left by the window. A long shape like a body shape is long and up towards the ceiling


side room off main bedroom

a  bright orb. Stays in place on the spot for a couple of seconds


Back ground floor room

An orb comes from near the window, towards the fire, across the fireplace, and then back in the opposite direction towards the camera. Later on, another one comes from the same direction and across in front of the camera


large room upstairs ( top floor. With the pole )

Pole dancing room camera 8

orb goes right across the room and into the side room next door