Investigation log of Dick Whittington 13th September 2014

Investigation times: 10PM - 3AM

Weather: dry and mild


Whilst setting up for the night in the black cat, Darran saw a shadow walk from left to right behind the bar.

Once everyone arrived, we started our investigations down the far end of the bar near the toilet end. Darran picked up on a male called Ernest whilst i had a little girl called Sophia. Karen also picked up on a little girl and that she was happy and skipping. I saw her in Edwardian dress, aged around 8 yrs old and with long fair hair. An exhalation of breath was heard by the group and both I and Karen had pains in our right legs like a bad cramp. Karen felt as though the male spirit had had problems with his leg. Dave had his face touched and on asking, glasses clinked behind the bar 3 times. When Darran again started to talk about Ernest, the knocking block alarm went off. Guests then saw shadows walking behind the bar and believe that it's a male. The k2s started to go off and a few of us heard a childs voice talking in the boiler room behind the bar. One guest felt cold draughts around her even though there were no draughts coming from any windows or doors. Dave picked up on an older man with grey hair and plump. He gave the name of Jeremiah. One guest then saw a male stand behind me and at the same time, i was cold on my right whereas Dave next to me was cold on his left.

We then all went to the other end of the room and tried out the spirit box which gave the names "RICHARD / DAVID OR DAVIES AND THEN SOPHIA". On me mentioning Sophia, the voice said "IM HERE".


Everyone then went off to do their own lone vigils.

One group on the planchette at the toilet end picked up on a little boy who was 7 yrs old. He didn't tell them any other information about himself.

One guest took a photo in the cellar and captured a good orb (as well as some dust) but just next to the orb, there seemed to be a female's face next to it. Hopefully, she will send it to us to put onto the site. Karen and Dave then tried the planchette and whatever spirit came through liked to write lots of Xs before spinning the planchette. Karen also got a very heavy feeling in the female loos.

Another group tried the spirit board and again picked up on a little boy who said that he was 7, stated "HELLO" and said that his name begins with B. Another group then tried it and also got a little boy who stated that he was happy. The K2 would go up to red when he answered their questions. When they asked if he knew his way around the board, the K2 went up to red.

Another guest felt that there was the spirit of a pregnant lady upstairs in the living quarters and had the impression that she has been seen previously

Down the other end, near the door leading to upstairs, a little boy came through to a couple of guests on the planchette who stated that it was 1811. There were other children around and he had friends there who were helping him with his answers. He wanted to see the marble that one of the guests had in her pocket. When she put it onto the table, he drew around it.

Another group on the planchette had a little boy who died of the plague. He stated that he and others were kept almost like slaves before they died. A man in robes likes a priest or similar would come to the building when Mr. Turner had his parties upstairs and would try to help.

Later on Karen saw a black misty shadow go across the room when she and Dave were down there.


We then went upstairs to the sitting room in the living quarters where there is still Elizabethan wallpaper on the walls. However it was very quiet up there


On going down to the main bar, at the snooker table end, a lot of us heard a "OOO OOH "  and myself and Karen saw a black shadow at the bottom of the stairs just outside the room. We tried to get Kev to go upstairs and come back down to see if we could recreate it however it didn't create the same shadow at all or even in the same place. This shadow was to be seen another two times during this vigil. We also heard whispers as well as the shadow of someone who's not very tall who seemed again to be outside the door but peering their head around the corner as if to see into the bar. When Darran asked spirit if they died in the building, Kev heard a "YES "In reply. Another shadow was then seen within the room moving between Darran and the guests. On doing a séance, Darran started to talk about secret meetings and masons. I started to sway as did Karen however, her face suddenly changed, she was twisted around to face down and seemed to want to throw herself at Darran for some reason. We therefore had to take that from her before she launched herself at him. We then heard a female voice shout upstairs despite there being no one up there as the landlord had gone out and wasn't due back until 3am. Thuds were also heard directly above us rather than across the other end of the building where the landlord's dog was. We asked spirit to thud on the ceiling above us and they did each time we requested it.  We then hear a voice come from the front end of the bar and saw a shadow make its way from the front bar to the back where we all were. We had this happen on our previous visit also. The K2 reacted when we mentioned Mr Turner (a previous landlord who let people die of the Black Death locked up downstairs whilst he partied upstairs). Kev kept seeing a royal seal of some sort.


Everyone again went off to conduct their own vigils

In the front end of the main bar, two guests went on a planchette. Kev stood with them and asked spirit again about the secret meetings and whether it involved a rape. The planchette answered yes.

Myself and Kev went down to the black cat and tried out the spirit board. We had a female spirit who spelt out her name as being "STEFONIE" and that she was 12 yrs old. She died in 1740 and was murdered however doesn't know her murderer. He had tried to rape her first before he killed her. She confirmed the secret parties in the building and stated that she died before her parents. When we asked if other girls were involved and had the same fate as her, she pointed to "GOODBYE"

Down the same end, Karen and Dave did the board and contacted a female who died in the building. She had met us all during the night already. Her name began with a C. A male was also with her who follows her. He wasn't the man who had affected Karen upstairs earlier. It was someone else whose name begins with T. She gave the year as being in the 1660s and she was 37 yrs old.

When another group tried the board, they had the spirit of a little boy who stated that he was sick and that he had other sick people with him. He was sad  

Some guests went up onto the back stairs and spoke to a little boy and then also asked about the pregnant female they had picked up on earlier. This lady had fallen down the stairs whilst pregnant. She wouldn't answer any of the questions put to her about how she fell or about Mr Turner. She stated that it was her face in the photo taken in the cellar.

Kev went up to the sitting room in the living quarters and felt ill and so left

Finally, for the last investigation, we took everyone up to the main bar to the front end. Spirit kept turning on the torches on the bar on command as well as the knocking block which went off 3 times.

EVPs caught

In the sitting room up in the living quarters there were some strange taps and knocks within the room. At one point, there's a sound that's a cross between either clicking and footsteps. A child humming has also been captured which was heard by a couple in the group.

In the black cat down by the main exit, there's a whistle at one point

Upstairs in the main bar by the snooker table end, there a "mmmm" picked up and also the sound of a female voice shouting coming from the living quarters upstairs but the only living thing up there at the time was the dog.  When i suggest getting in a circle, a male voice next to the camera whispers "circle" however all the guests were on the other side of the room and no one at that point was stood by the camera itself. When at the end of the vigil in this part i say "we'll give it another 5 minutes" a female voice can be heard but i can't work out what's being said. Later on, when everyone is downstairs, there's the sound of a male sighing and then a sound of a bell ringing like last orders.

In the black cat down by the far toilets at the back end, a Childs voice has been picked up. Also whilst a couple of us are talking, underneath our voices, it sounds like a child singing

One thing we DID pick up, Kev took a photo in the main bar of the main wooden staircase and captured what possibly looks like a child (definitely a person) on the stairs. We have had it analysed by outside persons and they also can find no reason for it. It's not a reflection off anything and they are also of the same opinion as us that Kev managed to capture something. This has been put onto our face book page (to be added onto the website later)