the feathers hotel ludlow

Investigation Log Feathers Hotel Ludlow 28th April 2012

Vigil Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Wet and windy

The team split the guests into two groups, the first group with Paul and Lorraine in room 212 for the first vigil and Darran and Dave in room 211

In room 212, Robert Potter was picked up again (he was also picked up on our last visit) he had died during the civil war. He had had an affair with Margaret who worked and stayed at the hotel. Her husband had already cheated on her also. Margaret had a message for one of the guests to tell him that his grandmother was fine and that there was a god and that she was happy.

Paul had his bum touched by unseen hands. There were hot and cold spots as well as a few taps heard. Margaret and Catherine were also picked up as well as a little boy called Frank. His mother Betty worked at the hotel. His father was called Charles. Guests felt their arms and hands being tickled. The torch switched on by itself and there were temperature fluctuations.

Meanwhile in room 212, there were good results with the K2. A James Baxter was picked up. Also a little boy named Jack came through. Draughts could be felt. A lady could be seen in the mirror wearing a black dress. The sound of whimpering could be heard coming from the bathroom on two occasions. A Beth was also picked up. Guests had their ears played with and taps were heard.

After a short break, the groups then went off to do their own lone vigils. In the King Charles 1st room a male child, a married woman and a soldier named Arthur who had an injured left leg were picked up. Another female was picked up with the initial possibly either L or I. she was an elderly lady. A pentagram was drawn on the planchette.

In the writing room, good K2 hits were had and the spirits were lighting them on demand. There were also yes or no answers on the planchtte. George was also picked up who Darran had communicated with on our last visit. He was the chief of police. He doesn't like women.

An Albert was also picked up and could be heard deep breathing.

In the Banqueting hall, a little boy called Peter who was 6yrs old was picked up. He stated that there were 9 other children in that room with him. One of the guests reminded him of his mother Catherine. She worked at the hotel and wore a black dress. He likes to play with the other children and has fun with guests as he likes to tug their trouser legs. A Richard was seen at the far end of the room.

There were good K2 hits when Darran asks Robert if his master is in the room. Oliver Cromwell was also picked up. Shadows are seen to move across the wall and Paul picks up on a dog.

In the writing room George came through on the planchette. He remembered Darran being there from February. He liked Lorraine and was breathing heavily around her. The K2 was also lighting up. He was retired from the police and went into something else afterwards. Charles 1st also came through and stated that he liked it when Darran was belittling Cromwell .He doesn't hate Cromwell stating he was just doing his job. Charles knows that we are visiting Chavenage in October and states that both he and Cromwell are also seen there.

For the second vigil. Everyone went together in one large group doing a séance in the banqueting hall. A few taps were heard and the torch lit up on its own. Again there were temperature fluctuations. A Robert Baxter was then picked up.

For the third and final vigil, everyone went into the James 1st room. Again a little boy Peter came through aged 6. He's an ancestor of one of the guests. He stated that the picture on the wall of the room is Catherine. A guest's grandmother also came through. Taps could be heard and there were good K2 hits. Guests felt breezes across their faces. The master also came through. The feeling of secret meetings taking place in the room possibly masons was also picked up.  A Jimmy also came through. He's not used to women being in the room. He used to sit in there playing cards. The smell of cigar smoke could be smelt. George came through who was the time period still of when the Feathers was a hotel although Darran was getting the feeling that the building was used as something else prior to it
being an Inn and had the feeling that the Feathers also owned one of the buildings next door which is now the restaurant however he had the feeling that before, it was a butchers or a bakers. This room was George's room and he used it as a parlour. This room is extremely busy in feelings that there would have been a lot of people gathering there for various means. Blue lights were also flashing around the K2 meters and then both of them started working simultaneously flashing and staying switched on for the same amount of time.

As for EVPs, in the James 1st room we have:

A clinking / chinking sound like the clinking of glass.

In the writing room it sounds like a female moan and then a male voice chuckling.  There is also a female voice heard later on

In room 211, the chair can be heard creaking at the end of the bed and a male's voice can be heard although I can't make out what is said and no one is in the room at the time

In room 212 there were a few taps, a bang and later on in the night a voice

In the banqueting hall, the team hear a low cough and then later a "no" is heard in reaction to a question being asked

The cameras picked up a few good orbs around especially in the writing room and the bedrooms.


Till next time …..