Investigation Log of Feathers Hotel Ludlow 12th October

Investigation times: 9pm - 3am

Weather: dry and cold  

Things were to start off a bit differently tonight as due to childcare issues, we had our 6 yr old with us when setting up with the intention of him then going to bed once the guests arrived. However we did a little experiment with him which turned out great to be honest.

In the Prince Charles suite, (banqueting hall) where we set up, we usually end up communicating with a couple of children in the room.  This is also where on the last investigation; a ball came flying off the table towards me.  With this in mind, we decided to see how they would react to a child trying to communicate with them for a change.

Whilst I set up, Ethan went up to the other end of the room like a little pro, and started asking various questions, introducing himself and asking them to speak to him or play ball with him. We were surprised ourselves as to how he was doing the questioning as it had never been explained to him. Whilst he was doing it, we began to hear little noises and quiet whispers. Lorraine then went up to the other end with him so to give him a little extra encouragement and as he'd set up all the toys down that end, he asked spirit to set off the knocking block alarm. With no one near it, they did. Just after, Ethan asked them to say Hello loud enough for him to hear, and heard a little voice say "Huh". When they asked spirit to come near them and hold their hands, the knocking block went off again and then as Eth had his arm outstretched saw a white what he describes as a spot (possibly small orb) come towards him slowly and disappear under his armpit.  I'm hoping that this has been captured on EVP or video.

Lorraine picked up on a strong smell of cigar smoke in the back stairwell despite there being no one in the area at that time or no one smoking anything of any sort. There were also cold spots and footsteps in the Prince Charles room.

In Rm 211, the door to the room kept slamming shut even though the bolt was out and put on lock to open. Also, the video unit was in that room. Although it was all set up to be showing on the screen the current time and live recording, it suddenly started to play backwards showing a previous investigation on the screen. We don't know how it did it and have never seen it before. You would have to press a complex series of buttons to get this to happen so we can't explain it as only myself and Darran know how to work the unit.

In the James 1st room, Colin and Lorraine sat in there doing a quiet evp session when Colin saw something pass in front of his camera and affect the light. No one had walked past outside or car gone past so we don't know what that was. Kevin then went in there on his own to take photos and saw a shadow person move across the room.

Once the guests arrived, and after the introductions, due to us getting something in there already, we decided to carry on in the same room, Ethan stayed for ten minutes and asked again for them to come forward but they remained quiet this time so off to bed he went.

Continuing in there, Colin heard low whispers and voices. One of the guests joined him and could hear the same but it sounded as if it was coming from upstairs. There is no upstairs in the room unless it was coming from the area of the minstrel's gallery at the end. There were also cold spots around her legs around the same time that Darran captured a light anomaly going across the window in the far left side door ( which has been captured on video ) there was also creaking and K2 hits . Paul and another guest saw a light by the back door but couldn't work out where it came from. At the same time a low moan was heard.  He also picked up on a male being in the room named Richard who he described as being short and with a moustache

Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone vigils.

In the James 1st room, Colin and Lorraine conducted a quiet evp session and heard footsteps and whistles, they also felt cold. The REM pod was also turning on on command as well as turning off. Some guests then joined them and Colin then felt someone blow in his ear not long after one of the guests saw what they thought was a shadow person walking across the room. There were also strange lights emanating from the arm of one of the armchairs. Again they couldn't work out where they were coming from as there was no equipment shining on them. 

In room 211, a guest had the feeling of dread on walking in there and wanted to get out of there. A male who is short and stout was picked up and they wanted to check under the bed for him.  (Strangely, when we were setting up and putting cables in etc, Ethan was in the room and I asked him if he wanted to do a little vigil in the room before we started for the night. He said no, and when I asked why, he informed me that there was a ghost under the bed and he didn't want to stay in there) the camera batteries also drained and the smell of brandy was picked up.

In room 212, a slim male figure was picked up on the doorway by a guest who actually walked around him thinking it was another guest before realising that there was no one there.

We then moved the groups into the bedrooms. Myself and Colin went with our group into room 212. On the Ovilus, the name Richard Pope came up before starting to swear at us. It then said "bike outside". Colin looked out of the window, to see a male on a pushbike just disappearing down one of the alleys up the road. The name Sally also came up and the REM pod also lit up. On the Planchette, we had it moving very slowly for us and Colin picked up on the name of Victoria. She stated that someone within the group reminded her of someone she used to know. The REM batteries then drained.

Meanwhile, in Rm 211, Lorraine and Paul had a couple of taps coming from the bathroom and again the smell of brandy. The on off torch also lit up.

The guests then went off to do their own vigils again. Down in one of the snugs downstairs the "Tanners" one of the guests was surprised to find that a portrait of a young boy on the wall was the spitting image of her son. The strangest part of it was that their surname is also Tanner. Myself and Colin also had the REM go off as well as the K2.

In the other snug across the way, another guest kept feeling that his back was cold although his front was always warm. This was despite him turning around in front of the fire to see if he could warm it up. On measuring it with the gauge, his back was always gauged around 4 to 4 ½ degrees colder than his front.

In James 1st, a guest could smell cigarette smoke despite the windows being shut and the hotel being non smoking. It only lasted a couple of seconds and didn't linger.

For the last vigil, we all went into the James 1st room where Colin had a bright light like a torch going off going past the window. Paul, Kev and one of the guests also saw a shadow like someone had moved across the window and cast a shadow. The K2 was flickering also. Lorraine was getting the feeling of someone passing of pneumonia as well as the feeling of a soldier being in the room. Kev had his arm touched and a torch turned itself on in a guest's pocket.

Meanwhile, rob and Angie, were in the writing room using a pendulum and found out the following information in relation to a couple of spirits in the hotel. There is a Richard Chaser in the hotel as well as his brother Robert. Robert is a short man with curvature of the spine and isn't a nice energy. Richard was born in 1584 and died in March 1642. He wasn't married. The brothers lived on a farm called "Dairy Farm". However, it was due to be inherited to Richard. Robert was jealous believing that it should go to him. One night, they went to the hotel and after too much brandy, an argument ensued over the land. He ended up stabbing Richard. Robert was never convicted for his crime as there was a younger brother called George. George had covered the crime up for him and ended up inheriting it himself. The farm no longer exists however some of the Chaser family descendants remain in the area. Robert is the male in room 211. However, when they were asking questions surrounding the stabbing and where Robert had stabbed Richard (what part of the body) at the same time they had a reply, in the James 1st room next door, where the Ovilus was turned on, the Ovilus at the same time came up with the word stomach.

EVPs captured:

Prince Charles room - When Ethan's doing his little investigation prior to everyone arriving, you can hear him asking " can you say a work in English very loud? " he gets a reply of "YES". Not long after a whisper is heard also

Room 212 - there's a really loud tap on wood as if someone bangs on the dressing table

Writing room - again various taps and knocks were heard

Video Captured:

During the first vigil in the Prince Charles room, whilst everyone is in the room and sat down, through the far end doors, there is a slight mist in the glass and then a bright red light shape moves slowly past the door window before disappearing again. It's not a reflection of the static cameras and at this point no one takes any photos or has their torch on.

In the writing room, there are a couple of orbs that show up quite brightly. Also the camera which was placed in the window moves from side to side. It's not a slight movement either. Firstly as a group of female guests come into the room and sit at the table, it moves sharply to the right. After they leave, a short time after, it moves back sharply to the left again. It's not been moved by anyone treading on the cables due to them being stuck down and secured. Also no one physically moves them as you would need to get right into the window to do it and couldn't do it without being seen. When one couple sit at the table, a strange light comes from the left of the camera. It's not a torch and looks like something forming. Whilst you watch them on the planchette a light then streaks past the chairs on the left. A little later, not long before they leave the room, he looks up to the right just as again a light rod or similar comes into view on the top left of the camera.

In room 212, as mark and Lexi are in there investigating. A large orb suddenly appears in front of them. It doesn't move in towards them, just appears and then disappears again