Investigation log of Naval firepower Museum Portsmouth Saturday 25th April 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  Drizzly


Once everyone arrived, we decided to try and hit as many of the buildings on the site as possible as it's probably going to be our last visit

For the first vigil, we went into the old parade building. I picked upon a male called Seamus O Mally . he was a corporal. A little boy was picked up by a guest who was around 7-8 yrs old. He was blonde with freckles. It was Seamus who was then playing with my hair. The name Joseph was also picked up. Katherine picked up the smell of alcohol and Bo. There were a few taps and knocks from the other end of the room as well as someone humming

We then went into the squash court where a john Francis was picked up by darran. There were a few taps and something was thrown in the squash court end of the building which landed on the floor.

In the lab, the knocking block which was placed in another room went off 3 times and we could hear banging as if someone was walking around upstairs. The knock off torch also went off. A male energy was picked up as well as a Katherine who was upstairs in the building. We could also hear people talking quietly. We asked in turn who spirit wanted to talk to by turning off the torch and it turned off when we got to Helen. Katherine says that there was  male with her. He was there when the explosion occurred on the site. Katherine was either hurt by glass or had chemical burns to her hand.

After a short break, we started back for round 2, starting off in the admin block. The K2s were going off and kaths hand went really cold but the rest of her body was ok. There was quite a difference in temperature between her hand and the rest of her body. Kevs head was then touched.

We then went into 309 whereby the knocking block which had been put into the other half of the building from where we were stood went off. K2 teddy went up to red. We also heard a Childs voice as well as other voices like a group of people talking. The on off torch went on and there was a loud bang from the other end of the room

On going into the cottages, we heard a couple of quiet grunts and both myself and a guest had the name of Jeremiah (she had picked this name up in the squash court earlier) a George was also picked up. There were again a couple of noises and taps. Darran was getting a male called Pete who was saying "Margaret's here ". Another guest had the name of Tessie.

Again we went for a break

For the final round, we first went into the grand magazine in the main building. Darran picked up on a male named frank. Again there were a few muffled noises and taps from the far end and one guest had the name of Neville. Apart from that, this room was pretty quiet.

Finally, we finished off in Big guns where the on off torches were going on and off. There were a couple of bangs which we weren't sure of. Around the corner in the missile part, again the torches went on and off but again, this part was quite quiet this time around.

EVPs picked up were

In the cottages, there was a strange sound which i can't work out

In 309, a few taps and bangs and a voice says "la la".

In the locker room, again we had some taps and knocks on the benches near the machine.

Nothing was picked up in the grand magazine

As for the admin block there were a few strange noises in here. There was the sound of something being dragged as well as sounds that were as if someone was moving around upstairs.

Video footage didn't bring us anything unfortunately but you can't guarantee these things.