Investigation Log of Feathers Hotel Ludlow 10th March 2018   


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: damp / mild


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off in the banqueting hall. In here we did a circle. Things started off quite slowly the K2s were starting to go off and we were getting some knocks and taps from the other end of the room. On one side of the circle, guests were feeling coldness and a breeze only on their right hand. On the other side of the circle, others felt the same but on their right knees. The rest of their bodies remained hot as the room was quite warm at this point. We then heard some footsteps on the wooden floor at the other end of the room. The red torch then came on which I placed on the table by now and again, the K2s were turning on. A couple of the guests were picking up movement from the far end by the kitchen door and a shadow walking in front of the kitchen door. One felt a presence and that he was a miserable man. A female energy was also picked up and the feeling of sadness. Caroline then started to feel like she was being pushed forwards. As we broke up the circle to allow everyone to go off and do their own investigations, mark looked towards the far end and saw a female face at the window in the doors. No one was in that stairwell as it was the emergency exit and the door was shut at the bottom. None of our group had left the room from that end.

1st lones

James 1st room. One guest went into the far right corner near the windows. She felt her head begin to ache badly and felt weak and shaky. On moving to another part of the room, she was ok again

Tanners bar downstairs - there was as you went in like a loud whistling in your ears like interference or tinnitus. It was very heady and headachy as well.

Room 211 - Sandra and Dawn were in the bathroom. Sandra down one end and dawn stood with her back to the door but just in front of it. As she stood there, the door was pushed violently into her back. She pushed it back shouting "sorry someone's in here "(Sandra was on the loo) however there was no sound. No one had come into the room; no one was outside in the bedroom. When she went to then reopen the door to leave the bathroom, the door was stuck rigid and she couldn't open it which panicked her. She managed eventually to grab the hook on the back of the door and yank it open. Some others then came into the room and rich mentioned to spirit about an affair. A female voice said "no" quietly. However, I then went to walk into the room. I couldn't get in. the door was locked. I had to use the key to get back in. on going in, the guests looked at me and asked if I just unlocked the door, I said that I had as it was locked I had left it on the latch. However they were stunned sat on the bed and stated that they hadn't been near the door let alone lock it

Writing room - one guest felt her hair being moved. They also heard footsteps on the carpet and saw a shadow go across the top of the table. Yvonne's leg then went really cold.

Room 216 - a guest's hair was touched and another was very shivery and cold despite the room being warm


On reconvening, we started the second vigils, firstly in room 216. We'd not done this room before so it would be interesting to see what we could get. In here, the K2s were going off. There was a Margaret that was picked up who was a very busy woman, always on the go. She seems to go from room to room rather than staying in any one place. Darran was picking up on the name of Olivia. He then turned on the spirit box. There were voices coming through on it saying full sentences but it was so quiet, I couldn't work out what was being said. I then asked spirit if they could set the equipment off for us. The K2 then went off.

I asked spirit if they worked in the building, the response was "I WAS THE HEAD TEACHER ". The trifield then started to drain and the K2s started to go up to orange on the spirit box, a female voice was then heard to say "GOOD EVENING EVERYONE "very clearly. I then asked where they were and was met by the response "IM IN THE CORRIDOR ".

Another male voice was also picked up saying " STOP DOING THAT " and a couple of minutes later, the same voice states " SHES CONFIDENT "

We then all went down to room 211. In here, the REM pod was going off when I mentioned the affair K2 Ted started to go off in the bathroom. Again in here, the trifield started to drain and we heard the sound of squealing interference in the room as though a microphone was too close to a speaker for instance ( not that we had any speaker OR microphone

Darran then turned on the spirit box again. I asked "Edward are you here? "There was a "YES "in response. I then asked, were you billeted here? Again, he responded YYES" I then asked if was involved in the civil war. Again, he stead yes.


Everyone then went off again to do their own lone vigils again.

In room 211, group in there, could hear the sound of furniture being scraped and moved around. However there was only them in there and no one had moved.

In James 1st room, whilst they were in there, they heard a couple of of laughs as did Richard. However there was no one the writing room when they went next door to check. There were also knocks in response when they asked for them. There was also the smell of tobacco smoke.

Mark took a photo and on looking at it, it looks ice from behind, someone sat in one of the chairs in front of the fire as there's a misty outline and then a head shape appearing over the back of the chair.


For the final vigils, we started off in the Prince William Suite. We haven't used this room before so it was going to be interesting. I firstly had everyone sat around the table holding hands in order to increase the energy in the room. Darran put the spirit box on. In here, we were having a female voice speaking she stated that her name was either Elizabeth or Elspeth. She owned and ran the shop below the hotel.

Again, the trifield began to die and the k2s were going up. We asked if this time it was a man and he said "YES"

I then asked for confirmation and asked "is your name Louis "? The response was a very loud and clear John I asked, did you own this part of the building? The response was "NO "other people's voices could then be heard very faintly on the box. I then asked if he could do me a favour and the response was "YES". I asked if he could turn on the on/off torches. However he didn't do it.

A little boy's voice then came over the voice box but I can't work out what he said. A male voice then said, "Come on "as if talking to a child or a dob perhaps. I then asked if he wanted to come and join us in the James 1st room. There was then an American voice heard to reply "yes ma'am ". I then said, "were going into the James 1st room, are you coming? "The response was "yeah I'm coming"

Finally, we went around into the James 1st room where again I spoke to the American soldier and asked "are you just hear or do you go elsewhere in the building", his reply was "FRANCE". We worked out from his answers that he had gone to France AFTER the war had ended. He was a there as an intelligence gathering exercise from 1952 - 56. He wasn't allowed to tell anyone what he was doing. He would tell them that he was elsewhere. As I was asking him the questions, he was replying with a "YES" on the spirit box. He liked the on off torches and seemed to reply on these in order to answer his questions at the end, we asked for him to say goodbye e to us. However he didn't but a female did. She up to this point had been quiet. She first said a quick "BYE" but when I called it a night and stated that we were finishing, she said "SEE YOU ""BE GOOD "really clearly. We thanked her, told her I'd be good and brought the night to a close


EVPs captured

Writing room- various taps and knocks picked up. Unfortunately, it sounds like sometime during the second lone vigils, someone was messing with the recorder and it turned off

Room 216-theres a really strange noise that sounds like someone sucking their teeth. This was when everyone was downstairs

Room 211- when we are downstairs, there's a loud noise, that we can't explain. Sounds like furniture being dragged. Around half an hour later, it starts doing it again. This is near the end of the night when we are all in the lounge.

Banqueting hall - when we were all upstairs doing the second vigils, the door banged loudly however no one came into the room and I can't see the door actually opening. There was the sound of footsteps on wooden floors then but nothing is seen on the video. The door then bangs again. The whole of the wooden floored end was captured in the video and shows no one being in there