Investigation of Dick Whittington Gloucester 2015

Investigation times: 1030pm - 2am

Weather: dry and cold  

Before the night started and we were setting up, Colin picked up on the name of Joseph. Darran was picking up on a stable block being in the car park and that remains under the car park were more Anglo Saxon rather than roman.

Once everyone arrived, we firstly took them out to the car park for the first vigil. I placed the knock off torches on the picnic table and the K2 teddy on the top of the roman pillar which is there. Although there isn't any electricity near there, or anything that should set it off, and everyone's phones were turned off the K2 was constantly lighting up and the sensor on his head was going off as if someone was touching him. It was going on and off in answer to questions. Darran had a thermal camera and although it was measuring 1 degree outside, on pointing it at teddy, the temperature shot up to 8 degrees

Darran picked up on a stable boy who was aged 7 and named Charlie. Although he was answering questions on the torches lighting up the red or green depending on the reply as well as if i asked for either colour to be lit, he didn't give a lot of information other than there were 5 other spirits with him and not all of them being particularly nice.


Everyone then went inside to conduct their own investigations of the black cat bar.

On one of the planchette near the front staircase by the double doors, a guest felt as though someone put their arms around her and gave her a big hug. On going onto the planchette, it appeared that it was actually her aunt who had hugged her; the same guests then picked up on a male who was aged 17 and lived in the area. He stayed in the building for a short while. He is from the 1700s and didn't die from any illness but was murdered by a stranger. The male on the board had stolen money however this didn't contribute to his death. He died because of other crimes. He is a Welshman although he can't speak welsh

On the board by the cellar end and back stairs, guests picked up on a female energy who didn't die there but locally. Her name was Tiana Thomas and she died in 1943 after hanging herself. She spelt out that she didn't want any more ... she was 27 years old and had a son called Ryan. She was from Gloucester.

Someone else then came onto the board stating that his name was Henry Williams and that he died in the 1670s of an illness. He had no children and was a yards man. He stated that there are 5 other spirits with him, one of which being a young stable boy.


on the board by the toilets at the same end of the room, both Lorraine and a guest picked up on the word "gollywog" at the same time which isn't a word used often nowadays.

They then picked up on a female spirit with a floral name and then began to get pains. A male spirit who is negative then came onto the board. He isn't nice and committed rape and murder. He would garrotte people. He was cruel to and murdered women. He was quite high up on his village and used his influence in order to lure young girls .others in the village found out about him. They chased after him but he got away. His mother also knew what he was up to but she protected him. He then spelt out "FUCK YOU "on the board as Lorraine and the guests continued talking to him. He was in his mid 40s when he died and was buried in an unmarked grave near the building. He's not ashamed for what he did. He garrotted a female called Gladys as well as another called Mary.


Another group who then used the board picked up on a female energy that worked in the building and was murdered in the early 1900s. She died young and didn't have any children. More than one person was there when she was killed and could have helped including the owner of the building but they didn't. Shes a governess for the 5 children of the house and is called Diane. Shes Irish

Others using the planchette near the back staircase (cellar end) picked up on a lady of the house and the year of 1608. She didn't have any children. There are two other spirits with her. They were ill and died in the building. She spends a lot of time in the building as she feels that she belongs there


Other guests picked up on three spirits in the ladies loo. Colin picked up on the name of Meg and that she was a plague victim who was late teens / early 20s.


We then all got together again and conducted another vigil in the middle of the room by the bar. Whilst everyone stood in a circle holding hands, one of the guests and darran were both pushed backwards as such. Darran was standing behind the guest and i saw both lose their balance at the same time. The K2s were lighting up. A guest picked up on frank again and was getting pain in the shoulder. Another guest had her hair touched. Darran moved towards the guest who had picked up on frank and instantly got shooting pains in his head. Frank doesn't like women much but neither is he particularly keen on men. Spirit drew too close to one guest who came over hot and sickly and had to leave the circle. The K2 on the teddy began to flash and again the touch sensor went off on his head. On darran mentioning the Meg and her dying of the plague that Colin had picked up on earlier, the K2 went up to red. She had been locked up and left to die. Meanwhile, Lorraine had someone tugging on her trousers whilst she stood behind the bar. We also sensed movement and shadows behind the bar


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

On the planchette next to the end of the bar, guests picked up on a housekeeper who was bitter and was jealous of the house masters mistress Elsie. The housekeeper fell and banged her head in the kitchen although this didn't kill her. The master and Elsie had two children. The housekeeper died around 1810-20 and doesn't want to move on.

In the cellar a group picked up on the name of Henry and stated that a bad man called frank that committed rape stays in the building the K2 teddy was lighting up to red. Henry stated he was there to protect the guests.

On the planchette near the cellar end back stairs, guests picked up on a Henry. He was scared of the spirit Frank stating that he was a bad person. Henrys surname is Williams and he was a yards man in Ledbury. A female then came onto the board again, again stating that she was the lady of the house. Not long after, Frank came onto the table and was telling all sorts of lies making out he was different people and not allowing anyone else to come through.


In the end all of the guests ended up around this table so darran made the decision to continue with frank who informed the group that He doesn't want to pass over. He murdered people. He's not ashamed of it. His wife had fallen in love with his brother. He strangled his brother because of his affair with Frank's wife. Frank was buried but then his whole grave was moved somewhere else.

As frank was on the board, the knocking block which i placed on  a table in the middle of the room well away from the guests and table went off twice.


All in all, quite an interesting night. It was strange that different groups of people in different parts of the building were picking up on the same spirits and different times and were all getting titbits of stories of the same persons to make up the bigger story