Investigation Log of George and Pilgrims Glastonbury 10th
August 2013

Investigation times: 10pm - 0330hrs

Weather: dry and mild

Once everyone arrived we split the guests into two groups, the first group coming with me and Darran and the second with Paul and Dave.

My and Darran group conducted our first investigation in the Abbot Selwood room. In this room, we had good K2 hits and Darran picked up on a male energy called Richard. He had been based at the hotel as he was in the army. The Mel meter was also lighting up and having good results. The energy then moved over to the doorway area and on us commenting on this, we had big hits on the K2s and the dowsing rods. Karin picked up on a Maisie. Darran asks spirit to go close to Colin and scratch him. (On leaving the room, Colin stated that his back felt hot and on us having a look, he had scratches on his back)

A Mary then came through who had been in service at the hotel. She kept turning the torch on and off to our questions and affecting the dowsers. The K2s were going up to red. She then went to stand by the bathroom and Colin could feel her behind him. She liked speaking to the females in the group. She was married and had a daughter. Her parents had worked at the hotel and so she had grown up in and around there. She likes it in the hotel and feels safe there. She likes to turn the torch on and liked talking to us. As we
had turned our attention to Mary, Richard seemed to become a little jealous that he was being left out and started to make the K2 on the other side of the room go red. Karin started to pick up on an Edward and described him as being dressed in tweeds with a deerstalker hat. He wore a monocle and had a moustache. As he spoke about him, the K2 was going up to orange. He had an annoyance / indifference towards what we were doing.  At that point, all bar one of the K2s all started to light up to red and at the same time, the torch kept flashing. At the same time, the Ovilus came up with the name jack who was a scientist who liked botany. One guest then had his back touched. This spirit also liked to
learn about the human body and anatomy. He would perform autopsies as part of his education.  On also speaking about an Edward also being involved in the anatomy and autopsies, the ovilus came up with the words of "YOU ARE DEAD".  When we asked him if that's what he had just said, the torch switched on in reply. I stupidly then asked (seeing that that was my room for the night) if he wanted to examine my body later and over the ovilus spoke the words "YES"….. "YOU ARE BRAVE".
I then asked if that last comment was directed at me as I would be sleeping in there overnight, he again lit up the torch. A guest then had her arm touched. Someone also picked up that Edward was possibly a member of some type of secret gentleman's club (a bit like the hellfire club) when talking about it, I asked if they had orgies and again, the K2 and dowsers had a good positive response.

Colin could feel that the female's energy behind him was now draining his energy and his whole body felt static.

Meanwhile in the Abbot De Vere room, Paul and Daves group had a spirit called John. One of the group had seen a dark type of entity or shadow led out on the bed when they went into the room. One of the females in the group felt as though she was being taken over by this entity and in her words "wanted Paul's throat". Even on the Evp you can hear her struggling to get to him and panting. It took three of them to hold her back until she calmed down. A female was also picked up who had a calming nature. Others smelt
cigarette smoke.  At the same time, that a guest saw a cloaked figure stood next to Dave, he was feeling hot and sickly.
Other guests saw the face of a young boy wearing starched collar and very old fashioned clothing. Paul had a coldness come around him and a female energy. Both he and Dave then felt as though the room was listing over to one side. Another spirit wanted another female guest on the bed and tried also pushing another down onto the bed whilst at the same time, giving her the feeling as though she were being stretched on a rack (she was in pain and aching by the time she came out of the room). There were temperature fluctuations and Paul would ask spirit to take the temperature to specific temperatures and they would. A  female spirit and that of a small boy were also felt. One felt pressure on her shoulder and another on their chest. Paul picked upon a female that had a bad pain in the left side of her jaw as if she either had bad teeth or had been hit. One of the guests could
also feel the same thing. A brother Anthony was picked up and as upset because of what had happened to the abbey. The group could hear creaking on the floorboards despite the fact that no one in the room was moving and no one in the room next door was moving around either.

The guest then all went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

In the bar, the knocking block which had been left on the bar, actually went off. No one had been near it.

In the restaurant, some of the guests did a planchette they picked up a male with the initials R.Y who is aged 40. He stayed in the pub and plays tricks on people. He died in 1845 and visited as a traveller. A Robert also came through who was married to Mary who was the daughter of the owner of the pub. Others picked up on a David Atwell who was born in 1634 and died aged 45 after being shot.

I had a wander around to take some photos and when I went into our room being the Abbot Selwood room I was alone and in the dark with my back to the wardrobe. As I was taking pics, I heard a tap, then a creak and then something brush past my back. Spinning round I saw that the wardrobe door was now wide open behind me and the coat hangers in the wardrobe were swinging and rattling. I tried closing the door and jumped up and down a bit to see if I could get the vibrations to reopen the door. I couldn't,. So I tried it after
opening the door ajar to see if it'd be any easier, again, I couldn't get the door to open by itself. Strange but this is the only time that this happened. Unfortunately, the camera was facing in the other direction towards the window so it didn't cover the wardrobe. Although I then changed the camera position by putting it on the window, facing the whole room, the door didn't do it again for the rest of the night.

In the restaurant,

one group did the spirit board and were speaking to a Mike Decking who was aged 38. He brought through a couple of the groups family members to them who had passed. Which was a nice experience for them

In the Abbot de Bere room , 
Colin had "Paul " come up on the ovilus and then his ears popped and he heard a growling noise in them. When they asked spirit if it was him who was making his ears pop, the word "Murphy "showed up on the Ovilus. By asking questions, they were getting their answers via the K2s that a male energy in the room was murdered by Murphy. Kevin then felt that he was having his arm stabbed and another felt a touch on their arm. This energy understood n Colin when he spoke certain Latin words. they were also picking up on a David and children and then the word "cesium" appeared on the ovilus. On looking up this word, it's a Latin word which means "sky blue" as in the colour.

They were getting strong K2 hits when one of the groups said "God save the king "(Henry VIII had been at the hotel and watched the Abbey burn from his room there during the dissolution of the monasteries).

In the nun's cell,

a highwayman was picked up as well as the feeling that a female had been murdered there.

In the cellar,

Karin picked up on someone having their throat slit and actually had the feeling of someone doing it to her. She described the male as being very angry and was thin and gaunt looking

For our second investigation, me and Darran took our group down to the cellars. Down the far left of the tunnels, some of us went down to the back wall and whilst there, felt very cold around our legs. A brother or father Jacob was picked up on down that end and one guest had the feeling of lots of people rushing back and fore down the tunnel in a hurry. I had my arm touched and straight after, the guest opposite me, stated her head had been
touched. We both then heard something scratching the pipe next to us. On me turning the torch on, there were no mice / rats etc down there so nothing to explain it.

Down the other end of the cellar, some of the group had gone into the small room with the hotel owner's son where they had the feeling of people dancing around in there. They seemed to be in cloaks and looked like witches. They were dancing around the group and poking and touching them all as they went round. One of the group started choking as she had the feeling of being strangled. They also picked up on an abbot.

Meanwhile, Paul's group were up in the monk's room. The group picked up on a male energy who Fiona stated felt very heavy. He gave the impression of being very weary, sad and of depression. Dave had someone trying to push him. Karen felt very warm. There was more than one spirit in the room who were answering questions via the K2. They were lighting up the K2s on request. A shadow was sensed between the two beds which gave off a male energy that had lived there.

Due to it being very noisy down there, we decided to take the second park of this investigation back upstairs.

In the monk's cell, they had good K2 hits going up to red and the torch turned on. Female murmurs could also be heard coming from the bathroom. We then went back into the Abbot Selwood room and on switching on the ovilus and asking spirit to tell us their name, the only reply we got from them was "OH F**K". Which was quite charming. The K2 was going up to red and when we asked spirit to say ten, the ovilus stated "TEN"

Meanwhile, the other group had started in the Baron De Vere room. In here, they were having good K2 hits and picked up on a monk. They got some good responses when a couple of them started to speak Latin to this spirit. They tried to get him to communicate a bit more to them and spirit wanted to duck Karin on a ducking stool. There were good K2 hits on the bed and Colin had someone whispering in his ear.

On them moving in to the main bar downstairs, they could hear people walking up and down the corridor outside the bar as well as seeing shadows across the bar.

Again the guests went off to conduct their own investigations

In the Abbot de Bere room,

 one group did an investigator board session and picked up on a male and a female spirit. The female was afraid of the male spirit in the room. He was 29 yrs old and spelt out the
initials of those in the group. He gave the century as being 15th century that he was alive. He gave his name as John. The females name is Elizabeth and also in the room is a little boy and the name Tom spelt out. Others who then went into the room had good replies on K2s that this John was going to hurt Paul overnight when he slept in there and that
Paul should sleep on the left side of the bed.

In the restaurant

some did a planchette and picked up on a David Atwell. He was born in 1634 and had died at the age of 45 after being shot. He knew one of the guests as they shared the same surname.

In the bar,

 Helen started to feel emotional as if she wanted to cry and Karin's K2 teddy bear lit up.

Other guests also had a go on the spirit boards and spirit gave all of the guests around the table their initials. A john came through and stated that he was going to hurt Paul during the night in his room. They also picked up on the spirit of a little boy called tom as well as an Elizabeth. A William was also picked up who was a small boy. The group asked John if Elizabeth was scared of him. And he said yes.

For the last vigil, we took everyone down to the bar area. We had various words coming up on the Ovilus( not all of them made sense or had any relation to the conversation we were having at the time.

Some sat down to do a planchette and brought up a Robert who had died at 40, his name was Robert Young and his he was married to Mary. They had two children together named Maisie and Teddy (short for Edward) Mary's father was called Tom Pullin and had been in the army and had gone to India. Once he died, Mary remarried and her second husband was besotted with her. However, the feeling wasn't all that mutual. She was 70 when
she died her farther Tom Pullin is the male who walks along the bottom corridor of the pub. She also pulled a guests sleeve, moved menus and came over as being bored. The board then moved. Robert didn't like the man in the cellar as he's not a very nice and wants him to go away. Robert then began to get tired and said goodbye on the table.

Once we left and we were sat in the bar, a couple o f the group could smell cigars quite strongly

EVPs picked up were, in the cellars there were a few taps on the tops of the metal barrels

Bar: - when we were doing the last vigil, the Ovilus says "LOVING" Paul then asks, "loving what? "  The reply is a female's voice which almost sings "YOU". Some of us had heard her say it at the time also but it's nice to get it on the dvr as well.

In the Abbot Selwood Room: - Darran asks spirit their name, to which the ovilus replies "OH F*CK". He then asks them to say ten; the ovilus replied "ten"

As for video footage, We had a few orbs in the bedrooms and have captured Karens
attempted attack on Paul in the Monks room. Apart from that, not a lot captured

A fantastic night and definitely a location we want to return to