Investigation Log of Dick Whittington Gloucester 7th June 2014


Investigation times:   10pm until 3am

Weather:  dry and mild


Before we started and the guests were getting themselves settled, one of them was touched whilst she was sat down in the black cat. Another caught a strange mist sat on a bench and another photo picked up a strong orb upstairs in the bar.

We were to stay in the black cat until midnight and so initially we did a large circle séance down at the bar end. We were getting cold breezes, good K2 hits up to red and guests were having tingling in their legs.  Darran picked upon a Richard, and the K2 again lit up and then when a guest mentioned a female called Anna, again it went up to red and stayed there for some time. Shes a strong spirit. One guest then felt her back go numb whereas the lady next to her began to sway. Their arms were being raised around the circle. Whilst arms were being raised, again there were good K2 hits. Some felt as if they were on fire and very hot, then cold as if they were having a fever. Others felt sick. There was then the sound of a bottle clanking behind the bar. The name Mary was also picked up and a guest could feel heavy breathing in her ear. There was then a knock on a barrel behind the bar as well as the sound of something crunching which resulted in a scream from a couple of the guests. Paul then picked up on an Angela who was confirming via the K2 that she was with us. Darran then turned on the spirit box and the name "WILLIAM "came through. When he asked who he was with, he replied "ADRIAN ". It would appear that these two names were family members of one of the guests. A groan was then heard. We sent off a couple of guests to sit in the ladies loo and a couple in the men's. The hand dryer in the men's decided just to turn itself on even though they were nowhere near it. Darran and a couple of the guests sensed movement of someone walking around near the pool table and a guest then caught something on her camera when she took a photo there. When we asked for knocks, we got them. Guests were also being touched.

Everyone then went to conduct their own lone vigils.

In the bar area, on a planchette, one guest had her mother come onto the table.

Others by the back staircase took a photo and on looking at it, had little boys face pulling a face by poking his tongue out show up in the window. When she was videoing her father walking up these stairs, there was a mist following him.

Again on the back stairs, guests picked up on a Jane who stated that she had been hung by a friend in the meat locker. She confirmed this on different pendulums. A whistle was then heard.

Again in the bar, one guest asked Darran and Paul to help him move something negative from him he believed had attached itself to him (previously) whilst they were working on him, again a guest took a photo of the three of them and a blue mist which stretched over 6ft in height was in front of Darran completely obliterating him from the photo. (I must add none of the photos were taken with a flash)

In the barrel cellar, guests picked up on a female who had lived and died in the building. She wanted them to leave the area.

By the bar, others using a pendulum picked up on an Anne who was 26.

Again on the planchette, a little boy came through who stated he was ten. He stated that he worked as a barrel boy in the pub and lived there with his mother. He is 10 and called ben. He stated that the year is 1891. His mother worked behind the bar. His father died when ben was small and he has a sister Elizabeth who is married with a small son. She worked as a chambermaid. However due to the building not being used as a pub until the 1980s, I believe that he worked at another place nearby as what he was saying, wouldn't be true. He liked talking to us and drew a star on the paper.

Others on the spirit board picked up on a little girl aged 6. She lived in the 1700s and spelt out the word "WIVES" Rebecca asked her to say hello to Wendy and she put the cursor over the "W" and then took it to "HELLO " 

For the 2nd investigation, we all moved upstairs to the main bar. We started at the back end and picked up on a Jane again. One guest had her hair played with and a little girl was picked up. She took a liking to Rebecca and Rebecca felt that she was having her hand held tightly by her. We put the K2 teddy bear in front of Rebecca and the ion meter kept going off on it. She then felt a weight on her legs like the little girl had now sat on her lap with her arm around her. We then heard two loud thumps coming from the front end of the bar and a shadow was seen moving about the far end.

Darran then turned on the spirit box and said to the little girl, "Are you sat on Rebecca's lap? "  We got the reply "YES I AM ". Paul and some of the guests then saw a shadow in the far corner of the room. This was a male. Emma thought that he was hunched over a bit. Paul believed that he was wearing a large hat. He seemed to move right to left. He then drew close to Nicky as she could feel him right behind her and then felt her face touched. As she did, she felt really sick. Her dad took a photo at the same time and on the photo, there's a white patch on her right cheek like a hand on her face. Darran still had the spirit box on and asked

"Who's the gentleman stood at the back of the room? "Straight away there was a loud and clear "GEORGE "he had a Gloucester accent.

 (We found out when we were leaving from Norman the manager that George is a former owner of the pub.)

Darran then asked "George, come forward please "we got the answer "NO".

Instead he stayed where he was, touching various women at that end of the room, playing with their hair. Meanwhile, Rebecca's hand was becoming numb as the little girl was grabbing hold of it still.  There were then 2 loud taps from behind the bar and then the sound of something either being slid or dragged along behind the bar. We then had a few K2 hits.

Darran then asked "Richard are you here? "    "NO"

"Can you try repeating that please? "   "SHES HERE"


We then moved down to the front of the bar where again we were sat in a circle and doing a séance .we were having K2 hits and then when I went over to sit on a stool by one of the side tables, someone walked behind me. All I saw was a black shadow. I thought it was a guest and so whipped me head around to see who it was but no one was there.

Everyone then went off again on their own. Again we had some good photos taken by guests.

For the final investigation of the night we went back down to the black cat and all sat down in the snug area.

Both knock off torches started to turn on by themselves and a guest felt the back of her chair move. At the same time, the K2 went up. The little girl's name was picked up as being Annie-Margaret. Again she stayed around Rebecca. There were some taps coming from behind the bar and Paul felt someone standing behind him by the door. Guests also saw it. Darran took a photo and it would appear that there is a small child standing side on in the doorway looking through the window. (This end is the toilet end by the barren cellar end rather than the double doors to the back stairs) Nicky was getting a very heavy feeling where she was sat by the bar who was believed to be George. Darran then had his neck tickled and Rebecca had her hand held again. There was then a noise from behind the bar that sounded like either paper being ripped or Velcro. Nicky kept having her necked touched. As she mentioned it was George, the torch turned on. Paul asked spirit to turn it back off again and they did. At the same time, the K2 went up to red. There was then the sound of a deep exhalation and just after, Darran had someone touch his side. Finally just before we finished we heard 2 loud thuds and then the sound of around 5 footsteps above us. It couldn't be Norman as when he walked upstairs, his stairwell is the other end and you could hear the footsteps coming from one end of the ceiling to the other. In this case, there were only 5 and were directly above the snug.  

Digital recordings picked up:

Upstairs in the restaurant end, the sound of ripping has been picked up as well as a really loud creaking noise. However this was close by and not from upstairs.

In the upstairs front bar, a voice is picked up but no one seems to hear it as no one comments on it. However I can't work out what's being said.

Downstairs in the Black cat, down the seating end, a glass bottle being clunked has been picked up. Later on, it sounds like someone blows a party whistle but again, no one comments on it which we would if we had heard it.

As for video footage, we captured a few good orbs in the main bar upstairs and flashing lights in the black cat. One of the orbs going along the main bar upstairs must've been when we heard something in that end as, as you see the orb on one camera, on the other, a couple of guests stand up to look around the corner and then I go off to have a look.

All in all a fantastic night. Much more than we anticipated. We had a great group who all joined in which made it easier for us and spirit to communicate. Can't wait now to go back in September.