Investigation log of Feathers Hotel Ludlow 27th  April  2013  

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  cold / breezy

Before the guests even turned up, whilst setting up we could feel various energy in the rooms we were going to use. However as the night went on, it was a strange night as whilst in a large group, spirit didn't seem to want to come forward however when everyone split off into their own little groups, they were getting things. Maybe this was to do with lack of energy around the group as a whole or scepticism of some, we don't know but we did manage to pick up quite a bit and quite a few of the guests had their own personal experiences which is nice and what we sometimes prefer for them.

Whilst setting up, Darran and I were in the banqueting hall when Darran picked up on a male in armour (no not the mannequin up on the balcony) as well as a small shadow of a little boy running in between the tables. Myself Lorraine and Paul were then in there around half an hour later when the spoon holder just fell over on the table as I mentioned the little boy. There was no reason for it as we were halfway up the room and nowhere near it. Also, it had been happily sat there for the past half hour without a problem. Paul also picked up on the spirit of a little boy in the same room.

Once the guests all arrived, for the first vigil we split them into 2 groups and we went into rooms 211 and 212.

In room 212, the name Isabelle came through as well as a couple of taps and whistle heard. There was a knock from the bathroom and cold spots around the room. The torch then switched itself on by itself.  Just as Paul picked up on a spirit walk in front of a guest, that guest stated that he had felt a cold rush of air in front of him. A Richard was also picked up.

In room 211, the geophone was going off and the spirit of a little girl called sally who was 3yrs old was picked up.  The K2 was also going off going up to red. We sent two of the guests into the bathroom on their own to see what they would experience in there and meanwhile, we remained in the other room, asking for things to happen to them. They could feel their legs going cold. Whilst one of the guests then came out, he left the other in the bathroom. On coming out, he stated that he had been touched whilst in there and felt something on his face. Meanwhile, in the bedroom itself, we picked up on a Kathleen. She was the mother of sally and confirmed her name on the geophone. She died in childbirth. One of the guests had her arm go heavy on her at the same time that the K2 went off. Darran leg starting tingling.a Peter then entered the room who was aged 19 yrs old.
There was knocking coming from behind the wall on the bathroom side of our room. However, the hotel doesn't go any further across than our room. A George was also picked up.

On the guests going off on their own to conduct their lone vigils, in the lounge, two of the guests went onto the planchette and began to feel very cold. They picked up on Oliver Cromwell. The female at the table went very cold and it was confirmed by a 6ft 2 tall spirit male that he had made her feel like this. When Paul mentioned Chavenage house and Cromwell visiting there, both he and the male guest felt shockwaves go across their bodies and the guest began to feel disorientated and started with chest pains. He then felt a cat rubbing up against his shins. In the writing room, one guest felt the cold go right through her despite the heater being on and the room feeling quite warm. There were flashes of light seen coming across the rugs hanging on the wall. The K2 went up to red and then the female sat at the table, felt her face go tingly. At the far end of the banqueting hall, although you couldn't smell anything down the back stairwell nor was there anyone outside, a very strong smell of cigarettes could be smelt.

In the snug downstairs guests picked up on a couple who had 2 daughters, they had worked at the hotel and were very happy.

Meanwhile, myself and Darran decided to do a planchette together which is something we as a couple haven't done in some time. We picked up on the energy of a little girl who gave us her name as being Pauline. She was 8 yrs old and the year for her is 1840. She stated that she didn't get to speak and communicate with anyone very often and was enjoying the fact that she could do so with us. She drew us some of the best pictures we have ever had drawn by spirit and was able to draw us a flower, house, sitting dog, person and a butterfly. She lived next door to the feathers building as her parents owned a butchers. However, she came to play in the hotel with the children of the owners / landlord. She informed us that there was also a little boy in the room but she didn't know his age. He was from a different time period. She stated that she would come and play with us when the whole group was in the room. She sees a lot of spirit people but there is one gent there who she doesn't like as he's not nice and is horrible. He was standing behind Darran.

Two of the guests were up the other end of the room and picked up on the spirit of Sarah. She gave the impression to our guest of extreme sadness making her become emotional and cry. She had her two sons Thomas and Henry with her however; she was unable to find her third son Peter.

In the lounge, guest picked up on Oliver Cromwell and felt cold spots. There were taps and K2 hits.

In room 211, the K2 was going off up to orange and red and one of the guests throat began to feel cold as well as their knees again. One guest was touched and could feel a pressure at the top of her back like someone was behind her resting their arms across her shoulders. On using the pendulum, they communicated with an elderly male spirit who told them that he visited the hotel and had died there of natural causes within the last 100yrs. He hadn't died in that room, but elsewhere in the building.

For the second vigil, we did a big vigil in the banqueting hall. The smell of burning wood was picked up by the group and a couple of the guests. It was felt that Sarah who was picked up had been killed in a fire. Darran set up the spirit box and we heard a female voice say: " HELLO "

Then again a male voice then stated "HELLO".

 We asked "what's your name? " " PETER"

" sorry did you say Peter? " "YES" 

Meanwhile on the ghost meter, the following words then sprung up  PAIN  / TORTURE / MOB / WEAPON / FRIGHT

Paul then started asking  a series of questions to the male voice on the spirit box again however the answers weren't that clear to make out, so he asked, " is this a male I'm
talking to? " the reply he got which made us all laugh was  " BALDY " ( Paul is bald )

On the ghost meter, up came the word "ANNIVERSARY" it was two of the guests wedding anniversary

Darran then asked on the spirit box,

"Pauline are you here? "Answer "PERHAPS "and then GOODBYE"

One of the male guests then began to feel sick and had to leave the room.

We decided it was time for the guests to go off again and conduct their own vigils.

In the writing room, a relative of one of the guests came through on the planchette which was nice for him. In the lounge, a male came through on the planchette. He wouldn't give his name but stated that he was Richards's son.  In the banqueting hall, myself and
Darran were sat on one side of the room talking between ourselves when one of the light childs balls which we use as a trigger object (which had been placed at the back of the table behind various bits of kit in order to prevent it rolling off the table,) flew off the table and landed on the floor in the middle of the room in front of us. Not only that but when it had done so, it took with it, 3 pendulums which had also been on the table. The ball isn't
heavy but made of foam so extremely light. Darran tried to recreate it by rolling the ball across the table but it would just come to a stop when it hit the pendulums. The only way he could make one fall off, was by pushing it really hard across the table. However it didn't then manage to hit 3 off!! As we then discussed what had just happened, from the other end of the room, we heard a muffled " ahahahaha "

In the other snug on the other side of the front door to the hotel, the K2 went up to red and a group of spirits were picked up on who had all perished in a fire in the 1700s.

Again in room 211, different guests to the ones before communicated with a male spirit who again informed them that he had died in the hotel. When the guests started to talk about the female spirit known to be in the bedrooms who doesn't like females since she found her husband in bed with another woman and pulls female guests out of the bed, they had a reaction. The K2 went up to red. On a guest asking if that vision still tormented her, again it went up to red. They then asked if she wanted the females to get off the bed. Again, it went up to red.

For the third vigil, we went firstly into the writing room and then into the lounge.

In the writing room, the torched turned itself on twice.

in the lounge, all was quiet.

EVPs picked up were:

Not a great deal actually which is unusual as usually this is a very active night being at the feathers. i guess you cant always have a non stop night and the time before we were spoilt with non stop activity however, There were various taps and knocks in the writing room and the same for the banqueting hall.

 Room 211 when we were asleep, you can clearly hear someone moving around the room. In the lounge (James 1) room, as well as various taps ongoing and the sound of someone
walking around the room and moving things

Video footage picked up:

In the writing room, a big ball of light appeared over the main table. There was no reflection on the back wall and it wasn't a car as its too high up and no traffic tends to reflect into the room.

In room 211 theres a couple of orbs as well as a light rod.

In room 212, again a couple of orbs

Where ive stated that the ball falls off the table in the banquetting hall, bringing some of the pendulums with it, this is luckily captured on film as well. It clearly shows me and Darran sat near the camera chatting and over the other side of the room, the ball starts to roll suddenly, comes to the front and you see it fly off the end landing a good 4ft away from the table and bringing the pendulums with it.

Even though I stated at the beginning of this that we hadn't gotten much, reading back on it, putting it all together, we had a pretty eventful night. We will be back in October… until then