Investigation log of Condover Hall 12th November 2016

Investigation times: 10 pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and mild


Once ready, we firstly took everyone to thewizard room. In here I picked up on the name Frederick . It was told quite sternly, Frederick not Fred. A male who was quite soft when you knew him but came across to others as stern (I later found out that this was the grandfather of one of the guests). In the circle, Kate picked up on the name of roger (possibly roger Owens one of the previous owners) and felt as though there was someone stood behind her in the doorway. Just after, the knocking block which was in the corridor in the doorway of the tunnelling room went off. The on off torches came on and then turned off when asked to switch them off. This happened on two occasions. We then heard a long moan. I asked that if it was roger, to do it again. Again we heard a moan. Kate felt she was being touched and Mo had a freezing bottom half but hot top half. Other guests were feeling cold despite the room being quite hot.

Lauren was then touched and we heard moans and groans. Kate then picked up someone who was highly religious who was holding a bible to their chest and humming a religious tune. We could hear noises out in the corridor between this room and the next towards the stairs as well as conversations. Kev was picking up on a male called Marcus who wasn't a very nice man and one of the guests had an Albert. Darran picked up on a female servant and I got that her name was Betty


Everyone then went off to do their own lone vigils.

At thetop of the stairs, deb was doing some scrying in the mirror and whilst looking at her own reflection, she saw someone dart out from the window alcove peep at her and then dart back in. however there was no one there. Another guest took a photo of a bright orb on the stairs.

In thebasement,some guests saw a shadow move along the wall of the basement room and jemma felt someone tugging on her trousers. They then saw another shadow go in front of the corridor doors at the very end from left to right, it was male but not very tall maybe 5ft 4 5ft 5 and just after what looked like a torch light but no one else was down stairs. Emma's torch was going around in circles like a pendulum. They also picked up on a child as well as a male who is a darker energy .a shadow was also seen in the corner of the room. Darran picked up on a male, a roundhead and they could all see different coloured spirit lights

Inthe wizard's room, guests on the board were getting spirit to write and on asking if they were spelling out one of their group's name, the response was "I AM".  They also had a male on there who aid "HI" and gave an age of being 90. He confirmed that he was the grandfather of one of the guests

Corridor / tunnelling room- guests thought they saw a shadow of a man in front of them which spooked them

For the second vigil, we went into theground floor cinema.In here, the knocking block was going off which was placed on a chair by the door. The on off torches were also going on and off on command again.

We then went onto the stairs.


Again, everyone went off on their own vigils

Wizard room- a group on the board had a family member come and join them, a grandparent. Another of this group had their friend come through. Both were passing various messages. Another spirit then came through which seemed to intimidate the others and the friends and family left the board.

For the third vigil, we all went intothe basement .it was quite quiet down here although the knocking block which id put in the doorway of another room went off. We could also hear distant conversation. Rustling was also heard in the corner of the room and again, something was seen to walk past the end corridor doors. The torch also went on


Finally, we finished in thecoffee shopon the ground floor. Apart from the on off torch flickering on nothing else in here. Very quiet



Cellar corridor  - there were various knocks and bangs as well as the sound as though someone's moving around down there. Later on it sounds like a female voice echoing down the corridor


Basement room. - The sound of a child's voice is heard and is actually heard by a guest. When everyone had left the basement and gone up for the final vigil in the coffee shop, this is when the sound of someone moving around could be heard