Investigation Log of Feathers Hotel Ludlow Saturday 5th April 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  damp and mild

Once everyone arrived and was ready, the first investigation started in the banqueting hall. Rob picked up on a little boy under the table. The doors then banged at the far end of the table. Rob began to feel cold with a temperature difference of 5 degrees between his front and his back. The room began to get darker at the far end. Dave picked up on an American GI named Chuck Olsen. There was a K2 hit to confirm it. The K2 in the teddy was going off and a voice was heard to say "Hello "on the spirit box. A female called Elizabeth was also picked up in the room. She was trying to communicate but was being stopped by a spirit called Robert. He was a very strong spirit who scared off both Elizabeth and the little boy.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations

In the writing room, Rob working with his pendulum picked up on a male called Robert. Robert was happy to communicate with him and stated that Rob shouldn't be afraid of him. He had died in the building by someone else's hand. However he didn't want to talk about how he died as it upsets him. He was sat at the table with rob. Ange then came into the room and picked up on another male called Richard (who happens to be Roberts's brother) and a surname of Chase. There was another male being picked up in the room by the name of Eric as well. Eric had worked at the hotel as a landlord and was happy there. He realises that he's passed and died of natural causes. Ange the picked up on a female called Maisie who was a housekeeper in the hotel working in the kitchen. When they left the room, others then came in and asked spirit to change the temperature for them. They were having large temperature fluctuations on the thermometer up to over 28 degrees. They had then gone into the James I room for a few minutes and although when they came back into the room they stated that it was definitely a lot colder in the writing room, the actual temperature was 4 degrees hotter in there than it had been next to the fire in the room next door.

In room 212, some guests could smell wax candles and a female was picked up by them. They could feel and hear her walking around them as they stated that they could hear the floorboards creaking by them.

In room 211, some guests could see orbs in the room. 

In the James I room some guests had a "hello "on their spirit box. Others tried a planchette and had a male on the board that had died in the building. They had K2 hits and one guest felt uncomfortable in the room. Others felt as though someone was standing just inside the double doors of the writing room looking in at them.

 For the second investigation, the team split everyone up into two groups to investigate the bedrooms.

Initially Paul took his group into room 212. Almost as soon as they started the investigation, the torch turned on by itself. One guest saw an orb going across the bathroom and a couple of the guests felt cold. Paul felt cobwebs going across his face. Some then stated that they heard a long exhalation of breath and one female guest felt someone breathing in her ear. Another felt as though her wrist was being held.

Meanwhile Darran was next door in room 211. In here, guests felt as though something was pushing the bed up from underneath. Darran picked up on a jack who wanders the corridors of the hotel as well as Elizabeth and the date of 1760. She doesn't like women and had depression before taking her own life. Mike felt as though he was being prodded when he was lying on the bed. They then tried the spirit box and got the following results:

"Can you touch the man on the bed? ". "NEVER"             

"Do you like men? "........."NO"

Darran picked up that she either lost her hair through stress or she had cut / shaved it all off.  They then all heard a knock on the door and thought it was Paul but no one was there.

The groups then swapped over.

Paul was now in room 211 where guests felt very warm and after a while, Paul got so hot, he felt as though his head would explode. He was also touched on the head. One guest felt cold and another saw something go across the bathroom like a shadow. They had K2 hits but apart from that it was quiet for them

Darrans group in room 212 had good K2 hits to questions. Dave picked up on an Elizabeth who answered that she didn't like one of the guests called Mike. He reminded her of someone she knew. This male had scorned her. He had promised her that he would leave his wife for her and didn't. She felt wronged. Dave was touched on the back of the neck as he bent over to pick up the K2 off the floor

Again everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the writing room, some guests had the name Elizabeth spelt out for them on the planchette. However the writing looked old as it was quite swirly.

In room 212, some guests tried a spirit box and were getting various words come up copying what they were saying almost. Paul went in there with Rob and picked up on a Lady Margaret. Rob was getting the name Elizabeth Day. Another guest who went in there after had his chair rocked whilst he was sitting on it and then saw a shadow go across the bottom of the bed before it started to make its way towards him which unnerved him a little  

For the last investigation, they went into the James I room. Darran was picking up on a male who was a local sheriff. There was also the sound like someone rapping their fingers on the wood panelling. Another guest heard a sound like someone making them comfortable on the benches as they were creaking. Darran picked up on the name of Bartholomew but more of it being a surname. There was also the sound of a groan heard. Darran then turned on the spirit box and whilst talking about spirit gathering energy to use it, was answered with a "YEH".

They then had the following results to questions being asked.

What's your name? "ANNE"

"Do you like us being in this room? " "YES"

Again when asking for a name, they had a reply of "NATHAN"

"Are you here Chuck or do you like to be called SGT Olsen? " "YES"

Darran was picking up on a male energy standing by the double doors to the writing room but they wouldn't come forward.

 EVPs picked up

In the writing room, a male's voice whispers "YEEAHHHH" when no one's anywhere near the room.

In the James I room, there's a MMMMM heard as well as the responses on the spirit box picked up. When no ones in the room, there's a sound like a male gasping. Earlier in the night, a female voice can be heard saying "OOOHHH "

As for video footage, the most interesting bit was a very bright orb which a few of the guests also saw on the night on the monitor, go across the James I room and change direction.