Investigation log of Feathers Hotel Ludlow 11th February 2017  

Investigation times 10pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and cold


We started by taking the group upstairs to start the investigation in the bedrooms. Firstly we went into room 211. Guests could see a male shadow in the corner near the wardrobe and one of the guests sat in that area, was having her hair played with. 2 orbs were seen behind her in another guest's camera. The trifield battery died despite it being new. It completely drained within ten minutes of it being switched on. It then came back to life and lit up again. The K2s were also lighting up. The temperature in that particular corner was measuring at 6 degrees despite the room being quite warm with all of us being in there. A couple of the guests started to smell flowery perfume like roses or lily of the valley. One guest picked up on the name of Hattie and also a Richard who was as she described "screaming GET OUT". There were shadows moving around in the mirror despite everyone being stood still and the reflection showed someone stood between deb and Trudy on the other side of the room but there was no one between them.  When we decided to leave and go into the next bedroom, we left a guest Sarah to do her own lone vigil in here. While she was in there, she states that she felt threatened. She didn't like the area near the bathroom. Something didn't feel right about the door. She felt cold in one particular are of the room and then felt a burning on her leg. (We have picked up someone being burnt in a fire in this room previously. a male called Peter)

We then moved next door to room 212. In here a Margaret was picked up and the K2s were going mad as well as the Mel meter going up from 0.0 to 0.4 and back again. It then went up to 0.7 and down to 0.0 again. We were getting some good reactions when I mentioned about her husband going off with other women. Her husband was called George. I then tried the spirit box and there was something said on it but we couldn't work out what it was. Again the smell of roses appeared. Mr Potter was also picked up as well as the name of Victor.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

James 1st room - a female was picked up by some guests. She didn't want to talk with them and was angry with them being there. It was Margaret from upstairs. Her husband was George and he didn't kill hr. he worked in the building. Another male was also picked up that Kev had seen in the room a couple of years ago. He didn't like the guest sat in his chair. Something then touched Emma's leg. The atmosphere then changed and someone else came into the room. This is another female. One guest picked up on the name Hattie or Hettie and that this spirit used to visit here. Shes from the local area and liked a laugh. She stated that there are 9 spirits around them in the room.


In room 211, some guests took it in turns to try some scrying. They were getting some interesting results.


In the writing room, one guest tried her pendulum and picked up on the name of Arthur and also a female called Elizabeth who was born there and was married and had two children. She liked living there and was from the 19th century. She walks around the hotel. She also died there. Her children and husband are still with her. She had a black cat that wasn't very healthy. They also had George and Gary written on the planchette.

This guest also picked up on a little boy I the corner called Charles as well as the name Emily who is 5 yrs. old.

A male was also picked up who was very protective of his family. Possibly that this was Arthur. Another guest felt as though she was being pushed



On re-joining, we started the second investigation in the banqueting hall. In here, the K2s were going up to red and Vick felt a breath on the back of her head. There was a loud bang from the other end of the room. Two children called Emily and Charlie who were brother and sister were picked up. They were both lighting up the on / off torches on request. If we asked one of them to turn on the green, they would and then the red and so forth.

Taps bangs and footsteps were heard from the balcony and shadows seen up there. Both K2 dolly and teddy lit up to red. Emily and Charlie then went quiet. They were scared of a male energy I the room.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations again.

In the James 1st room, one guest picked up on a female spirit called iris.

In the banqueting hall, some guests on the board picked up a male spirit who's unhappy. He's in his 20s and is married

In the writing room, a female was picked up. It isn't Hattie as before but wouldn't give any details of who she was

In room 212, one guest smelt at first quite a feminine perfumed smell but this soon turned into a pungent nasty smell and she then had the feeling of uneasiness.

Finally we went into the James 1 room. It was quite quiet in here although we were hearing footsteps and taps coming from our bedrooms directly above us despite no one being up there. One guest also smelt pipe smoke and the K2s were going off


EVPs picked up.

In the Lounge, there is a two toned whistle picked up. Also when everyone was in the banqueting hall doing the second investigation, there were loads of knocks and bangs on the ceiling. These would have been coming from room 212 which was our room and we were in the banqueting hall at the time.

In the banqueting hall, when no one was in the room and we were up in the bedrooms, there's a loud tap and then a woman's voice which says something of 2 syllables but I can't work out what's being said. Also, when we did the investigation of the room, two whistles have been picked up. These were heard by a couple of the guess at the time.

In room 212, when I asked for a Peter to make himself known, there is a low OO OO OO which is heard by a few of us. Also when no one was in the room, there were various knocks and taps throughout the evening