Investigation Log of George and Pilgrims Hotel Glastonbury Saturday 15th March 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

We split everyone into two groups. For the first investigation, we went up onto the second floor. Paul and Lorraine took their group into the Henry VIII room and felt the following. One guests hand had their hand twitching. Draughts could be felt and the light meter was fluctuating. The room then went very dark and they heard a murmur. There was the smell of wet dog. Karin picked up on a cavalier. Dave could then smell lily of the valley perfume. A Spanish lady called Marisol was picked up on. It was picked up that she was a nurse of some sort. Not only a normal nurse looking after people but also worked as a wet nurse. John was also picked up and gave that he died in 1627. Then the two Lorraine's had the feeling of having a bad chest and tightness around the chest almost as if he had died of consumption as they would call it. Shadows could be seen across the room. They then heard what sounded like the door handle going. This is also on the evp. However no one entered the room. We were all in the room next door and no one had left our room either. Child energy was then picked up of around 4 or 5 yrs old called Edgar. There were temperature fluctuations.  Tapping was then heard on the wardrobe and when the group asked if it was our group in the other room tapping the crystals said no. There was also a strong smell of tobacco.

Meanwhile, me and Darran took our group next door to the Abbot Whiting room. In here we picked up on a female by the name of Lucy. Colin began to get a dry throat. I picked up that Lucy was only 17 yrs old and the year to her is 1785. Darran then had a Louise and could see a male standing in the doorway to the room who wouldn't come any closer. A few of us then started to use pendulums to see what answers we would get to certain questions and Fiona started to read out some passages and questions in Latin. When we asked if they could understand her, all the pendulums stated a yes. Carrying on in this theme with all the pendulums seeming to give the same response we had the following information. They didn't want to tell us their story. Father Henry Donovan was picked up by Darran who informed us via pendulum that he was there when the abbey was burnt down. He hid in the hotel whilst it burnt. He went into the priest hole however he was discovered. He didn't want to tell us where the priest hole was or even confirm its location when Darran picked up on its possible location. He had his throat slit when discovered and they bricked him up in the tunnels leading from the hotel cellars to the abbey. He isn't the only one buried down there. He doesn't forgive them for what they did to him. He states that he wants help. He doesn't want to cross over though as he doesn't want to see them on the other side. He stays at the other side as he now sees his role as looking after the abbey.

We then swapped over with me and Darran taking over in Henry VIII and Paul and Lorraine going into Abbott Whiting.

Darran picked up on a William and a male who was full of self importance. The room felt very heavy like spirit was trying to imprint themselves onto us. The male didn't to give his name and gave you the thought of "what are you peasants doing in my building ".he gave the impression that he was a type of footman with an important job.  Knocks could be heard and Darran could see shadows outside the door. A little boy James was picked up on who was around 7 or 8. Darran picked up then on a Richard. Richard was a relative of James. James family were poor and sent James to work for Richard to earn money however James was terrified of Richard as he would beat him. This was found out and he was later to go and live with an aunt.

Paul and Lorraine had the proximity alarm go off and good K2 hits. Cobwebs could be felt on faces. A monk was picked up on who was hunched over. Paul then had the impression given to him and was hunched over too. He had stabbing pains in his back. The Mel meter then went off and the torch turned itself on.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the monks cell Karin picked up on a Richard and also a monk / abbot. Her and Jake were getting good responses and getting spirit to turn the torch on and off on request. She began to get very agitated and panicky.

In the cellars, two guests sat quietly and halfway through their investigation, Jayne thought she could hear someone coming down the cellar steps and through another of the team were going to join them however I sat at the top of the stairs outside in the corridor whilst they were down there and can confirm that no one either entered or attempted to enter the cellar whilst they were down there.

In the Abbot Selwood room, Karin picked up on a Richard and Edward. They had good results on the Mel meter with spirit answering via it to their questions. Richard confirmed that he was trying to do Morse code on it. He was based in Glastonbury during WWI.

For the second investigation, again we split up but went down a floor to the first floor. Paul and Lorraine's group started in the Monks cell. A Joseph was picked up on and gave the impression of a possible stroke as there were issues with his left arm. He is very sad and depressed. There were some good K2 hits and another male energy came through. Energy lights could be seen in the room and the back wall seemed to look like it was shimmering to some of the guests as though you were looking at it through water. People were feeling like they had cobwebs on their faces. Taps were heard as well as a whistle. A male was picked up standing by the room door. Paul picked up that a male had something wrong with his hand as his left hand started to get sharp pains in it. He then saw a white shooting light go across the room.

They then moved onto the Abbot Selwood room where again they had good K2 hits and a male presence was felt. A little boy was again picked up on as they had in the Henry VIII room. The room began to get very hot and Paul was having palpitations and feeling dizzy. Lorraine felt her leg being tickled and then her legs were getting very hot. One guest started to feel very agitated and angry before becoming very emotional. As Paul was explaining the possible reason for the emotion, the knocking block alarm suddenly went off.

Meanwhile as before, we were going to swap rooms. Initially myself and Darran team went into the Abbot Selwood room and Colin was getting a name sounding like Mary. I picked up on a Marianne. She was in her 20s with blonde curly hair. She was working there as a chambermaid and gave the year as being in the 1820s. Darran picked up on Richard and one guest had her left ear suddenly start to hurt as if something was being pushed into it and she couldn't hear.

Darran asked Richard if he was jealous of Colin being in the room and some of us then heard a disembodied " yeses". One guest then had a sharp pain in their leg at the same time.

We then swapped over and went into the Monks cell. In here, Darran picked up on a Samuel. I and Karin felt very sick and I was tingling all over. One guest had her arm grabbed and stated a little while later that it felt hot. On having a look and a feel of her arm, it was red hot and marked on her bicep. Karin then had the impression of monks being buried up to their heads and then had sharp pains in her eyes. At the same time we both picked up that they had their eyes pecked by birds.  We then picked up on a monk that was accused of having an affair, possibly with another man.

Again everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In the bar, one guest picked up on a male energy and was getting good K2 hits in response to questions. Others saw flashes of light like camera flashes however; no one was in the area at all at that time.

We firstly went down to the bar area where after the first couple of minutes, the torch turned itself on and when we asked spirit to. Colin then saw a female walk along the other side into the snug. He thought it was one of the groups until he realised that we were all accounted for. He went in there to have a look only to find no one in there. One guest could see shadows up the wall next to another. Lorraine then picked up on a Jack. Jack was a landlord. Darran then saw a shadow walk past the room..

We then all moved into the restaurant where a figure was seen in the shadows. A loud bang was then heard and the chair next to Lorraine creaked as though someone had suddenly sat into it. They could also hear footsteps out in the corridor.


When most went to bed a few went into the confessional ( rm 8) . in here, they could see shadow, and the room went a lot darker. Lights could also be seen moving around. There were temperature drops on request.priest was picked up on who had had his throat cut. Paul could feel sharp pains in his stomach.

Whilst everyone was in bed, not everyone had a quiet night. Lorraine kept feeling the male energy in the Henry VIII room and in the end needed to tell him to leave her alone so she could sleep. Before she and Paul went to sleep, there's the sound of what sounds like something being dropped and then bouncing as it makes 3 sounds. Paul then says, it's Jake coming to his room however Jake until nearly an hour later is downstairs with Karin conducting an investigation of the Monks cell. No one else comes up the stairs.

Meanwhile the females in the Confessional, at 5am stated that they heard a loud gurgling sound and then could hear footsteps walk past their bedroom door from Henry VIII room towards the stairwell. Shadows could be seen under the door walking past. This happened a few times over a short period of time however the footsteps never went back the same way, always from the same direction. However Paul and Lorraine were in the Henry VIII and Jake in the room next to that. None of them left their room in the night and no one else comes along the corridor so can't explain that.

EVPs picked up are:

In the monks cell there is a strange noise which I can't describe when no ones in the room. Later on when Karin's asleep, there's a strange loud click which sounds like a door handle or something similar and then a whistle around half an hour later

In the Abbot Selwood room, we picked up the YES after Darran asked Richard about Colin. Also when no ones in the room, there's a tap and then a woman whispers but I can't work out what's being said

In the Henry VIII we picked up on the door handle going. Also when no ones in the room there's various taps and knocks. As Paul and Lorraine go to bed, just afterwards, there's the sound of something being dropped and bouncing twice. Paul chirps up that it's Jake going to bed but Jake was actually downstairs in the Monks cell with Karin for another hour after this so it's not him

Video Footage:

Various orbs were picked up in the Henry VIII room as well as in the Abbot Selwood. At one point, just before we come into the room at the end of the night to go to bed, an orb moves very slowly right across the Abbot Selwood room across the top of the bed and towards the window.

Whilst Paul and Lorraine are in bed, there's an orb going up the curtains and whilst me and Darran are asleep, an orb starts from near the side of Darran by his head and then comes along the side of bed towards the wardrobe.

A couple of orbs have also been picked up changing direction as they go down the main corridor outside the bar.