Investigation Log Chambercombe Manor Hotel Illfracombe Saturday 23rd
                                                   June 2012

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: wet and windy

On getting to the house, even as we stood outside the tearooms, we felt as though we were being watched from an upstairs window of "Rose" one of the holiday let's adjoining the manor house. This was also felt later on by one of the guests.

As we were setting up Paul saw someone walk past the window. He went outside but there was no one there. Later on in the night, we had the same thing happen outside the chapel window. As we did a walk around the house, we also saw flashing lights in the fireplace in the kitchen and a male voice said " MMM " 3 times. There was also a flash of light in the children's room.

Once the guests arrived, we split them into two groups, one going with Paul Lorraine and Dave to the Childs bedroom and the rest with Darran and Leanne into the kitchen.

Vigil one: in the children's room, an Isabel came through who was aged no older than 5 but they got more of the idea that she was 4 yrs old.  Another girl Martha led on the bed.
Whilst she was on the bed, it was seen that the bed would go darker and lighter. She wouldn't really interact but were watching the group.

Taps could be heard as well as flashing lights. There were good K2 kits and the feeling of having a fever or sickness. A lady figure possibly a nanny could be felt and Lorraine picked her up as saying "Leave the child be". When asked if she wanted them to leave the child alone, the K2 lit up again.

They then went into the main room downstairs where the door leading to the chapel steps opened by itself (this has been confirmed as a regular occurrence by the trustees) flashing lights could also be seen and the torch switched itself on. Good hits were had on the K2 and a good natured gentleman came through with the name "Giles. He gave the feeling of having a stomach ache.

Meanwhile, Darran and Leanne took their group to the kitchen. Bangs could be heard coming from the chapel and a Mary Marjorie and a Margaret were picked up. Another female Mary was felt to be on the stairs behind one of the guests. She was watching and interacting with this guest making her feel tingly, hot, her face touched, hair pulled and then being hugged. A child was then also felt to be running around and we heard a Childs
giggle a couple of times. I had someone touching my legs and rubbing past them.
Sobbing could also be heard coming from upstairs in the Victorian room.  A young girl was also picked up who did the cooking for the house.

They then went upstairs to the children's room. They left one guest in the Tudor room sat on Alexander's chair in that room. The other guests went into the children's room and another guest went into the room, walk through in between. The male in the chair felt that someone was in his face and blowing onto it. He also had something touched his arm. He could also hear noises like shuffling footsteps and had the feelings of being hot.

In the middle room, another guest picked up on an Abigail who was aged around 7 and Mary was also picked up again who ended up following this guest around all night.

In the children's room, a Jonathan and a little boy named Samuel were picked up. One guest was feeling red hot and sweating. There were good K2 hits when it was placed on the bed and creaks could be heard coming from the middle room on more than one occasion

The guests then went off on their own to conduct their own vigils. In the main room, whilst using a planchette, a male and a little boy came onto the table. Neither could read or write and the little boy drew us a flower and a heart.

In the children's room, the dowsing rods were crossing and guests saw a mist in the room. Also, cold draughts could be felt going through the room and the Tudor room, however, there were no draughts coming through the windows or doorways. They seemed to just start by themselves within the rooms themselves.

In the haunted Tudor room, two separate guests managed to capture different interesting images. The first being by the bed itself whereby a long strip of light can be seen across the end of the bed. Secondly an orb was captured inside the cradle. It was captured twice however; there was nothing reflective on the cradle and no light coming in from anywhere. It cannot be explained. They also felt that someone was in the room as a certain area had sharp temperature drops in it where it felt freezing cold however; the temperature gauges didn't show them. Orbs were also seen in this same area of the room.

Darran then picked up on Lady Jane Grey (confirmed that she had visited the house) as well as a Robert and a Charles.

During the second vigil: Paul and Lorraine took their group to the chapel first. A Monk named Frederick was picked up. He doesn't like women. Cold drafts could be felt and guests felt unsteady on their feet. One guest was pinched and the sentence of "get out, you don't belong" as well as a feeling of being stood over someone's grave. Guest's heads were touched.

They then went upstairs to the Tudor room which is known by Chambercombe as being the Haunted room. Catherine Wallis was picked up who liked to be called Kate. She was a young woman.( confirmed to be the skeleton which was found 100 yrs after her death after the room in which she died was blocked off ) they had good K2 hits and the torch illuminated by itself a few times.

Meanwhile, Darran, Leanne and Dave firstly took their group up to the children's room.

On then going downstairs to the chapel. They picked up a Jeremiah and a Samuel. The K2 went off and a long moan could be heard. A shadow was then seen to walk past the window. As Darran went to walk down the stairs, he was jabbed in the throat by unseen fingers.  

The guests then all went off on their lone vigils again before the final séances of the night where the whole group initially went into the main downstairs room and conducted some table tipping. The table began to vibrate and rock even though it wasn't the lightest of tables. Catherine was again in the room.  Good K2 hits were received and footsteps could be heard coming from the bedroom above. A big male with a beard also made his presence known. He wasn't a caretaker but gave that type of impression.darran kept getting the name of Samuel in the room especially whenever he walked near to the clock. Later, on closer inspection of the clock, he saw that the clockmakers name was Samuel. Also whilst in this room, the door between the this room and the chapel would keep opening by itself.

We then all went up into the Victorian room. Shadows could be seen going across the bed and voices could be heard having conversations elsewhere in the house even though there was no one in the house bar us. This seemed to happen quite a bit during the course of the night. The area above the bed was constantly going darker and lighter and so four of us decided to stand either side of the bed, reach over it place our hands lightly on the covers.
The whole time we did this (approx 10 mins) the area of the bed being touched remained stone cold and didn't begin to warm. Our hands felt as though they were pulsating and we all had sharp pins and needles in our fingers and palms. Two of us had a hand each which felt extremely painful. It was a very strange feeling. Shadows could be seen going across the room and one of the guests had her sleeve pulled. A Catherine and Robert were picked up and the torch turned itself on and off again.

EVPs we had taps and knocks on the landing area just outside the children's room. In the Tudor room, heavy footsteps were picked up by the bed.

In the end Victorian bedroom, the sound of sobs and sniffing can be heard. However at the time this occurred, it was just after 10pm when the whole team and guests were in the tea rooms in a separate building doing the introductions. No one was in the house at all at this point.

A Childs voice can be heard on guests leaving one of the rooms and the sound of shuffling footsteps. On video, we had although there appeared to be a lot of orbs, some stood out as being especially bright particularly in the children's room where we had a flashing orb above the bed and another similar one above the crib in the Tudor room. Also in the Tudor
room, one of the guests captured a photo whereby a very bright streak of light can be seen at the end of the bed.

It was a lovely building, very atmospheric and one I would definitely like to do again