Investigation Log of Chavenage House 27th September 2013

 Investigation times: 7pm - 1130pm

Weather: dry and mild


The first vigil, we conducted in the chapel where a female energy was picked up. She was a servant at the house and lived there also at the house. She had other family members living with her. Cold spots would be felt between guests and moving between the aisles. The female didn't want to speak to Darran. The K2s were lighting up together and taking it in turns to light up going up the aisle. Lorraine picked up on the name Ada (she also then
had the information from Ada that she was connected to John who is either her husband or son. She was married with 3 children and was a housekeeper at Chavenage in the 1800s. She states that the house is much different now. )  and Darran had Victoria. A male energy was then picked up with the name of George. When asked to, he would answer via the
K2 as well as by making the temperature gauge go down in temperature on request.
Harriett was also picked up. On asking for knocks, we would get one. One of the guests felt a male energy behind her in the alcove leading to a small room at the back of the chapel. He was lingering in the doorway but wouldn't come forwards but only towards the female in the back row. He gave off a musty smell. Darran then played some Latin chants and as he did, the K2s would light up in time to the chanting, however when we turned them off, the lights would continue as if they were still chanting for a couple of extra minutes before
stopping. Paul then saw the image of a male in the middle of the aisle. When asked if it was him near the K2, it went up to red.

Darrans back then went into spasm and he was in agony for a few minutes. However at the same time, both Dave and Troy felt the same type of pain in their backs as well.

On going off to conduct their lone vigils, in Stevens's bedroom, a little boy aged around 8 or 9 was picked up called Christopher. On the planchette he answered various questions such as that He worked with the horses.  He had been kicked by one of them which resulted in him being in a wheelchair for a while

One guest felt had the feeling of someone dying of smallpox. 2 people had died in the room with illness and that the two people were led in the beds in the room at the same time almost as if the room was being used as a quarantine room. Troy had someone try to push him into the bath in the bathroom of the room and on leaving the bathroom; he was then pushed lightly backwards again. Two of the guests felt shooting pains in their backs and picked up on Colonel. Stevens. Other guests picked up on an Annabel. They later picked up the same female in the lounge room downstairs. She's seen as the grey lady. Her husband
was William. They would visit the house. They didn't have any children. She was an upper classed lady

In the lounge, Crystal's group were on the planchette and picked up a female energy who wanted to speak to them. Her name was Annabel and she visited the house. She was happy to talk to them. She had no children an was married to William.  When Dianne's
group then went in there to conduct their investigation they had a couple of strange noises almost like stomach rumbles however no one's stomach had done.
They also had small movements of the table on which the planchette was placed.

In the billiard room, they picked up an energy that came into the room with martin. The K2 was pulsating and on the connex, it was showing something being over on right side of the room although we don't know what exactly.

Meanwhile in the chapel, Troy and Fran heard tapping as if on a metal pipe and a vibrating noise almost like a zip being pulled up and down.

The next vigils we did in the Cromwell room and room next door. Dianne's group went into the room next to us (which ill call the tapestry room due to all the tapestries) whilst we were in Cromwell's room. In our room, we had the feeling of a maid being in there and a Catherine being picked up. Both K2s went off when we asked her to confirm the name.  Carole heard two taps when we asked for them.  As Paul was talking about a girl who had passed in her teens in the grounds, Lorraine picked up that she had no family as such and had issues with her face. She was kept locked away because of the disfigurement. She wore a white nightdress. Lorraine then picked up on an Edward who was in the room and Darran picked up on Elizabeth who was 13 yrs old.  A footman or valet of Cromwell was
then picked up and wanted to know "what the hell are we doing in Cromwell's room?
". We then started asking various questions and were getting positive replies via the torch and k2s. From this we ascertained that this male was the male who looked after Oliver Cromwell and that he was Richard. Paul began to feel dizzy and had his arm touched. We all then heard a whistling coming from the great hall despite there being no one down there. We then addressed Cromwell (or rather Dave did as he felt a link with him) Dave asked him if he liked staying at the house. The torch turned on and off. Dave then ascertained that Cromwell recognised his energy as dad had in a previous life met with him at the house.
The torch was lighting up and the K2s went off at the same time and then some of the guests heard a loud exhalation of breath. A low groan was also heard.  Paul picked up on a male falling off a horse and was injured to the right leg. He had felt dizzy, had a stroke
and fallen from the horse. 

Meanwhile in the tapestry room, there were getting answers to questions on the pendulum as well as a smell of urine being picked up. Troy stated that he was getting images of summertime out of the window whilst Dianne was getting snow on the ground. Dianne was getting bad pains in her chest.  They picked up on a young girl called Anna and Fran then felt pains in her stomach. They also picked up that someone was guarded over in the room. Troy had the urge to look for an item hidden behind wood or in something wooden ( at this time, he was stood in front of the cabinet containing the skull which I hadn't at that point told him about ) . Just afterwards, they could hear tappings and knockings between them. A new energy then came into the room.  They picked up that a male had had his throat slit and was left in the cold. They began asking me if someone had been found near the house, just by a wall. As I remembered James one of the family informing me that the skull had been found near the wall, I decided to see if Dianne's group could find anything out about this through psychometry. From just holding the skull, they picked up that the male had been found near a wall not far from a tree and also the house. He was a young male when killed, around his 30s. Troy felt something at his throat near his jugular pressing into it. The male wasn't a poor man and had money. He had no children but liked the ladies. He had a lot of women on the go. He was around 5ft8 tall. When he was found, King Edward was on the throne.  One of them then sat in the chair and had the feeling of being blind in one eye. Troy then pretended to give the last rites as a minister and picked up an animal being with the skull. He was unsure whether there was a dog with the male when he died, or whether a dog found his remains. They also got the impression that the male killed taught people how to fight with swords and rapiers. He was killed by a jealous husband. At the time, Charles was on the throne. He had received a blow to the head as well as the injury to his throat. Laura picked up a males name of Thomas and that he had a quick temper. She was given the dates of between 1680 and 1720

Karin's team were in the chapel using the ovilus. Colin decided to leave the chapel for a while to see what happened if he left. Just after he walked out, the Ovilus said "YOU COWARD".  The proximity meter also went off a couple of times as well as the K2s. they also heard a couple of growls and had the smell of chlorine and sulphur. They also heard a couple of footsteps. Karin picked up on the name of Michael.

On going off again to conduct lone vigils, on going back into Stevens's room, myself and Colin conducted an EVP session on the Ovilus. And had the following conversation with him. At the time, Steve and Mark were in the room with us

"Can you speak to me on the box? " ………….. "NO"

"What's your name? " …………….. "PETER "

"Did you live here? " …………. "YES"

"Are you a Lowsley -Williams? " ……………. "NO. WILLIAMS "

"Are you standing by Mark? " …………….. "BASTARD"

"Do you not like the welsh? " ……………. "NO "

"Did you die in the house? "………………….. "YES … BALLROOM…. WHY ARE YOU HERE? "

We then thought that the little table had moved (although it showed after on photos that it hadn't as such unless it had moved just a fraction which we didn't notice.)  And asked "did you move the little table? " ……….. "YES "  .. " thank you "            …………………….. " YOU ARE ALL WELCOME" he then went on to say "YOU ARE LEN (my nickname) … YOU ARE SMALL. "

In the Cromwell room, guests again picked up on an Annabel. However we believe that this could be a second female also called Annabel who is different from the one picked up downstairs in the lounge as well as Stevens room as this Annabel stated that she was married to Peter and that he loved her but she loved another. Peter had died before her.

For the last vigil, we went back into Stevens room where again Peter Williams came through and was sending all the K2s crazy, lighting them all up at the same time whether they be on the floor, in someone's hand or on the bed all around the room. Paul had his head touched. We tried to communicate through the Ovilus and again had the name Peter as well as Mariella.

We had the following conversation

"Who's in the room? " ………… "WE ARE"

"Who's giving Paul the pain in his head? " ……………  "THE OLD BOY"

"Can you confirm your name? " …………..  "WHY?"

"Is there a Mr Stephens here? " ……….. "ME "

"Are you a family member? " ………………..  "NO"

Lorraine then picked up on a baby and became emotional with the feeling that the baby had died. When she said this out loud, the ovilus stated "SHE KILLED HIM "

Paul then said, "there's got to be a load of spirits in this room" and the ovilus chirped up "THERE ARE ". At this some of the guests began to feel very cold. Just after, a few of us heard the sound of a little boy giggling. Colin / Kev and Darran went out to investigate on the mezzanine but there was no one around. In total it was heard twice from outside the room but we didn't know where it was coming from.  Just after, martyn asked spirit to say "hello". And then he heard a "hello "in reply followed by "Kevin ". We then heard what sounded like a small child wail. Guests started to feel cold draughts but only up to waist height. They would have cold legs but from the waist up, would feel warm as if it was the spirit of a child near them.

We then said, "Come and play with Paul "the ovilus said "DARRAN".

Lorraine then picked up on a Nathaniel Stevens who lived in the 1800s. Karin picked upon a Margaret who gave the impression of being an Edwardian lady. Paul then felt very dizzy and had the feeling that someone had passed away following a head injury.

EVPs picked up are:

In the lounge next to the billiard room, - there's a series of tap as if someone's rapping a tune out on wood with their knuckles. Also just afterwards, the sound of something is being dropped on wood.

In the Chapel,  -    on one occasion whilst I'm talking, underneath my voice, there's a little boys voice which says "mummy" . Also later on after Colin asks a question, he hears a reply of "no".

In the Oak room -   there is a loud tap which either sounds like something falling or gravel being thrown at a window pane.

In Stevens's room - the sound of footsteps in the room is picked up as well as the door creaking. However no one comes into the room or is in that area of the house. When we are all conducting the last vigil in there and some of us hear the little boy say "hello" that is actually picked up.

In the Queen Anne room -   there's a strange sound like either something dropping onto a wooden surface or as if something is rocking  against an uneven floor. I cant see anything moving on the video though unless its in an area to the right of the room by the sink area which isn't covered by the camera iIt's definitely a sound of something on wood. Later on, there's a female voice which is quite loud and sounds like a sigh and then after that either the sound of a cough or something being dropped again.


As for the Cromwell room, although the recorder was on and counting down and the light was on, its saying that theres no file on there. Strange. We've had this before somewhere else. Im hoping that Darran captured something on his 360 instead.

Video footage : theres a couple of interesting orbs in the Queen Anne room by the armchair next to the cradle.

In Stevens room again a couple of orbs in the room one of which seems to zig zag across the room. Its not an insect and dust doesn't usually tend to zig zag so not sure on that one. A bit later on just in front of the armchair, it looks as if something is trying to form in front of it for a split second.

In the chapel, just being the back pew on the left side, the light at one point seems to lighten behind the pew although its dark and no ones in there.


All in all another interesting night. Thanks to the family for allowing us to investigate.