Investigation of Feathers Hotel Saturday 28th May 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild


When everyone was ready, we started the first investigation in the banqueting hall. A little girl was picked up on the minstrel gallery. I had the name of Rosie and Dave had a name of Anna. My hair was touched. One of the group was also being touched. A little boy was then picked up aged around 6 yrs old. He's got blonde hair. Darran picked up the name of Jack.  Both he and Kev then had the name of Thomas come through.  I was picking up on a George who is also a child

Lorraine felt as though someone was stood in front of her and my hair was being played with. The K2 teddy was going off constantly, believed to be jack. a couple of the group believed that teddies arm was actually moving at the same time he was being touched which freaked one of the girls out. Another of the group was feeling really hot and had to step out of the circle. Another was freezing cold. Darran picked up on a male called Graham. Alight tapping was heard from the end of the room and shadows could be seen by a number of the group moving up on the minstrel gallery by the armour. It seemed to be going back and fore. A low whistle was heard and there were a few flashing lights seen high p on the wall. Others could hear footsteps up the gallery .others felt as though their hair was being touched and played with


Everyone then went off to do their lone vigils. Some who stayed in the banqueting hall, picked up a little boy by the minstrel end and he stated that he didn't want to play with the knocking block but preferred to play with teddy

In Rm 212, there was a message for darran on the board by others who recorded it. It was from Edith Davies born in Cardiff in 1870. She said "I'm alright "and "deaf" and when asked if she had a message for him spelt out "he is wonderful ". She also spelt out the name of Mary and that she had links to Taunton. It wasn't until darran was told about the initial message that he stated that there was a branch of the family tree called the Davies's ( which as his wife i knew nothing about ) and that Edith Davies was his great great grandmother and that they were originally from Somerset !

In Rm 211, Amy picked up the name Diane whilst Dave picked up on the name of Lizzy.

In the James 1st room, a couple of the guests also had someone who appeared to be related to them who was sat next to them by the fire. She didn't want them to leave and that she stated that she was "One of the sisters" and stated that she was Patricia. She stated that she wasn't there alone but other family members are with her and she stated that she would communicate via the board later.  Other guests picked up on a little boy and that the room was used as a gentleman's room with no women in it.

Back to the banqueting hall and another group had a female on the board spelling out guest's names who were around the table and that she was a female spirit. She was a friend of one of the guests and got her name and age right. Other spirits again seemed to be family members of this particular group naming family members and a certain guest's family member names.


For the 2nd vigils, we went into the bedrooms and due to the size of the rooms, split it up into two groups. Myself and Lorraine took the hen party into room 212 initially. It was pretty quiet in her. There were a few energy lights seen by one of the guests. I picked up on Mr Potts and the board had a reaction when his name was mentioned. Lorraine picked up on a male called Henry. There was a male energy on the board who doesn't like females in the room and didn't want to speak to us. He said that he wanted us to leave. Meanwhile, the boys were in room 211, and were picking up an Elizabeth who is aged 26.

We then went into room 211 where a couple of us had the feeling of neuralgia in our faces. It was quite painful. We had nothing on the spirit box. Again spirit energy lights were seen and a shadow went across the wall adjoining rooms 211 and 212. Knocks and taps could be heard against the wall. We were all sat around in a circle holding hands and one guest stated "i don't believe that there's anything in this room, i don't think you are really here" at that, her hair was tugged and you've never seen anyone jump so fast and land in the lap of a friend before as she stated that just after having her hair tugged, someone shoved her in the front of her head. To say it frightened / shocked she was an understatement.


Again everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In room 211, Kev and Caroline were led on the bed talking and had the laser grid on. As they were chatting, they saw a shadow figure around 5ft high come in front of the grid from the left of the room and in front of the window. Caroline then stayed in there after Kev left the room and had the rest of her group with her who decided to do a planchette. They picked up on a female who worked there and liked working there. It was her that Kev and Caroline had seen walking across the room earlier. She isn't happy and not at peace. As one of the group asks, "DO YOU WANT TO STAY HERE? ", a low moan has been picked up on evp

In the snugs downstairs, a group of some of the hen party went in there with K2s and the knocking block. They heard tapping on the wall and when they did the same and asked again for spirit to do it again, it would. They then heard a scraping sound and one of the girls heard a door close and Cherry believed that footsteps were coming up behind her. As she told the rest of the girls about this, something was heard to move and the knocking block alarm went off. They came running up the stairs screaming and probably woke up half of Ludlow in the process.

In James 1 room, a guest picked up on a police officer and that he knew someone in the room. Other guests picked up on a little boy aged 6 whose name is Pete W. He wanted to speak to Kayleigh in the group. He's not from the building.

In the writing room, one group got the planchette moving. It was a little boy who was moving it around the table and trying to move it towards Neil. He was then trying to draw a picture for the group.  Its little George who i picked up earlier in the banqueting hall. Emma felt someone leaning over her, over her shoulders. He lives here.


The last investigation we did in the James 1. It was pretty quiet in here. Apart from the teddy going off a few times, we didn't pick much up in here.


EVPs picked up:

Banqueting hall. - strange knocks and bangs when no one was in the room as at that time, we were all upstairs in the bedrooms and no one has entered the room.

In the writing room, everyone was upstairs in the bedrooms but in the room itself, you can hear a sound like a cigarette lighter being flicked

In Rm 211 during the second lones, As one of the group asks, "DO YOU WANT TO STAY HERE? ", a low moan has been picked up on evp. Much later on, there is lots of knocking and tapping in the room when no ones in there.

As for video footage. The only thing we seem to have picked up confirms what Kev said happened in room 211. When he and Caroline were on the bed, they stated that they saw a shadow move through the laser grid. On the video, there is a strange faint shape by the end of the bed but you do see the lights being disturbed as though something goes through it and at one point whatever it is, is illuminated in green from the lights. Very strange


In all, not the most active of nights that we've had at the hotel but you can't guarantee anything and it would appear that a lot of the guests were getting personal messages or their loved ones coming through which is always nice. It'll be good to get back there in January