Investigation log. Feathers Hotel Ludlow Sat 29th September 2012


Investigation times : 10pm until 3 supposedly but finished at 5am

Weather : cold / dry

From the moment the team walked into the hotel they could feel the energy around them especially on going upstairs to their rooms. We have investigated the hotel a number of times however this investigation turned out to be one of our best ever!

On having a walk about prior to the guests arriving, in room 212 a Theodore was picked up as well as feelings of light-headedness, tingling lips and noses. On the stairs, there was a feeling of drunkenness. In the banqueting hall, pinpricks of light could be seen as well as a mist. A Timmy was picked up and a few taps heard. The light switched on and off. The sound of something dropping onto the floor was heard and a shadow seen walking along the balcony. By the main door, Richard was picked up.

Once the guests arrived and were split into the two groups, Paul and Lorraine took their group into room 211. Blue lights could be seen flashing and footsteps heard. Cold breezes were felt and the K2 was constantly going off. Noises were coming from the bathroom area. An Edward was picked up who looked like a farmer. (He was looking for his dog) a dog bark was heard and guests could feel something brushing against their legs. Margaret was picked up who was wearing a black dress. She had her black hair tied in a bun. She pushed
one of the guests sat on the bed forcefully in the back before grabbing Pauls groin area. She responded to Paul's voice on the K2 answering questions.

Darran meanwhile was in room 212 where a little boy called George and his mother Jane were picked up. Jane came very close to the group and there were constant K2 hits. She had lived in the hotel. George's father was the Landlord of the hotel and was very Royalist. He had seen the soldiers arriving at the hotel. Charlotte a chambermaid also came through and footsteps were heard coming from the bathroom. Charlotte wore a wig (she was bald) and was scorned by the hotel owner. A dog's presence was felt and a James came through who touched guests. Charlotte liked one of the male guests as he reminded her of her lover. Charlotte doesn't like females in the room and tends to drag them from the bed.  Taps and knocks were hall. 4 K2s were placed around the room and all 4 were going off
simultaneously. George confirmed that he had been the flashing orb in Paul and Lorraines room last time we stayed there and confirmed via the K2 that he was there when Darran played a trick on them once they went to bed and thought it was funny ( we still had evps and cameras running whilst in bed. Darran decided to put  a walkie talkie under their bed. we waited until theyd settled to go to sleep and then Darran started whispering into the walkie talkie. The result was hilarious. I don't think Lorraine has ever moved so quickly and Paul was searching under the bed for the cause of the whispering and all caught on camera too )

The guests then went off to do their own vigils. In the James 1st room a little boy drew an aeroplane on the planchette. In the writing room, a Charles came through who had a musket and drum. He was based at the hotel and was of rank. He went to the castle and fought at Worcester. He was happily married. An American soldier called victor was also picked up from Washington State. He was 18yrs old and married. His wife died during childbirth and was connected to the hotel. He committed suicide after his wife's death.  A Jane also came through who was quite shy. She didn't like the camera flashes. A male named john also came through on the planchette.

In room 211 some guests did table tipping and in rm 212 there were K2 hits, cold legs and a torch flew off the table. Some guests thought state that they saw the wardrobe door open. However the camera angle wasn't on the wardrobe and so I cant confirm this. A dog is also picked up. This gives the feel of cold legs as though brushing against them and one guest felt as if her hand was wet almost either from a nose or lick.

For the second vigil, Darran and Lorraine took their group into the James 1st room. Civil war soldiers came through and a Thomas Kendal. Mr Monroe who went AWOL from the army also came through as he feels guilty about it. A James and a William were picked up and K2 hits and cold draughts were had. Lots of orbs were caught by guests taking photos.

Paul's group meanwhile were in the writing room. Richard a shape shifter was there. He was pretending to be someone else (this Richard we had initially met in the Hellfire caves in West Wycombe) he wouldn't let other spirits through. He affected guest's arms and made a guest feel like her arm had lead weights attached. She felt dizzy and had to leave the circle. Another guest felt as though a spirit had actually passed through them. Paul had the
feeling of dread. They could also smell tobacco smoke quite strongly. Another Richard came through who was a man of the cloth. He also dabbled in the dark arts and therefore wasn't liked very much

On going off again onto their lone vigils, in the writing room, the whole room lit up at one point as if someone had used a camera flash although no one had used a camera at all as most guests were in the base room. In room 211 the wardrobe door slammed and locked itself.

In the final vigil in the Prince Charles suite, everyone got together. Timothy and Victoria two children were picked up. K2 hits were had and clicks and taps heard. Lights could be seen on the balcony by the army which were seen by most of the group. Shadows were also seen moving around the room by the windows. 2 male spirits were in the room one Richard and one other who wouldn't give his name. Lorraine felt unwell and a number of others felt cold and dizzy.

A small group then went back into room 211 where more K2 hits were had. There was a horrible damp dog smell which moved around the room. The female Jane came back and was talking to Darran and touching his head and arm. There were noises of shuffling and taps. Again there were noises coming from the bathroom and muted voices and tap / bangs coming from room 212 next door although no one was in there. The smell of violets or roses ( described as Turkish delight which is rose) could be smelt.

For some reason, the whole camera system switched itself off at 0330hrs including the computer. Darran had to switch them back on when he realised.

As for EVPs, in the writing room, various taps and knocks can be heard whilst no one was in the room. Also the sound of footsteps. At one point when Paul asks spirit if they are picking on the women in the group, you hear a faint male voice say "yeah". Creaks and clinks sounding like glasses clinking together can also be heard when no ones in the room.

In room 212, the sound of someone trying the door handle to the room (however, you can hear when someone is outside as you hear them walking towards the door. On this instance, nothing can be heard bar the door handle rattling. Various taps and cracks can be heard when no ones in the room

As for video, there are a few nice orbs seen in all the rooms

At the end of the evening whilst putting the kit into the car, Paul and Darran heard bottles moving around the car park and then saw a misty white shadow by the parked cars darting about. They then both saw another shadow shape moving around 3 cars further down and then coming up towards our car. This wasn't a person as in a living person but a shadow.
Another misty white shadow was seen by the team and the night porter then descend the back stairs from the banqueting hall into the car Park and quickly move towards the front of the hotel. All in all a fantastic night with lots of energy. The guests were fantastic all joining in and not wanting to leave at the end of the night and with a night like that, who would!