Investigation Log of Chavenage House 19th October 2012

Investigation times:   7pm - midnight

Weather:  slight drizzle. But no breeze

This building is amazing!!! On all the guests arriving, we split them into two teams, one going with Paul and Lorraine who went upstairs to the bedrooms and the second going with Darran, Leanne and Dave to the billiard room and family room next to it.

Upstairs, they were having good K2 hits and cold draughts in the Cromwell room. An Edward was picked up who had lived in the house during the 16th Century. He had a goatee beard and came across as being very angry. Light flashes were seen and the torch switched on.

In the room next to it at the top of the stairs, a lady in her 20s came through who was very childlike and was singing "ring o roses" she walks barefoot. Guests felt themselves swaying and there were feelings of upset and being emotional by two of the guests. Mary was also picked up who had a husband named Richard. She died whilst giving birth to their son also named Richard. Sobbing was heard and lights were flashing.  A female voice murmuring could be heard and a young male named Jamie came through. He didn't live in the house and wasn't a relative to the family. People's feet were being touched.

Meanwhile, Darran, Dave (my dad) and I took our group into the billiard room where we had some of the best K2 hits we have ever experienced.  Darrans camera began to play up and a little boy called Charles or Charlie was picked up. He stated that he was 5yrs old and had died in the house. His mother was named Annabel. There was a slight noise when he was asked if he could bring other spirits into the room and guests began to feel their legs getting really cold. There were cold spots also. A two toned noise was then heard almost like a childs squeal and Charlie was answering questions via the K2. When asked to, he managed to alter the temperature of the room by 5 degrees by the side of the billiard
table and when we asked if he could run around the table, we heard a couple of little running footsteps. Karin picked up that Annabel had been the lady of the house in the late 16th early 17th century.

We then moved into the family room next door which contained a male energy that wasn't very welcoming. On getting the guests to join in a circle holding hands, two of them could feel a males energy between them . At this point, they were standing in front of the cabinet containing the Dunkirk rifle. They felt very cold and the
male guest then had the feeling of someone pushing down onto his right shoulder as if someone was leaning on him. Karin picked up that this male had a moustache and a starched collar. She believed his name to be Edward with a surname beginning with R. Darran picked up the name Robert also.

The guests then went off to do their own lone investigations during which in the bedroom at the top of the stairs, again a James / Jamie was picked up. He was a young boy. Mary was also picked up who had mental health issues. She had died whilst out in the grounds of the house and not in the house itself. She confirmed via the K2 that she had touched guest's feet.

In the chapel, one group went off to investigate and walked to the back end of the chapel. They could sense a male energy stood in the doorway to the left of the font. They hadn't bothered reading anything written on the wall plaques at that time but immediately picked up on a George Thomas who stated that he was the family butler. The group asked if little Charlie in the billiard room was a "little monkey "to which he informed them he was (believed they were using pendulums at the time to gain answers) George died there and
had his funeral service in the chapel. He stated that he wasn't happy with his funeral as not many people attended.  Another George, George Williams was stood next to one of the male guests just in the doorway to the right of the font. 3 female spirits were also picked
up in the chapel by the group. On then deciding to switch their torches on and have an explore of the chapel properly and read the various plaques etc, a George Thomas's plaque was found at the back of the chapel and he was the butler to 3 generations of the Lowsley-Williams family. On coming out of the chapel, one of the guests found that her hair had been completely ruffled up. She had felt something touch her in the chapel but didn't realise to what extent until leaving.

Some of the guests picked up on an Isobel in the billiard room. Also Charlie came back through to a small group and seemed to be hiding under the billiard table. He was again answering questions on the K2 and made the K2 switch off.

During the second vigil, Paul and Lorraine took their team to the Chapel where a Father John, an Edward and George came through. Lots of taps and knocks were heard as well as K2 hits. Flashes of light could be seen and feelings of crying felt. A male energy wanted to speak to one of the women in the group. A James came through but was called Jamie for short. Edward and George also came through. George was angry that he isn't remembered and didn't want any other spirits to come through. Jamie was wary of him. Paul had
feelings of anger and wanted to start shouting. Paul also  and picked up on a monk.

In the family room next to the billiard room, there were feelings of oppression and tightness around the chest area as well as a dry throat. A Beatrice came through who stated that she was 42 yrs old. Also several children including two of the family's sons.  A male energy was also picked up who had died of either TB or pneumonia in the room. The name Isobel was again picked up. 

Meanwhile, Myself, Darran and Dad took our group upstairs to the bedrooms where we were joined by two family members James and Annabel. One of the guests had her head touched. Darran picked up on Cromwell (as he sometimes does in other buildings where we have visited) and again as per usual he put the impression of tight chestedness onto Darran. Karin saw out of the corner of her eye the figure of a man who was slim, dressed in black with a white puritan collar stood next to her. He had short salt and pepper hair.
Guests could also smell incense in the room. The led lights on the torch were flickering and a little boy James was picked up .we then went into the bedroom next door at the top of the stairs. Once in here, we picked up on an Olivia who stated that she was 16. She recognised Annabel and James. She had died in the room of scarlet fever. This room wasn't her actual room but she had been brought to this room away from the rest of the family and basically quarantined in here. On the planchette she told us that for her, the year is 1800. James had mentioned that he and Annabel had eaten apple strudel for their dinner and the planchette scrawled rapidly. Therefore, I asked Olivia if she liked apple pie. She indicated yes. Both James and Annabel asked Olivia various questions about the house and were getting good answers from it. One question from Annabel was whether Olivia thought the Queen Anne room was the most haunted room in the house. Olivia scrawled a yes reply. James also asked in relation to the story of the headless horseman and didn't really get the answer he wanted (I believe that he wanted the answer to be No, but unfortunately for him, it was yes.) Olivia went on to state that she doesn't always stay in the house but also sometimes wanders the grounds. She likes Annabel's energy and keeps an eye on her looking out for her. Annabel, reminds Olivia of herself.

James then brought out a human skull from a cupboard ( as you do) . On asking questions again on the planchette, we ascertained that the skull belonged to a male named Robert who stays in the house. He was buried in an unmarked grave and that there are a lot more remains on the grounds in unmarked graves. (Burial pit). He worked on the estate as a gardener. In the corner of the room, seen by both Darran and one of the male guests was a male who was around 6ft 4 tall. He was stood in the corner by the chair on the right side of
the bed.

Again, the guests then went off to conduct lone vigils. In the same bedroom, some picked upon an Isobel, James a Mary and an Annabel. One
guests watch actually stopped only to restart again half an hour later once he left the room.

In the Family room next to the Billiard room, the name Edward was picked up.

For the final vigils at the end of the night, initially, everyone was taken to the main hall. There were good K2 hits but apart from that, it was pretty quiet apart from a male energy of Richard who came across as being a stern character. Also a Victoria was picked up as well as a female energy who had been killed in a riding accident.

We all then went into the chapel. Paul picked up on a brother Michael and experienced sharp pains in his head. Darrans phone which was turned off in his pocket switched itself on and three different K2s were going off. A soldier was picked up who stated that he had been married in the chapel but had died shortly after. Believed killed.

Paul also picked up on a Harry.

EVPs. The evp machine in the family room, for some reason turned itself off after 25 minutes for no reason. The battery on it was brand new and full. It played back ok and so there was no reason for it switching off as no one had entered the room. Was the male who didn't make us feel welcome in the room responsible?? Who knows…?

In the billiard room, a possible man's voice is heard just before Darran speaks.this is when Darran was in the room alone taking photos of under the billiard table. You hear a male voice which isn't Darrans voice and then Darran mutters something to himself just afterwards. This voice says something but it needs enhancing to see what is being said. Also when we were doing the first vigil in there with the group. We hear a small child squeal. This has also been picked up on the EVP on playing it back.

In the chapel, lots of whispers and murmurings could be heard. Also low voices when we know that everyone was in the house doing the vigils. When we then went out there to do a group vigil with James Lowsley-Williams, he mentioned being christened in the font in the chapel. I jokingly ask if I should christen him again and the K2s went up to red. I asked
again asking "should I give him a drowning? "and a sound is heard by a few of us. I'm not sure what it is. It HAS been picked up on the EVP but will need enhancing.

In the Oak room,there are various knocks and bumps in the room as well as at one point it sounding as though someone is walking around in there. At this time, we were upstairs doing vigils and no one entered the room on the video.

In the great hall, there are evps which sound like something being dropped in the room. This happens on a couple of occasions. Theres also the sound of a female voice which squeals.

As for video footage. We were able to capture some of the K2 activation in the billiard room during our first vigil whilst talking to little Charlie.The team went into the Queen Anne room with James for 10 minutes before we left the house as we just wanted to see if Olivia was right about it being the most haunted room and wanted to see why it gave james the creeps. This room did have a different feel to it and didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the
house as it was decorated more modern. However feelings again of sadness and of someone dying during childbirth in the room. I was knelt down and Paul asked spirit to come towards me as I was the one kneeling. As he asked this an orb is seen to come across from by the crib towards me. Two or three other orbs were also captured coming across the room at different intervals.

The team would like to thank the Lowsley-Williams family for allowing us into their magnificent home and for being so welcoming. Thanks to James and Annabel for joining in and filling us in with some of the history as we went along and to Caroline for organising our visit. We are extremely grateful and would love to see you all again in the future. (I never did manage to get down to the spooky ruins!!)