Investigation log of Feathers Hotel 20th February 2016

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather : on  / off rain showers


Before the evening even started, Darran was sitting quietly inroom 211and picked up on a female in the room who was standing over the bed (bathroom side). On the other side of the room a male stood in the corner. He wouldn't come forward and just stood there looking at him

Whilst we were having our meal, Jane picked up on a female called Emily who was stood behind her touching her back and hair whilst she was eating. When Darran was then later showing everyone how to use the equipment, in the doorway a female started to materialise but then disappeared as guests started to get up. Another guest picked up on a male who was not very tall, with wavy hair and a beard. He was very rotund and wore a red tunic he had the look of a cavalier.

Caroline's group, whilst we were finishing our food, went into the James 1st. in there, some of them were getting strange buzzing in their ears like bees. There was no reason for it. They were also getting cold breezes going across them and the K2s lighting up.


We then started the first vigil which was to be in thebanqueting hall.Everyone got into a circle.

Jane again picked up on a female who had a grey dress on and was in her 40s she was a housekeeper. Herr Name is Margaret but went by the name of Bessie. The year is 1864. She doesn't come forward much as she tends to keep herself in the background.  Another guest, Donna picked up on a 2nd female with blonde hair with the name of Catherine. She had blue eyes, around 5ft 6 and was slim build. Another guest also picked up on her and stated she was very pretty. 2 others felt very sick in the circle all of a sudden. 2 children were then picked up who were with Catherine. A little boy who was wearing a blue velvet tunic and long white socks called Jacob. With him was a little girl called Emily who was wearing a yellow dress with yellow ribbons on it. Jacob was around 6 yrs. old and had died from bronchial pneumonia.

Another guest kept getting the tune of "faire Jacques" in their head.

I was sat at the table to the side of the room. A couple of guests sat on chairs in front of it. The table was then heard to and did actually move as it moved under my arm. I hadn't budged it as it came towards me, the guests were to the side of it and hadn't moved their chairs back ( and if they had, the table would've moved sideways on to me, not towards me ) so I'm not sure what happened there.

Jane then picked up on a male who was tall and died due to something going "through "his head. He is military.

Another female called Elizabeth was then picked up with dark hair in ringlets. She wore a tight green dress with a sort of apron sewn into the front of it.

The names Alfred and George were picked up and Darran had "call me sir" told him by spirit.

Other guests felt their hair and faces were being touched. The laser grid was on and the lights kept being interrupted as though something was passing through it. There were knocks from the far end by the kitchen on the panelling and shadows also seen in that corner. Shadows were also being seen up on the minstrel gallery. Geoff had actually taken an interesting photo at the beginning of the night up there which look like a man, who is pulling a face, with is mouth open. Very strange!

The trifield went up to full red which we haven't had before and another guest who states that she isn't sensitive and doesn't usually feel anything felt that a little boy was standing to her right, just behind her. He was looking into the middle of the circle. Believed that he wanted to look at K2 ted. He was leaning over her. After  a couple of minutes he got bored and moved away. Two other guests suddenly felt boiling hot and later on, when we reviewed a photo taken of one of them at this time, there's a sort of red mist right next to her head which is where she felt her head and ear burning at that point. Darran batteries then died.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the writing room, guests on the board had a spirit come through who wasn't really telling them anything. They spelt out "RID" and then pointed to "GOOD "this spirit stated that they were male. The female guest felt very sick at this point. We then tried the planchette. This time, we had a female child on there that tried to do little drawings but couldn't really tell us anything. A male then came forward who stated that he used to visit the building in the 15th century. He was illiterate therefore couldn't tell us his name.

Meanwhile, inroom 211, guests were hearing knocking coming from the bathroom for no reason. The planchette in the room was constantly drawing circles and when they asked spirit if they wanted them to leave, the K2 ted, lit up to red. They left.

In the James 1st / lounge room, Jane picked up on a female who used to visit the hotel to visit soldiers. Especially one in particular. A captain. She didn't want to know any of the lower ranks. Captains and upwards only. She died at 22. She and her captain still meet here at the hotel and meet up quite regularly although she stated that he wasn't here tonight. He used to buy her lovely gifts especially of clothes and accessories

Another group in the lounge picked up on two dogs being in the room. One being a Labrador and the other of a Great Dane.


We then gathered everyone up and started the next vigils in the bedrooms. Firstly we all went intoroom 211.

In here we had a female called Margaret the K2s and the trifield were all going off. Margaret wears her dark hair in ringlets. A male by the name of Ralph was also picked up as well as the surname of Richards. The female in the room, Margaret, has the surname of Jones. 2 guests both in the same area of the room then started to have aches in their necks. They both confirmed that it's not something that they usually suffer with. They picked up also that this female energy had chest problems.  The name Matilda was then picked up.

A couple of guests felt their hair being touched and their faces tingling.


Darran then put on the spirit box and although faint voices could be heard now and again, suddenly, we had a female say very clearly "WHAT?" Just after Darran asked spirit to do something for us. Another voice then said something that sounded like "RUTH". There was then another strange noise like an "oooo"


We then all moved next door toroom 212. In here I mentioned the spirit called Mr Potts and every time I mentioned his name, the K2 would go up to red. Guests were getting tingling across their faces and at one point, Kim had her hair pulled and suddenly had sharp pains in her head and behind her eyes. Darran picked up on a female who frequents the room who wears a wig. She's very grumpy and a guest (believe it was Jane) was told by this female "My name is Ethel ". There was a strange noise heard by a few of us which we can't work out what it was and another guests throat began to dry and get sore whilst others had tingling faces and heads again. Cold breezes could be felt going through the room between guests despite there being no window or draughts coming through them (secondary glazing) or under the door. Guests started to feel cold because of it. The names William and Elsa were then picked up as well as a little boy by the name of Eric. 2 Ted was also going up to red.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

Inroom 211,Jacob and Emily were again picked up (those from the banqueting hall in the first vigil) Emily was Jacobs's friend. His Nan was called Helen and he was very exact when he stated that he wasn't 6 but 5 and ¾. He's afraid of the spirit Ralph in the room. Jacob has a toy soldier. His Nan, Helen brought him up as his mother Rosemary , had died when he was very young. He had a pony. Emily liked to play with a hoop and stick. Jacob liked to play jacks with stones.


In the lounge, a group had a male who was 94 on the board. He was happy and gave his initials as being R.D.


In thewriting roomguests on the planchette had the K2 going off and had a female called Elizabeth come through. She likes to be known as Beth. She was born in the 1800s. She had a child and died in 1850. She didn't give any more information


For the final investigation, we all went intothe lounge. In here, guests were having tingling faces and breezes across their faces. K2 ted was also going off. I was asking for taps on wood to copy me we were getting them back. A high pitched sound was then heard by most of us. We sent Jane off on her own into the writing room as just before, we heard footsteps outside the room. Kev went out. No one was there. He went into the writing room and felt a male presence in the room which wasn't all that comfortable. He therefore came back in and didn't say anything until we went Jane in there. On her coming back into the lounge, she stated that she had felt very sick in there and had the feeling of being watched. She had tried to leave the room, she felt as though whoever was in there with her, didn't want her to leave. However she didn't feel that she could stay and therefore came back. We then sent Kim in there and she stated that the mirror reflection kept changing as though it was being blocked out by something. Again, she didn't feel that she could stay in there and had to get out.  Meanwhile in the lounge, the K2s on Ted and on the table by the fire were going up to red.


Evps picked up


Banqueting hall- when we are all in there doing the first vigil, one of the guests starts to laugh. However something / someone else starts to laugh under her. This laugh sounds childlike and not like the guests laugh at all. It's completely different.

Room 212- various knocks and taps are heard in the room when no ones in there. Also whilst we are in there doing the group session, twice theres the sound of something like " ooooh" but it sounds childlike. Its not one of the group

Room 211- shuffling like rustling of material is picked up when no ones in there.

Writing room- at one point, you hear a couple of us talking next door however in this room, a female voice gives a questioning "MMM? "very clearly



Unfortunately, nothing remarkable on this occasion has been captured